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  1. Oh good, I thought I was the only one. :)


    So Mistborn has a female protagonist?


    What did you guys think of Anne McCaffrey's books?


    Mistborn is very good, its a bit cliche in some areas, but still good. I know what you mean when you say a female character as the lead, but I think if it's done right, then you won't be able to tell the difference.

  2. Just recently finished Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson. Taking a break from the series, since the books require a lot of my time. I usually dont get to read leisurely all that much, and reading a 1200 page book can take a while.


    Now starting up The Windup Girl. I'll probably read another standalone novel before diving back into House of Chains. Somewhere in between Ill read Towers of Midnight. :D

  3. Hey Guys,


    I'll be heading to New York City for the weekend (for some intense shopping), and I thought I'd pick up a bunch of books that are on my reading list. Prices of books in Canada when compared to US are always higher, so I'm gonna take this opportunity to stack up on as many as I possibly can. Since I don't know any good bookstores, I was hoping the people here could suggest somewhere I can pick up SFF novels.


    As long as its within New York City I should be able to head there.


    Thanks for the help!

  4. Thought I'd ask since I'll be looking to pick up this series as soon as I finish The First Law Trilogy and TGS (i'm saving it for Christmas break when I actually have time!).


    As I'm going to be picking up the Mass Market Paperbacks, I was wondering if there are boxed sets of the books? Also, I see two versions in Canada, one seems to be cover art from Tor and the other from Bantam. I wanted to hear opinions on which version I should buy. I'm not sure how accurate the cover art for Tor is vs Bantam's so I wasn't sure which one to pick. Since I'm going to be buying all 9, I'd prefer if they looked the same.

  5. GRRM's work is excellent, and is loved by all. The only bad thing about picking up the series will be the wait between the books. I read MST by Tad Williams, and I agree with a previous post that it is a bit cliche, but overall as a whole, it is still an interesting read. I had heard about the Prince of Nothing series, but I didn't know it was known to be gritty...


    Other series I've read include Mistborn and Elantris, which was basically to get to know Brandon Sanderson's work. I liked Elantris more than the Mistborn series, since to me it was a complete breath of fresh air, and the city of Elantris was a blast to read about. I found the Mistborn series to be okay, they were an enjoyable read, but I particularly didn't really like Elend as a character. However, it's still a good piece of original work. Also, I found the three books to be a speedy read, since they are reasonably sized.


    Right now I'm reading The First Law Trilogy by Abercrombie (currently on the last book), and I've already read ASoIaF, so I guess I'm fairly prepared for Bakker's work. The Malazan series is my next stop, and I'm guessing that's going to keep me busy for at least a year, since I barely get time to read anymore. Really the most popular ones aside from WoT are ASoIaF and the Malazan series. Those are mentioned most of the time. Interestingly enough, my hardcover copy of TGS is still sitting on my shelf! I'm waiting until the Christmas holidays, so I can have time off from university to read it straight through. With constant assignments and interruptions, I can't bare to pause for long sessions between the book. It's so tough to stay away from spoilers...




    And now to TG. I only read the first book WFR, and I thought it was okay...just okay...The thing is, after WFR, I just had no motivation or curiosity to go beyond the first book. The story just didn't sit well with me to continue with the series.

  6. I still think it was porly executed. Just like Raymond E Feist botched the job on Jimmy the Hand - a story that had everything speaking for it to be a extraordinary tale of wonder ;) and it was completely botched. The worst crud I've read with RE Feist's name on it. I get sort of the same feeling in Harry Potter #7. It just doesn't come together right. Regarding character deaths and general story. Too much tent-vagabond stuff and Deathly Hallow nonsense.


