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  1. Oddly enough, it's warmed up again here. Or at least, it hasn't rained all day! I'm actually happy about that. :) Sorry you aren't feeling well, Kelly. Hope everyone feels better soon!
  2. Indeed, sorry you aren't feeling well, Cherise.
  3. Ah, I see. :D *fills her stein and takes a long drink* Well, Hallowe'en is just about over here. Only a few kids came to the door, so it was a relatively quiet evening. Now we've got Bonfire night on the 5th of November as the next main event, and then everything will be concentrating on Christmas. Although the shops seem to have been selling their Christmas stuff for quite a while now...
  4. Wow - those are impressive! I love his style - the characters are just as I envision them when I read the books.
  5. I'm tempted to say, "There are ducks behind the bar?", but I won't. ;) ;D I love a game of darts. I'm no good at it, but I do like a good game of darts. *watches the game* :)
  6. Oh, I'm sorry, Cherise! The cold must be addling my brains. *fills a pitcher and waits to refill any empty steins*
  7. *hands an ale to Kelly* There you go! Nice to have some music in here, too. Thanks, Cherise! :)
  8. I can imagine! It seems pretty warm today - at least, until you go outside, that is. Most of the leaves have gone, too. Such a shame. I wish that autumn would last a little longer here, sometimes...
  9. I'm jealous, Kelly - I've been having to wear sweaters (and thicker clothes in general) for a while now! Thankfully it's not as cold as it has been lately, but it's still pretty chilly! And now it's raining. Bah... ::) Hmm, perhaps I should resurrect the "what's the weather like where you are?" thread. *muses*
  10. Trakand's reason was Perrin would be unbearable otherwise, Luckers said she was abrasive, yet effective. Which do you support? Her living purely so Perrin is just about bearable, or her living because she's not that bad? Or a sort of mix, she's not that bad and she makes Perrin bearable? I don't think she's that bad. In fact I quite like her. I vote live. It's a bit of both. If Faile did die, then Perrin would - in my opinion - be unbearable to read. However, I can also see her effectiveness in spite of my personal dislike of her character. Sorry to be unclear on my reasons.
  11. Oh, I'm definitely an autumn person, too, and that picture is lovely - I wish I could do things like that, too. Sadly, though, we had another gale last night (and it's still going today, more's the pity) and most of the leaves have all come off. There are a couple of stubborn trees clinging on to their leaves, but there are a lot of orange and red drifts along the pavement. What a day! It's been very busy, and I could use a rest!
  12. I don't like Faile as a character, but it's another vote for live, I'm afraid, and for the same reasons as Trakand and Luckers.
  13. I voted for Andor, too. The Two Rivers district just appeals to me, much more than any of the others.
  14. *gets blown into the pub, then straightens her hair and sits down* I hate this kind of weather - it's blowing a gale here! *sigh*
  15. I had to go for Bel'al, largely for the reasons that other people have stated but also because I felt I never really got to see what he might have been, as a character. Moghedien would have been a very close second, though.
  16. It would have to be Lanfear, although I didn't like Cyndane as much. I can't really explain it, but when I first read through the series she seemed like such a vivid character, one who stuck in my mind. She had some great scenes, too.
  17. I voted for Loial. Ever since EotW, he's stood out as a favourite.
  18. I hadn't heard that before - but I'll definitely be giving it a try, especially since I don't like taking a lot of painkillers. Thanks, Cherise. :)
  19. *lines up a round of drinks for everyone* I'm celebrating that, for the first time in about a week, I haven't got a migraine! (Okay, it's not much of a reason to celebrate, but it's good enough for me ;))
  20. Phew! I could use a drink after all that running! :)
  21. Ok, I've recently been bitten by the baking bug, and I've found a few recipes that I thought I'd share. :) First up is an old English recipe, and a very simple one. It's called Poor Knight's Fritters. Ingredients: 8 slices of bread A little margarine/butter Jam, golden syrup or thick fruit purée A little oil/fat for frying Method: Make sandwiches of the bread, margarine and jam/golden syrup or fruit. Cut into fingers and fry in a little hot fat/oil. You can make nicer fritters if you dip the sandwich fingers into beaten egg (mixed with a little milk) before frying. Top with sugar. Next is a more recent one, but sounds just as tasty. I haven't made it yet, although it won't be long now. They're called Toffee Bars. Ingredients: 4oz softened butter 4oz soft brown sugar 1 egg yolk 2oz plain flour 2oz porridge oats Topping: 3oz plain cooking chocolate 1oz butter 2oz finely chopped walnuts Method: Preheat oven to 375 F or gas mark 5. Grease an approximately 7x11 inch shallow tin. In a bowl, beat together the butter, sugar and egg yolk until smooth. Mix in the flour and oats, then put the mixture into the tin, spread it out evenly and press down. Bake for 15 for 20 minutes until golden brown, then leave to cool slightly in the tin. For the topping: Break up the chocolate into a bowl with the butter and melt over hot water. Spread the chocolate over the mixture in the tin and cover with chopped walnuts. Cut into bars with a sharp knife while still warm, but leave in the tin to get completely cold before turning out.
  22. It's been a while since there was music in the Sung Wood Pub! Very nice to hear! :) Thanks, Cherise! :)
  23. *wanders in and sits down* What a week it's been so far. Very tiring! So, has much been going on here lately? *goes to read*
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