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  1. Hi everyone, I am a long time fan of The Wheel of Time of about 20 years. I live in Finland and originally started reading the books in finnish though I have long since moved on to the english versions. I have recently started collecting the books cause I felt that it was an important book series for me. I like the aesthetics and the feel of the hardcover books so I decided to get those of each book. As I have been gathering the books, first randomly finding them in antiqiarian bookshops in Finland and buying them on holidays abroad, I have come to realize that I want a uniform look for my collection. That look is the one with the original art for the dust jackets and the embossed and gold outlined texts for the title and author and such. I had come to understand that this was the style that each US version of the books had as the first edition dust jacket, but as I have been recently seeking info it seems to me that this is maybe not the case with the first 2 books. I have found that the turtleback books made for libraries and schools often have that style of dust jacket even for the first 2 books but the books apparently are smaller in size. Now I'm not collecting them as a collector would, wanting first editions and first printings and such, all I have set as a goal is the uniform look for the books and the hardcover covers and the proper big size. So my question is does an edition/printing of the first 2 books with this kind of dust jacket exist? Thanks for any info and tips anyone can give me, ;).
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