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  1. How much of the books have you read? I don't want to spoil anything for you by going any deeper into the ageless look.


    I'm on CoT, so anything up until CoT I'm familiar with (Though ive forgotten a lot of things from the previous novels). Why is the answer given in a previous book?


    Great name reference Battousai.


    Thanks :D

  2. Ok this has been bugging me for some time now. Maybe its been mentioned before, so sorry if I'm repeating the question.


    The ageless look that Aes Sedai get, does it only affect their face? Clearly their hair turn gray, but what about the rest of their bodies? My guess is that everything stops aging otherwise half the Aes Sedai should be on crutches. But still I dont think I fully understand this agelessness of Aes Sedai. :?

  3. Are you joining the ACCA, battousai? My father's a member - after failing the ACCA entrance exams five times in a row.


    hmmm...not too familiar with this organization, mainly cause its in the UK. Since I'm from Canada its slightly different here. But right now its still a long way till I graduate, so havent given it much thought yet. :?

  4. I'm just about to finish my first year of university (near exam time). I'm studying Accounting, and hoping to be a Chartered Accountant (CA) when I graduate. This is also called a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the US.

  5. a memory, sorrow thorn should be a good read. I havent read it, but since its only a trilogy, it will occupy the time u have right now. Plus I know people that have read it and say its definitely worth a read.

  6. I started reading WOT by begining with New Spring, so for me it was a great prologue to the series and informative when I had absolutely no idea what an Aes Sedai was. When I got to The Eye of the World it was kinda cool to see how both Moiraine and Lan had changed, and I already knew a bit about them. As well, finding out that Siuan becomes the Amyrlin was also a shock. So I would definitely recommend reading New Spring since it's not too long and worth the extra information.

  7. seccondly dbz, pokemon, and yu-gi-oh were never good. they're really repetative, and the animation is horrible, at best.


    I totally agree. However, I do think its decreased a lot, since now some people have seen the "REAL" anime. For example, the movies such as "Howl's Moving Castle" (also nominated for an oscar in previous year), and "Spirited Away" (I think it was an oscar winner) really showed that Anime does not equal Pokemon.

  8. Really, im finding them slow but not as bad as everyone says. I guess it also makes a difference if you dont have to wait one or two years before reading the next book. I started when Book 11 came out, so I didnt have a pause in the middle or after I finish a book. Right now I'm on Winters Heart, and I find it really interesting. Maybe just maybe WOT isnt your kinda thing.

  9. In no particular order:


    Wheel of Time - RJ

    Sword of Truth - Goodkind

    Memory, Sorrow, Thorn - Williams

    Runelords - David Farland (im surprised no one mentioned this)

    A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin


    Of course there is always Harry Potter, and the Belgariad by Eddings.

  10. I was a huge anime fan before. Although I havent really lost interest in anime, I guess I just havent watched a good one lately. Some of my favourites include:


    Rurouni Kenshin - I found the prequel to the tv series much much better. Though the tv series wasnt bad at all, and the final movie was more like a depression pill.

    Full Metal Alchemist - This was very good.

    Cowboy Bepop - Long time since Ive seen it, but another good one.

    Full Metal Panic - Very funny and a good story line.

    Trigun - Also pretty interesting.

    Kimi ga Nozomi Eien - too depressing but decent.

    Last Exile - I dont remember much of this but I really liked it.

    Evangelion - So very depressing.

    Witch Hunter Robin - This was more serious but good action.


    I've probably watched twice as much as this, but I just cant remember most of them.

  11. Honestly the first 5 or so books are well worth it but by the lastest books I feel that I am getting preached at more than reading a book. Just a little to much of what sounds like Goodkind's own views on morality in it. Which I understand will generally bleed through in to a book someone is writing no matter what but it just seems like that is all the books have become about.


    ya ill take that into consideration. Whats the Death Gate Cycle generally about? Its just the only series which I know are still not completed yet. Currently, on my mind are WOT, A song of ice and fire, and the sword of truth series. Besides LOTR I dont know any series which are actually finished.

  12. Being a newly joined member, I was snooping around and found this thread to be interesting. I'm on Winters Heart right now, but after reading about RJ's illness im having doubts if I should continue reading the books. Should I wait until (or "if") the last book comes out to finish the series?

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