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  1. Why are so many planets in the galaxy Hot Jupiters? They are big balls of gas, but close to the sun where they shouldn't exist. The heat and radiation should be blasted away by their star, but they are so numerous it's becoming the rule rather than the exception. What we understood about our own gas giants doesn't translate well elsewhere in the galaxy. So is our Jupiter the oddball, or are the Hot Jupiters?
  2. JamesBrown, el Sword Capitano. I'm fine with at least one place in my life not talking about It.
  3. @blank, you have been assigned a new mintee with the name of Melisa Céliane Tomar. Give them the usual treatment as befits your rank and station.
  4. Welcome to the White Tower, Melisa Céliane Tomar. Mother demands that you also R&U the Dragonmount Code of Conduct thread, located here. We'll get you assigned a mentor shortly.
  5. Ugh, that sounds stressful, Lily. Of all the times to be dealing with this...
  6. Welcome @ATuckerMorin This will be your personal class as you become acquainted with the White Tower. Your mentor, @Ariewill guide you as you explore both the Tower and yourself. Best regards, JamesBrown Sword Captain
  7. @Arie, we have a new mintee who could use some tough love. They go by the name of @ATuckerMorin My thanks.
  8. Welcome, @ATuckerMorin. Mother has requested that you also read the Dragonmount Code of Conduct, located here. Your mentor will be contacting you shortly.
  9. Welcome @Mothiad Mother has requested that you also read the Dragonmount Code of Conduct, located here. Your mentor will be contacting you shortly.
  10. @blank, we have a new mintee who goes by the name of @Mothiad. Treat them with harsh kindness the way any proper mentor would. EDIT: @blank, my apologies. The new mintee has already been assigned to @Liitha. I have you down for the next arrival.
  11. DJ has a fair question. Assuming that there's no overlap, here is my best estimation. Because Mel used twice as many units, that's equivalent to two people living there. Call him Mel1 and Mel2. Karin = 199 days Mel1 = 77 days Mel2 = 77 days Altogether, that's 353 days of usage. 4816 units divided by 353 days equals 13.643 units per day. R8 463.60 divided by 4816 units equals R1.757 per unit. Karin: 13.643 units per day times 199 days * R1.757 per unit equals R4 770.18 Mel: 13.643 units per day times (77 days plus 77 days) * R1.757 per unit equals R3 691.50 Together, the two bills equals R8 461.68, which is within 2 of your listed total, the difference due to rounding. You could either eat that difference, or split it between the two. Calculated out, Karin's portion is 56.4% of the total, whereas Mel's portion is 43.6%.
  12. My gym is closed, so I'm exploring my new neighborhood with brisk walks. I've started on a new painting that I'm excited about. I'm deep into a good book about a tank crew during WWII. I'm studying computer programming. And yeah, probably too much TV and internet.
  13. @Caldazar al'Aemon Mentor: @Dar'Jen Ab Owain Joined: October 8, 2019 Initiates (Must be done in order) -R&U the Rules and Guidelines--Done -Read the Dragonmount Code of Conduct--Done WT/DM Class--Done-Declare path choice--Done Warder (See this thread for more details about your requirements) Algai In the course of at least one month, spend time with three Ajah/Warder groups for at least a week. 1. 2. 3. Graduation to Accepted - Manshima In the course of at least three months, perform five activities of various sorts. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Graduation to full-rank Der'Manshima -
  14. For the March movie, I posted my review of Roberto Rosellini's Paisan.
  15. Paisan Metro, Goldwyn-Mayer, 1946 Directed by Roberto Rosellini Paisan is a 1946 war film directed by Roberto Rosellini. It's a critical film in the history of Italian neorealism, which is a snooty term to mean that Rosselini filmed on location rather than staged sets, and he used non-professional actors in many of his roles. Viewers unaccustomed to the genre could be forgiven for thinking that much of the movie was meant to be filmed as a documentary. Reportedly Martin Scorsese regards it as one of his favorite films. The film is told in six vignettes, taking place during the Allied invasion of Italy of World War II as they marched up the peninsula of Italy to sweep out the Fascists that had taken over. That it was filmed in 1946 meant that many of the ruins and bombed-out buildings were authentic, living testimony that Italy hadn't recovered yet from the horrors of the war. In the copy I viewed, most of the dialogue was Italian, but the sub-titles were incomplete and inconsistent. In one scene an American GI refers to his 'C-ration' while the subtitle called it a 'sea ration'. Other scenes featured short bits of dialogue with no subtitles at all, forcing the viewer to puzzle out the dialogue. But these challenges could be seen as a subtle nod to the film itself, as many of the themes in the vignettes deal with the communication problems due to language barriers. Also, by modern standards, the use of non-professional actors can make much of the dialogue seem wooden. Presumably some of the actors couldn't even read or write. Without scripts to prepare by, they were simply told their motivations and instructed to wing it. How well they did depends on the viewer's taste in movies, whether they prefer their dramas to be realistic vs. scripted. It was the most popular Italian film in that day, and won BAFTA's Best Picture. Rossellini's work has been a major influence on cinematic history, and in that light the film is a must-watch.
  16. The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian Bernie Rhodenbarr is a mild-mannered used-bookstore owner who, when the situation calls for it, is also a burglar. This time, he's called on to use his extralegal skills to acquire a famous art piece by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. There's just one problem--the current owner of the work is found murdered, and the cops think Bernie did it. He knows he didn't, of course, so he uses his sleight-of-hand skills to try to clear his name, get the girl, and perhaps to make a score. Written by Lawrence Block--my favorite mystery writer--and featuring my favorite artist, this one is high on my list.
  17. Thanks, everyone. I wonder if anyone who is NOT familiar with WoT would find it interesting. Is it too niche?
  18. Not a bad idea, Ryrin. One of my works has been chosen to be on display at a local Golf and Athletic Club along with several other works. That was a first for me. Plus if someone likes it well enough, I'll get some renumeration for it.
  19. Thank you for both sentiments, Lily.
  20. Thank you, Millon. I enjoy the craft.
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