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  1. Am I missing something here? She wanted to hide Rand but the idea seems stupid. I mean how long was she going to keep him there for? Wouldn’t the guard (Changu) have asked why he was there after what I would assume to be a long time to avoid the Amyrlin Seat?
  2. Hello, everyone. I’m new here and just started the series. Halfway into TEoTW and I’m really immersed in Jordan’s world. And it’s been a pleasure to steep myself in it. i have a question about the series as a whole. So I called a major plot point: I found out who the Dragon Reborn is before book three. My question about the series is this: can I expect the books to be pretty traditional when it comes to twists of this sort? I admittedly was hoping the Dragon would be someone other than who it is to subvert a certain trope. Does Jordan generally play it safe with these twists? Can I expect the dealing with The Dark One to be fairly by the numbers, then? If so, it’s fine, I’m still really enjoying this ride, even if I called the identity of the dragon. I would like to be really thrown off and refreshed by twists, though. it’s clear Jordan has placed emphasis on Rand, Perrin, and Mat to keep us guessing from who it might be, even if we nailed down WHY the Trollocs and Halfmen want them so much. But I can’t help but suspect that’s part of the design. Put another way, I feel like Jordan is betting on us suspecting who the dragon is, and that it isn’t really about who it is. That make sense? Would love your thoughts. Thanks!
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