    Speaking of POV - JKR sometimes switches from POV to POV. Mainly from Harry to Voldy. The choice not to do so when offing well liked characters/whatnot characters is just plain crap in my eyes. To sum my opinion of the 7th book:


    It was a hell of a poor job on the last book in a series of 7.


    haha my guess is you're still bitter about the book  :P. Just pass it off and read other fantasy. You'll always have your opinions. Remember also that despite her popularity, JK Rowling is no comparison against fantasy authors such as Martin and RJ. But the fact is that's just how it was written and nothing can change that. I know you just wanna debate the topic, but its probably not all that worth it. Read other fantasy to clear your mind and get a fresh perspective. After I read WoT, I personally saw the league in difference between the HP books and "real" fantasy. But for what its worth, the Harry Potter series was still overall a children's classic and well worth a read despite its shortcomings. 

  7. Ya I guess, I found it much too aimed at the younger age group, which to be honest is also kinda fair, since that is the primary age group of her readers. Its just for people that started reading her books when they first came out (1997) to when they finished (2007), would have aged by pretty much 10 years at maximum. So most people that stuck from the first book would undoubtedly be over the age of 18. And at that age, you expect a bit more maturity.


    That's why I liked the 6th book, since it had the right amount of elements of darkness and solid story telling. The 7th book just didn't have that same impact. Maybe she had to cut some stuff out, but for what was published, I was slightly disappointed.


    Overall as a series, I still enjoyed it for what it was.

  8. I actually didn't mind the deaths, like what others have said, its to show that the good guys aren't always victorious and come out unharmed. Also, I was strongly expecting Harry to die, but I was really disappointed to see he lived, and gave those ridiculous names to his kids.


    But to be honest after thinking about it, I came to this conclusion:


    JK Rowling's Harry Potter fanbase consists of generally young kids. Her books are credited to have encouraged some of the youngest kids to begin reading. These kids are what have created so much hype and love for the book. So I think, she was to an extent compromised in her last book. I got the feeling she wanted to give the same blow to the audience as she did by killing Dumbledore, but had to stop herself, cause of so many kids reading her books. Imagine if she actually decided to kill Harry off? Can you imagine how much criticism she would get from angry parents over their kids who are now depressed that their fantasy hero is dead. So in the end to show the same effect, I think she killed off some of the other characters which the audience didn't really feel that much of a connection to. The biggest of them being Fred.


    That's the conclusion I've used to convince myself. Overall, I still felt that in comparison to the 6th book, the last book was not as logical or dark as it should have been. I mean c'mon Harry fights Voldemort in front of all the students and is then hailed as the hero while saying corny lines! Plus, lets not forget the doomed epilogue which she should have never written.

  9. Again great review Werthead!


    I thought that the last book did a great job by tying up all loose ends. The ending IMO is one of the few endings in the genre that wrap up everything so comprehensively, that after reading the last book, I definitely felt that a complete story was told from start to finish.


    A couple of things that annoyed me in this book were for example Sazed and his constant whining. Yes, I understood it was necessary and very logical, but I got annoyed by it. The Kandra story was very interesting but similarly to what you said, I felt that it was kinda rushed and unclear. Spook's storyline was definitely the most interesting in the beginning, but it also kinda got a bit cliche towards the end.


    I was going into the novel with the impression that it was going to be fast paced, but again similarly to the 2nd novel I found that the pace was ok throughout the novel, but at one point it just jumps up. Though once it does pick up its pretty damn hard to put down.


    Still overall a very enjoyable series, and if Sanderson's beginning work is this good, I'm pretty pumped for his future books. 

  10. Nice review Werthead!


    I kinda found that the ending was almost rushed. Similar to your review, I agree that suddenly at one point all hell breaks loose and the pace of the book doubled. Unfortunately, I found that a bit messy and felt in this one, he could've made the overall pace even, since at times it was dragging for me.


    Looking forward to the review for Hero Ages.

  11. thanks Ares for the help!


    I think I'll definitely take your advice. I really wanna start the series, so I think I'll take up the first novel after I finish the first law series. I guess you make a good point, if worst comes to worst, I can always come back to it if it proves difficult to keep track of.


    Thanks for the help!

