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  1. I think you'll like books 7-10 the best. And the braid-tugging, skirt-smoothing, arm-crossing thing is more of a joke anyway.
  2. I'd really like to live in Iceland. It's just beautiful, and the winters there are long. I wouldn't mind living in Greenland either. It's so pretty! The point is that everyone living in Iceland is so trustworthy that they won't steal them. My problem with it is that it is cold there...hopefully they give the babies warm blankets! And Icelandic accents are just the greatest.
  3. At one point in book 10, Elayne actually says "I always pay my debts." There is no way that wasn't a GoT reference considering Jordan and Martin were friends.
  4. However, I'm also a bit of a grammar nazi. Most self-published books are poorly edited.
  5. I might read it. I'm not sure. I'm always scared to read self-published books.
  6. I've been trying not to read this month because of NaNo, but I am failing...
  7. I'm reading a book called The Spirit of a Kyrie. It's really good so far.
  8. I would go there. Catching fades sounds like fun. I am sure my balefire will be some help to them.
  9. Am I the only one who liked how Brandon Sanderson wrote Mat? He had some of the funniest lines in the entire series.
  10. You should read Eye of the World first. It doesn't really matter when you read New Spring. I read it in between 8 and 9 for some reason...
  11. I liked the first 2 Percy Jackson books a lot, but then got bored. I have a lot of friends that absolutely love them, though.
  12. I leave none. None but the candy I won't eat. That just sits around all year until I stop being lazy and throw it away.
  13. I finished reading Test of the Twins a few days ago. I'm still depressed about the ending. I started crying during English class.
  14. I just finished reading Test of the Twins. I'm so sad now...but I don't want to give any spoilers.
  15. You can be in as many groups as you want, even all of them!
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