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  1. As a veteran of the Wheel of Time series, I like to watch new releases of fantasy stories for new ones that catch my eye. Enter 'The Well of Cha'kura', the first book in the Creators of Aerhellion series. If the writer continues on the path he's laid with this first book, the Creators of Aerhellion series will prove to be a must-read for any fantasy reader. Don't let the $.99 price tag deceive you - this book sets a tone, pacing, and depth equal to any of the top-name fantasy writers out there today. Robert J. Barton is clearly a gifted writer with the rare ability to set a story and imprint characters in your mind so heavily that you'll find yourself laughing, fired up, and saddened by events in the book. Always, my biggest fear in fantasy stories are that they suffer from the LOTR/StarWars issue where the 'magic' part of the story is never truly defined and therefore, as a reader or viewer, one never feels the significance of the events therein. In the back of our minds, we know that the hero will win out, and everything will be fine, because the 'magic' is simply used as a tool to push the plotline forward, getting the protagonist out of a jam or saving the day just when he needs it most. Not here. Even for the first book, you get an in-depth sense of the why and how and you're tickled with the idea of what could potentially happen in the following books. I must say that there's a palpable sense of good vs evil though evil in this book is not so clearly defined as right vs wrong, but instead differences in belief. This makes for an inherent depth in the characters involved that other series simply lack. This in particular reminded me of the Wheel of Time. Thanks to any who read this review. It's my first post on the Dragonmount forums. After reading this book I immediately thought that anyone who enjoys the WoT would be all for this title as well!! Enjoy and happy holidays :)
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