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  1. Well done! To everyone that participated, thank you!
  2. Not me! (Unless you look at the rankings wrong way round?)
  3. As a last word "puzzle", here is another word search. If you feel up to something more, then the last challenge is to sort the words above into three categories. What would you name the three categories, and which words would fall into it?
  4. Anyone is welcome to answer any of the puzzles already asked!
  5. Well done, BFG! I'll post a new word-ish puzzle tomorrow!
  6. #3 The term "Aes Sedai" may be, under certain circumstances, translated to this: Bjm Mjhbr Using the alphabet wheel provided (in the picture) determine what the following sentence is. Remember to post your answer in spoiler tags. "R'a b nbadxjk, b lbkadey, bch r'a pjkj oe obvj feaabch el yeqk dxeehy bkay!"
  7. Well done, Sooh! Anyone is of course still welcome to answer any puzzles (use spoiler tags!) - but here is the next one.
  8. 1 hour to go before Google is allowed. Some are easy! Like... 13 across.
  9. Okay! Time for the second one: a crossword puzzle. It is themed as general knowledge of the Wheel of Time. Rules: You may use Google AFTER at least 6 hours from now. Look at the time I posted this, plus 6 hours - and mention which ones you had to use Google for. Please remember to use spoiler tags when you post your answer. [spoiler]These are spoiler tags.[/spoiler]
  10. I can see yours just fine, Cindy! The next one will be a crossword puzzle, to which the same method may be used to fill it in
  11. oh no, please put me alone. My partner will cry him/herself to sleep with my knowledge.
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