  12. I have a question or actually a concern really. This series has been on my mind for a while, especially since the author is Canadian (i think?), but mostly because I've seen it mentioned countlessly before, and I know I'll enjoy it. So here's the deal, my schedule barely allows me to read much. I usually read on Fridays and Saturdays, unless I'm off from university with a break. The thing is, I know the books aren't an easy read and will probably require some dedication, but I'm scared that with my frequent gaps in between reading, I might lose track of the plot. What do you guys think?


    Right now, I just recently finished Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series and Elantris, and I just started the First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. Other series I have on mind (other than WoT obviously) include Raymond E. Feist with his god knows how long of a series, George RR Martin (who will probably publish the next novel if we're lucky by the next decade), Robin Hobb (Farseer i think?), and lastly Terry Goodking (so I can finally force myself to finish the SoT after reading Wizard's first rule).


    Basically, I'm not sure what to approach after I finish the First Law trilogy. I was thinking of starting Steven Erikson, but I don't know if its possible for me to keep up with the complexity of the books given that I sometimes have weeks before I can pick up a book again.


    Advice would be helpful. Thanks! 

  13. Very solid reviews. Thanks for your thoughts. I actually got the first book of The First Law and am starting it today.


    From what I see, Werthead knows what he's talking about  :). For all of you looking to read GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire, do yourself a favour and wait it out. The series is extremely popular for a very good reason. It is an excellent fantasy series, and 99.9% of WOT fans will love it. However, the wait between books is killer. It will take less than a year to finish the four books that are out right now, but you will end up waiting almost 2-3 years for the next book.


    I made the mistake of picking it up too early, and now I'm stuck waiting for each book for god knows how long. I would say to start reading it as soon as the second last book is out, then you won't have to wait such a long time for the last book. It's a great series, save the best for last  ;D.


    I also finished Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams, and I am fairly impressed. The last novel "To Green Angel Tower" simply rocked! Its a series that's made for the casual reader, it can be a bit slow, but it is no where as bad as some may say. The characters are deep, and it truly is an enjoyable read.



  14. OK, i listed the books that i have read and liked alot above.

    Again, i am a fan of stories where the main character grows into his power like Garion and Rand did through the books. And i do like the "magic" fantasy of it.

    Here is a list of series that i am thinking about getting into, any recommendations based on what i like and have liked before out of them?


    A Song of Ice and Fire- GRRM

    Memory, Sorrow and Thorn- Tad Williams

    Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone- Greg Keyes

    The First Law- Joe Abercrombie


    I think i want to hold off on SoIaF because it is so long of a series, would like to wait until after WoT is done.

    Of the others what do you all recommend. And are they all High Fantasy without magic? I dont think Memory, Sorrow and Thorn is.



    Give Memory, Sorrow and Thorn a try. You might have to be a bit patient with the storyline, but I guarantee that by the last book, you'll be definitely hooked. The characters are wonderful, and its an excellent read. If you liked WOT, you will definitely like M.S.T. by Williams.

  15. I'm not even sure if this topic is allowed, but if you don't know "Legend of the Seeker" is the live-action mini-series for Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule. I'm not going to provide any links but google it and you can go on its official website and see a trailer.


    I wanted to know people's thoughts about this AND PLEASE don't make this a Goodkind vs. RJ thread! I just want to read people's reactions about this.

  16. I had not heard about him before, but based on the interview, he seems to have the exact attitude to the task I was hoping for. Now I just have to purchase Mistborn and get more familiar with his style.


    Well said. That's exactly what I was hoping for, an author who shares the same passion for WoT as we all do. I'm going to see if I can pick some of his books up as well. From the interview he sounds like the man for the job.  :)


    Plus he's a member of Dragonmount!!!!  ;D

  17. Whatever the case, technically speaking the movie/mini-series CAN be made.


    BUT they won't, be logical, it's simply extremely unlikely that someone is going to devote so much time for a movie/mini-series that is going to cost on immense proportions. If for example one season is devoted per year for each book, that's 12 years! Even if the season is only for half a year that's still 6 years! Way too long...


    Honestly, I don't even thing grrm's aSoIaF will be made into a mini-series. Call me pessimistic, but when thinking about it logically it's not gonna happen....


    ...and probably a good thing too...

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