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  1. We all want to live in a democratic society. The value of this society is given by its citizens and their behavior. Students are a main part of a democratic society, being the ones who are preparing to be our leaders someday. Let’s see what values a democratic society wants to see in students. Responsibility Maybe one of the most important values is responsibility. You have to be responsible for your own actions and behaviors. Take care of the environment, resolve opinion differences in a nonviolent way and support your fellow citizens. This actions starts with every one of us. Especially, with college students who have a great ambition and power to attract good actions and people. Respect From a democratic point of view, it’s crucial to respect every opinion. Although you agree with it or not, respect also the person that had it. Don’t judge only by the cover, try and find something good in every point of view. We all know that the college life is full of conflicts and different opinions. Promote a respectful life among your colleagues and don’t judge ideas that come from a different culture. Integrity We might sometimes be tempted to use non ethical ways to fulfill our dreams. In a democratic society are very much appreciated the moral and ethical ways of helping yourself and your loved ones. This value should be grown starting with your college life, where you have many ways to cheat and get better grades. Treat like you would like to be treated and value the moral and ethical acts. Tolerance A democratic society encourages diversity among its citizens. It all goes with respect and tolerance. Especially if you’re a student, you most probably have some international colleagues that study with you. They have been raised in another culture and having different traditions. If they have different points of view, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad. Be tolerant to your colleagues. You can surely learn something new from them. Do Your Best Set goals. Face challenges. Seek the truth. Try and accomplish something admirable. The worth of a goal lies in your actions to achieve that goal. Explore. Learn. You’re the future, so you should start being greater and greater. Be fair. This is how people in a democratic society should be. Conclusion It depends on all of us to work for a democratic society where equal rights and opinions are not a myth. All students have the power to change something and to come with fresh ideas that contribute to the growth of a democratic society. You can work at transforming an utopia into reality! Author Bio: Jack Willson studies English Literature. His hobbies are reading historical books and skiing. He also works for a company that offers dissertation proofreading services to all college students in need.
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