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  1. Well, every few years I need to renew my credit card and this time I decided to ask for a custom card. You can see the result :) (sorry for the poor image quality…)
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  3. You can now pre-order it from book depository and amazon ! :)
  4. You can now pre-order it from book depository and amazon ! :)
  5. Hi, I just uploaded my Hebrew collection of WoT to a new gallery named: Hebrew Covers In Hebrew every book was split into 2 books so its overall a 28 books in the Hebrew WoT collection. Have fun :)
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    Hebrew Covers

    All the covers of WoT in Hebrew (every book was split into 2 books)
  7. "If The Hobbit had been written by Ishamael" - LOL!
  8. Thanks for the nice welcome :) I’ll stay away from the discussion area until ill finish reading the last book…
  9. Hello DragonMount community, My name is Omri Suissa, I'm 29 from Israel. I was looking for a wheel of time community and found you! I've just finished reading the Towers of Midnight book (so don't tell me the end yet :). So... what are you doing here? what's so WoT about this place? :) Best, Omri
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