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  1. *bringing this thread back to the front page* The latest Tiffany Aching book, I Shall Wear Midnight, is out, and I'd really like to read it. Unfortunately, with my reading list taken up with my WoT reread and with ToM in November, it might have to wait until Christmas, though...
  2. Ahh, that makes sense. *nods* All the better for watching the games with. :) Speaking of games, I think I'll be sitting out the mafia games for a while, though - they seem to have advanced past my meagre level! :lol: Looks like the Labyrinth game is going well, in spite of the board change. *takes a sip of something non-alcoholic and caffeinated, as it's getting a bit late here* :D
  3. *eyes the big screen tv and nods appreciatively* I'm sure that wasn't there the last time I was here. :lol: Another improvement to the Stedding. All to the good. :) It's a bit strange, coming back to all this change like this. Still, I'll raise my stein in a housewarming toast! :)
  4. Well, it's been a busy few months, but I have had a few moments to do some reading. I've recently started a reread of the WoT in time for ToM in November, but I've also been reading some more of Mark Chadbourn's modern fantasy books; the Age of Misrule trilogy. Recently got CJ Sansom's latest book in his Shardlake series; this one called Heartstone. I'm looking forward to this one. :)
  5. Not sure who you should cheer for Lorei, but personally I'd like Holland to win. I've always liked teams who play in orange. :) However, Paul the psychic octopus seems to think that Spain will win it. I put the link to the news story in, as I was a little worried that people might think I'd been in the sun for too long! Looking forward to watching the final. :)
  6. I've been watching it. There have been some great games so far: Germany's game against Argentina yesterday was brilliant (they won 4-0), and although the first half of Spain vs Paraguay wasn't too great, the second half was manic - two penalties, one at each end, within the space of a couple of minutes. Spain won that one 1-0 eventually. With the form that Germany's in right now, I don't feel so bad about England losing to them. We still played badly, though. Looking forward to the next matches, and would love to see the Netherlands getting to the final. :)
  7. I started watching the second part of that game (well, the marathon final tie-break) when they were about 30 games all, and then all the way to the end. What a match! It's no wonder Isner lost his next match - that was tough!
  8. That sounds like a lot of fun, Kara! Saw the first part of Going Postal last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The attention to detail in production is amazing, and I think they've got most of the characters spot on - I loved Charles Dance as Vetinari. A couple of things were missed out, but on the whole, it was great! :) Looking forward to the second part tonight. :)
  9. Otto pops up in a couple of the other books, too - definitely one of the quirkier vampires in modern fiction. :D Well, I've added Going Postal to my personal planner on Sky - 6pm Sunday and Monday. Can't wait! :) I didn't know there was a Discworld convention, Kara - sounds like a lot of fun!
  10. Wow, just finished Changes, by Jim Butcher. I wasn't sure how I would feel at the end, having read a few spoilers before, but I loved it. Bring on the next (I've heard rumours it's going to be called Ghost Story - looking forward to seeing how that fits in. ;)) Also, Lorei, if you like standalone novels, I recently finished reading The Goddess of Sinister, by Mark Chadbourn. It's a blend of fantasy and old celtic lore, set in a modern Britain that lost a rather big war with creatures of the fae and suchlike. It's a self-contained story, although there are a few more titles set in the same world. It was really quite good, and not a long book, either. Also, I've been meaning to read the Daggerspell and other books by Katherine Kerr, too - I might give it a try if I see it at the library.
  11. Lol - yep, not even I have read all of them yet. Getting pretty close, though. Monstrous Regiment is one of my favourites, because it's not exactly the standard Discworld fare: it's a bit darker. I haven't read it in a while, so perhaps a reread is in order. ;) Incidentally, it looks like the tv adaptation of Going Postal will be shown at the end of May (I'd heard May 30th, but I'm not sure).
  12. Really happy, as I found the 3rd book in the series there, too. A brilliant series, and I'd happily recommend it. :) Currently reading Sergei Lukyanenko's The Night Watch. I've heard a lot about this one, so I'm giving it a go.
  13. Ah, that explains it. Thanks, Sam. :)
  14. Well, I'm happy to say I was wrong about my library - I found Furies of Calderon, the first book in Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series, there yesterday, and I'm speeding through it. Halfway in already, and it's a great book. Definitely going to look for the others in the series. :)
  15. Phew - and we're back. For a while there, I wondered what had happened! Glad whatever was wrong with DM has been fixed, though. :)
  16. Sky One (the channel who made the tv adaptations of Hogfather and The Colour of Magic) have recently finished a similar two-parter of Going Postal. Here's the Wiki link - it gives the cast list, too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Pratchett%27s_Going_Postal From what I've read, it looks like it'll be broadcast at the end of May, rather than the start, but it's still coming up soon, and that's good. :)
  17. I saw the trailer for Going Postal last night, and it's looking really good. Although there's no official date yet, I think it'll be shown at the start of May. Can't wait! :D
  18. Codex Alera is one I've been meaning to read for a while, but my library doesn't have it (they have very little fantasy, in comparison to other genres), but it's on my wish list, so to speak. I still want to read the latest Dresden Files book, too, although I've heard that there really are quite a few surprises in store for Harry. Reading Martyr at the moment, although I don't like it as much as the Shardlake series. It's still pretty good, though.
  19. Doing a spot of spring cleaning revealed an old book of Japanese Fairy Tales (in English, albeit), compiled by Grace James. Reading through them, and some of them never fail to bring a smile to my face. After that, I'll likely read Martyr, by Rory Clements - another historical murder mystery, this time set in Elizabethan England.
  20. Oh yes. Night Watch is one of the best. :)
  21. I remember it! That was certainly an interesting afternoon! :D In a way I'm glad it went relatively peacefully. I was never really one for April Fool's Day.
  22. Hmm... I wonder if anything will happen today... (given the date, I mean)
  23. Yes, I may reread the series soon (which I haven't done since I read tGS last year).
  24. The only one of Pratchett's books for younger audiences I've read is the Tiffany Aching novel, Wintersmith, but if the others are as funny as this one, I really should check them out.
  25. Bringing this thread back briefly to say that I've just had a nice discovery. My mum bought an anthology of sci-fi and fantasy stories from a charity shop, and she told me that there was a Pratchett story in there I hadn't heard of. It's a short story called 'Final Reward', and it was really good. :)
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