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    High fantasy literature (reading and writing); pro wrestling; heavy metal music (especially female-fronted); history (Plantagenet, Tudor, Stuart, etc.); mythology (Greek, Roman, Norse, and Celtic); comics (anything involving Phoenix and mutants!); video games (single-player RPGs); DnD 5th edition; Dagorhir battle games (sword, spear, or bow, depending on my mood); cosplay; and Goth/alternative fashion.

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  1. Adastreia

    Black Tower Roll Call: December

    Snickerdoodle and butter cookies!
  2. Adastreia

    December 2018 Roll Call

    Cookies! Baked goods of all kinds, really. XD
  3. Adastreia

    November 2018 Roll Call

    Meat lover's! I want pizza now. I'm seriously ordering pizza because of this thread.
  4. Adastreia

    Black Tower Roll Call - October 2018

    I've already posted at length on Tumblr and Facebook about my reasons for not watching the show when it comes out, so I won't trouble you all with it here. But I do intend to watch the Dumai's Wells scene on YouTube.
  5. Adastreia

    October 2018 Roll Call

    Eating cheerfully into oblivion. 😊
  6. Adastreia

    Black Tower Roll Call: September 2018

    I have not played sha'rah in Ages; no one else remembers how to play.... I dunno. LOL. That's my weird way of saying I don't have an actual answer. All the games I enjoy playing, I've continued to play, so. XD
  7. Welcome! That's awesome! I have yet to have any experiences like that, although I do wear my Asha'man and Dedicated pins as accessories whenever I go out. XD I love Logain (he's a major character in my current WoT fanfic), but Taim (he's the other lead) is still my favorite. Taim, Demandred, Moridin/Ish, and Logain are my favorite WoT characters.
  8. I've been thinking of getting inked with a Wheel Of Time-themed tattoo, thanks to some beautiful images I've seen on 'Con event pages. I'd like to have the Asha'man and Dedicated symbols at some point, but I don't want my first tattoo to be in such a sensitive area. I was wondering whether there's an official image of the gauntleted fist grasping the lightning bolt that was associated with M'Hael (gold), Sammael (steel), and Be'lal (silver) at different points in the series. The only one of those Chosen I really like is M'Hael, and gold is NOT my color. Did Demandred have his own version of the sigil, d'you know? I feel like he would, since the Chosen we know to have had a variation of that sigil were all military-oriented. My favorite colors are black and crimson (like the original Moridin), so I guess I could just go with those, although I'm not sure he ever used that sigil. Any thoughts? Have any of you expressed your devotion to the Shadow with tattoos?
  9. Adastreia

    September 2018 Roll Call

    I love Halloween, so that's a factor. But I live in Florida, so I don't really notice the changing of the seasons other than that. When I lived in Massachusetts, it was my favorite time of the year; fall colors are gorgeous. As for plans, possibly Spooky Empire.
  10. Adastreia


    Pretty! *cheerfully stabs people with new dagger*
  11. Adastreia

    Fancast The Chosen

    Thanks! I just realized that Ben is WAY too young to play Ishamael. Young Elan, maybe, but I doubt we'll see a lot of Age of Legends scenes, unfortunately. Especially after the whole Billy Zane fiasco. 😂
  12. Adastreia

    Fancast The Chosen

    I know there are plenty of fancast threads on Dragonmount at the moment, but I'm curious about who you'd cast as the Chosen, specifically. Originally, I'd wanted Shane Brolly (Kraven in Underworld) to play Demandred, but after seeing Timeless, I've changed my answer to Goran Visnjic. I know that official WoT artist Ariel Burgess used Goran as a face reference. For Osan'gar, I thought of Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin a.k.a. Mr. Gold on Once); he'd also be a brilliant Padan Fain, I think. It's delightful how demented he can be. Oh, and Ben Barnes (Dorian Gray) would be an excellent Ishamael. The only actress I can see for Lanfear is Lana Parilla, Once's Evil Queen. I desperately want Juliet Landau (Drusilla on BtVS) to play Mesaana. Helena Bonham Carter as Moghedien, maybe? Graendal is a lot trickier. I'd originally thought Natalie Dormer, but I'd prefer to stay away from the GoT cast. My other idea was Katherine Boecher (Supernatural's Lilith), but, as someone on Tumblr pointed out, she's not nearly voluptuous enough. Her face and attitude are perfect, though, IMO. That's all I have for now. Thoughts?
  13. Adastreia

    Movie wishes

    Revan is one of my favorite Sith! I am absolutely on board with this. Do adaptations of novels count? Re-makes? Or does it have to be original?
  14. Adastreia

    Who is your favorite Villan?

    Now that I've seen Timeless, I have to add Garcia Flynn (season 1 Big Bad). He is seriously nefarious and an agent of chaos, and I would love for the actor, Goran Visnjic, to play Demandred in the upcoming WoT TV series.
  15. What do I do next, BTW? Am I supposed to do anything, or is someone going to message me...?