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  1. this is so good, thanks! and image is amazing!
  2. The Wheel of Time is a television series based on the novels of the same name by Robert Jordan. A live television series based on the novels was originally planned back in 2000. After there was a long epic story of the sale and return of copyright and subsequent attempts to start the film adaptation, which lasted nearly two decades. This epic is worthy of a separate description and could enter as a worthy epic action that lasted 19 years. According to the most recent data (which almost did not change since April 28, 2016), the production of the series will begin in the autumn of 2019. As a university student, I could not get past this event and we not only made bids three years ago, but also wrote various essays on the Wheel of Time, and their heroes. I did not think that our professor would allow us this, and even more surprised when he invited all students to write their thoughts on the heroes of this saga. The worst thing was for students who did not read a single book by Robert Jordan, and even were great lazy. So they had to order a written work on aupapersowl — that was fun! But let's go back to our close bright future of Robert Jordan. The series will last one hour (as an introduction) and the whole action will focus on Moiraine, as her main character, while she is looking for the Reborn Dragon. It is known (Production Weekly) that the upcoming television film adaptation of Robert Jordan's epic fantasy film from Amazon Studios, will begin in September 2019. The Wheel of Time fan site The Daily Trolloc purchased a sample edition of the weekly publication of December 20, 2018, in which the series is included in the list of more than one hundred other projects that are under development. Another remarkable detail is the location: the series will be filmed at least partially in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is a city of magicians and mystics, all like to shoot it in historical and fantastic films about magical events. For example, I would be very happy if Keira Knightley appeared there. Although age is no longer a hindrance in the modern development of art make-up and special effects, I think that this will really be her star role.
  3. I’m 20 and I interested in a modern Wheel of Time. It’s a great history not only fiction worlds but an American today's life. From the Wheel of Time, I understand my real-time life. For example, I understand why Tramp was elected (but not Clinton was) to a president. I understand why 2 Koreas exist? I understand why Russia is so aggressive? I understand why Europe is losing Great Britan? My interest was inspired by the political instability of my country, slowly grow of our wellness and by my curiosity especially.
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