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  1. Welcome, Trillian! There are many places around DM you can visit to discuss the WoT! You've come to the right place
  2. Dear Reds, You are all wonderful people, and kisses are fun. So have some flowers! Sincerely, Besie
  3. Hi Hendee! Welcome! That's great. My favourite novel - and the first I read - is New Spring ♥
  4. Hi Aredhel! I only got up to beginning book 10. Be wary - you might find alllll the spoilers on DM very soon. If you'd like to discuss the books, head over to those threads. If you're into mafia, check out the right tab under the "general discussion" forums. And if you want to just meet some people, then I encourage you to do as Shad also said: check out the social groups! Each social group is unique, with different things to do, and with different people. Read around before deciding where you want to be (you can be in more than one!).
  5. Well you got your answer that you asked me We're all over at the band - we do love music there. But... again I'm not sure if there are any other places with music? I can promise that music is the entire band full. If you go there, look at the Earworm thread on the first page. And our band games! Feel free to join in.
  6. *cough* I may or may not love the BotRH because of their craziness... THE BAND but I'm afraid I can't say who the best social group is - I'm a part of 3 of them! I think you might like the Black Tower too, although I'm not entirely sure what happens there (they have brownies though, i know)
  7. Welcome, Tyler! Or would like to be called something else? Please feel free to poke around all the boards! There are the discussions, as Ryrin mentioned, where you are most likely to find all the spoilers. I got all the spoilers within a month, and I never touched those forums! It's worth it, though. Our social side is great fun too. Four not-as-social groups are the games (mostly mafia), entertainment discussions by all that want to, the Tuatha'an for crafts, and the Role play for... role play. The remaining social groups are each a little place has its own quirks and characters. I recommend reading some of the threads in them before joining, to see if you like the people. I love your profile pic! Is it you? Are you a photographer?
  8. Well, hello! Whilst Chae won't openly recruit, allow me! Come to the Band of the Red Hand, as founded by Mat! We're a fun, lively bunch. *cough* and the other social groups are nice too... *cough*
  9. Dear Reds, It is strange how life fluctuates between being interesting, depressing, busy, time-consuming, boring and exciting. I am currently still working and still have everything, but now have an additional load of studying added to everything since July. Have a good day/month! Besie
  10. Hello and welcome to DM! Check out all parts of it to find the place you find the most comfortable. Ask if you need to know where anything specific is on the site - from "serious" conversation, to just playing around, to games, to discussions.
  11. Euhm... everything worth doing takes too long. Ahaha.
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