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  1. I'm studying creative writing, so I can write my own epic fantasy!


    And I would expect to be able to be on more. Somehow I'm always less busy during school, and I know I'll have a lot of free time my first semester at least since I'm not taking many classes and they should be fairly easy.

  2. Tough choice.


    I would have to say that the major topic points hold little interest for me. Star Wars, meh. LotR, meh. Harry Potter, meh.


    Anyone know R.A Salvatore? Drizzit? That's the universe I wanna live in. Actual flesh and blood dieties, magic and martial prowess are fairly evened out. Sneaky dark elves and headstrong dwarves. Count me in. Even if I'm still roofing in that world too.


    Or, best case scenario, evil, moustach twirling super villain in Steampunk Land.

    I love that universe too. It would be fun to live there.

    So long as I'm not in the Underdark, of course. Dark Elves are awesome and all but I wouldn't want to live with them. Wouldn't mind living in Icewind Dale, though, since I love snow.

  3. Definitely Harry Potter, in that case. I'd love to be just a random Slytherin, honestly. I don't think having magic is considered "special" in that world. 


    If, on the other hand, you won't let me have magic, I'll go with Middle-Earth and live in the Shire.

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