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  1. Hey all, I've bought these original pen drawings more about 6-7 years ago, got them framed and always absolutely love them but lately for financial reasons i've been thinking of selling them. I was wondering if there is any interest in them here. I've checked charles keegan sites and none of the WoT related original artwork is still for sale I bought these many years ago right when they came up for sale and immediately bought the 3 ones I loved the most. These drawing were made the scarscape WoT series (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/187049.From_the_Two_Rivers) etc. These drawings were made for inside the book every book has a couple of these drawings inside. I got 3 of them all framed the same way: http://www.keeganprints.com/images/Coming_of_the_Amyrlin_Seat_72.jpg http://www.keeganprints.com/images/Egwenes_capture_72.jpg 3rd one not on keeganprints anymore. Took picture of all 3 hanging in my living room https://gyazo.com/36262277314d9f44a83063d668a46577 https://gyazo.com/7d0912921acbab621800dfbf268f71df https://gyazo.com/918b2ab62b775c61a76cde83cb74084b https://gyazo.com/c35504d759c430a292e7d974f6934140 If there is genuine interest in these I can upload more and better picture as well as exact sizes. Also close up picture so you can see the still vaguely visible pencil lines so you see there are the originals and not prints. Probly can still dig up the order mails in my ancient @hotmail adress. If anybody has any hints / tips as to were to best market/sell these thats also very welcome.
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