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  1. Cheating is an unethical practice and cannot be condoned anywhere in the society let alone school or colleges. In this piece, we bring you some advice as to how you can discourage students from practicing cheating in exams. 1. Inculcate growth mindset A growth mindset is aimed at teaching students that by means of fair practices, success feels great. Any immoral or unethical act may bring you temporary praise but in the longer run, you will be disappointed. In the practical world, you cannot get away with cheating as you would have during exams. Growth mindset instills the habit of self-growth but not at the expense of someone else’s effort but by giving your 100%. No matter if you don’t top, what matters is that you cleared your exams by working hard and you can proudly say that it was all you with no regrets deep within. Regrets are a killer and this should be communicated to students. 2. Adopt a firm ground on cheating Both schools/colleges and parents at home should be strict when the subject of cheating is discussed. They must clearly communicate their stance/policies on those caught cheating. By clearly communicating students will be discouraged that if found to have cheated, I may be suspended or terminated from my institution and that it will subsequently bring a bad name to my parents. 3. Lead by example Just by telling your students or your kids that you are against the practice of cheating is not going to achieve results. Set an example by putting policies to practice. Seek do my dissertation for me help online. If previously a student was found guilty of cheating, schools/colleges shouldn’t let him walk with a warning instead he should be punished as stated in the policy either suspended or parents should be called to discuss it further. By observing other students will be discouraged as they know they will be a case of public shame in front of the school and their parents. 4. Value both extrinsic and intrinsic learning According to studies, if teachers/parents/guardian values students’ extrinsic factors (performance in school, GPA) are more highly likely to cheat in exams because they only want to appear good to their caretakers and not grow as a morally upright person. Hence, it is imperative that teachers/guardian should also focus on the intrinsic development of their students/kids so that they can differentiate right from wrong and not weigh everything in light of examination. Hope the above tips will help you ensure a cheating free atmosphere for students.
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