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  1. So, I understand the argument behind the disjointed timelines in tGS and ToM, but I'm on a re-read and I've noticed something. We first learn that gateways for Traveling and Skimming aren't working around Perrin's camp when he is approaching the Whitecloaks. Grady and Neald tell him they couldn't make any that morning and then when Perrin asks for someone to travel back to the camp to get a tent and chairs for an impromptu parlay with Galad, they still don't work. There is a three day hiatus placed on the battle for a 'trial' of Perrin with Morgase in judgement during which time Faile mentions they still don't work as she notices refugees walking out of camp in lieu of gateways. During that time a bubble of evil makes weapons come alive in Perrin's camp and as he is walking around checking on everything afterwords Tam comes up to Perrin and tells him he needs to leave and couldn't explain why. I assume Nynaeve had arrived via gateway on Cadsuane's orders to bring Tam to Rand in Tear. My question is: how did she make a gateway into the area of the dreamspike? It had already been established that they didn't work trying to leave the area. Perhaps they work coming from outside in and Nynaeve left it open as Tam said his goodbyes? Otherwise it seems like an oversight and makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
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