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  1. I was hunting for a couple of things in old RJ interviews when I came across this: Emphasis mine. Source: http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Source:Tor_Questions_of_the_Week,_1_February_2005_-_19_July_2005 It made me think of that scene when Demandred shields Taim in AMOL. Sharan channelers shield Taim first, on Demandred's command. Taim reaches for the TP, so Demandred shields him with TP shield. That seems to contradict the statement made by RJ above. Another thing it made me think of is the scene towards the end of ToM where Rand discusses things with the Borderlanders. He tells them that "The Guardian blocks the One Power only", which would indicate that the Guardian must work differently from shielding, since it doesn't block the True Power. I'm not sure whether other cases of being shielded/blocked from the One Power applies equally to the True Power. For example, when Semirhage held Rand in the male a'dam, could she have prevented him from also reaching for True Power? What about others of the Forsaken who were captured - Moghedien, Asmodean. They could have escaped, had they access to the True Power. So why did the DO prevent them from using it? Just speculating...
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