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  1. Corporate websites have become a mandatory need for every business, irrespective of its size and industry niche they belong. Still business executives from old school of thought overlook the importance of creating company website. Despite possessing all the experience, somehow they overlook the importance of web design in marketing and branding. They mistakenly assume that they can target their audience only relying over the traditional and physical marketing tactics. In reality, ignoring to develop a business website can ruin effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Below I am sharing few points to show importance of designing website to run successful marketing campaigns. When it comes to estimating credibility of any business, 75% of users prefer to check corporate website instead of visiting brick & mortar websites. To portray a reliable and credible image, enterprises should focus to develop a good looking functional website with simple navigation. If design of website is user friendly and facilitate visitors to reach their destinations in minimum clicks, will significantly increase their stay on a website and eventually end up becoming the customer. In contrast to that if a company website is experiencing high bounce rate and lose customers, it has to think about revamping its business website. Number of professional web designers and California web development companies are offering complete website deigning and revamping services. They ensure that every business website they design must convey right message to it audience and help it to develop a legitimate image in the industry. Web design can directly impact total number of conversions. If current lay out of your website fails to deliver expected number of business leads even after running paid advertisement campaigns, simply change the design elements to escalate conversions. Even small rise in conversion can give you an edge over your competitors. When you make more profits you can purchase more ads to further market your brand. When you improve design of your business website, you are also enhancing its user interface, usability and architecture of site. All these things have collective impact on website performance. Whether you are improving design and UI to improve aesthetic or for better performance; it end up increasing profits of online marketing campaigns.
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