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  1. I've only read the prologue and chapter 1 of Towers of Midnight, and I think that's the one I've heard the most mixed reviews on, so I'm not sure if it will be good or not but I hope so! So far the only one I didn't like was Path of Daggers.
  2. My favorite was probably either Fires of Heaven or Knife of Dreams.
  3. I've only been reading Wheel of Time for about a month and it is probably my favorite series ever. I just finished Book 12! (I'm reading it very fast) I think my favorite book so far was either book 5 or 11, and my least favorite was 8. My favorite character is Mat, by far. Actually, my English teacher recommended the books to me. I came on here because I expected there to be A LOT of Wheel of Time fans here and the Wheel of Time fandom on deviantArt is extremely inactive.
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