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  1. Been reading since 2010, just found the website now. I swear I am smart. I like Mat, Asha'men, the Band of the Red Hand, not-crazy Rand, Tuon, and Aiel. I don't like Elaida. Or most Reds. Pevara is fine, but that's mostly because Androl is a good influence on her. Right, I also like Androl. he's awesome. I make bad jokes, when I think of'em. Like this: How many Blues does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Three. One to change it, one to confuse the issue. (My friend gave me that one.) I'll make up a few. What do you get when you cross a pack of mules with an Ogier ​Stedding​ Council? The Two River's Village council. What's the difference between a Child of Light and a Gleeman? One is an over-the-top man dressed in very loud and obnoxious colors who talks more than he should, yet is generally tolerated. The other is Thom's profession. Once Shai'tan was so desperate for competent minions, he hired a sentient piece of cutlery. A Forksaken! Mordeth got very tricky. He made a social network site where the only way to get off was through Shadar Log-off. He was puzzled when it failed. That's all I got for now. I'm basically looking for people I can talk to about this series, and maybe make bad jokes. Also, make a bunch of references and do nerdy WoT stuff online with. Cool. Later.
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