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  1. Well, lets hope they will find a clever way, since (at least for me) it is part of the charm of WoT.... a "fight-club" approach could work for rand. but nyneave? I don't think so. and off-screen it also tricky. it could come out as a child book reading or an old detectives movie from the 50s... :) There is a huge difference between the way people talk and think. I will create a "lost in translation" if they will try to "translate" thoughts to discussions.
  2. But you have to express internal struggle somehow. otherwise you will lose major part of the plot. LOL!
  3. Will WoT keep the GoT structure and make a season per book? From my point of view there is much more going on in one WoT book than in a GoT book. I'm not sure you can pack it all into one season. However 14 seasons seems like a huge commitment from Amazon prime.
  4. Totally agree, I think that the way they will handle the One Power visualization could rise or fail the series.
  5. Well, every few years I need to renew my credit card and this time I decided to ask for a custom card. You can see the result ? (sorry for the poor image quality…)
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  7. You can now pre-order it from book depository and amazon ! :)
  8. You can now pre-order it from book depository and amazon ! :)
  9. Hi, I just uploaded my Hebrew collection of WoT to a new gallery named: Hebrew Covers In Hebrew every book was split into 2 books so its overall a 28 books in the Hebrew WoT collection. Have fun ?
  10. omrivm

    Hebrew Covers

    All the covers of WoT in Hebrew (every book was split into 2 books)
  11. "If The Hobbit had been written by Ishamael" - LOL!
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