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  1. Robert Jordan was able to write female characters into the gender-neutral role of 'Hero' without degrading their underlying virtues. All characters can be subject to an erosion of self when forced into heroism, but we tend to fill in the gaps when this happens to male characters. Jordan was successful because he constantly outlined Egwene's, Nynaeve's, Min's, Elayne's, Aviendha's, Nynaeve's, Verin's, Siuan's, Birgitte's....etc, motivations along with their character. He didn't just write events and reactions, he took us through the process of understanding and decision making for each character. Applying this to each character meant that the women, as well as the men, shone through as true hero's. I believe this is one of the most important characteristics of the Wheel of Time, and I believe the TV show will need to focus extra-carefully on the motivations of the female characters. If Egwene dies in vain; if she dies without showing us that true virtue of sacrifice....I shall be saddened. May the Light shine on the screen-time of the female leads!
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