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  1. 675. When you've also had similar dreams to that. 676. When you've had dreams that you were one of the characters in WoT.
  2. So, I'm taking a graphic design class at school and ended up making this:
  3. dawnflower8

    Wheel of Time fanart

    All the WoT fanart I've done
  4. That's pretty dumb. There's nothing wrong with the name "Ledasha" itself but spelling it like that? Really?
  5. I've heard of kids named much worse things than "Nutella" which is really not that terrible. It's kind of silly to name your kid after food, though.
  6. Now I have to vote for you. I haven't even read any of the game, but I just feel like being evil.
  7. 671. When you really want to write a Wheel of Time fanfiction of how you wanted AMoL to end, but you're too scared to since you don't want to mess up Robert Jordan's perfect characters.
  8. Welcome to DM! You'll have a lot of WoT fans to talk to here.
  9. I agree with you on Egwene being awesome and Elayne being boring. I liked Aviendha, though. And Berelain = Lanfear? I've never heard that before. Olver was confirmed to not be Gaidal Cain, though it does make sense. Apparently he was just a few years to old for it.
  10. They are characters that ended up being removed.
  11. Dawn - accepted. I always thought there were 3 continents - Mainland, Seanchan, and The Land of Madmen. Randland is the entire world. Mainland includes the Waste and Shara.
  12. I really wish I had the time and money to go. Sadly, I'll probably have to wait until I am out of college.
  13. 665. When you think the librarian is a darkfriend because her last name is Fain.
  14. 664. When you wear a WoT shirt to the library and the librarian says "You actually found a Wheel of Time shirt?" and then laughs.
  15. I personally find the Aiel culture very interesting. Book 5 is one of the best. It has a great ending. Balefire is involved. I won't tell you anything more, though...
  16. I agree with the reread the series comment. There were whole characters I skipped over.
  17. Welcome to DM! I could be wrong, but I think there's more of Tuon, at least mentions of her and what she's doing, in books 13 and 14. I know Mat intends on going to Seanchan with her.
  18. I dislike Path of Daggers for the same reason as you.
  19. dawnflower8


    From the album: random

  20. I agree. Actually, 5 and 13 are tied for best for me, followed by 11 and 2.
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