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  1. I just finished TSR yesterday, it was good. a looong book though. it was somewhere around 1000 pages. and the ending was great, I didn't even expect that. unlike the ending of TDR . (Look at the cover) :lol: And....Bah! let's just say, Perrin gets a much bigger role in TSR.
  2. I get matched up against Moghedien... I am most like Logain...
  3. Haha, thanks guys, I'll definitely check Illuminators out. Oh, might I ask without looking for a topic discussing it because right know, I'm kind of lazy... Is Rand's Heron-marked sword like a katana or something? Because In the books, it's described as a slightly curved blade. I couldn't possibly think of it like a Cutlass or a Saber...
  4. Well the subject pretty much tells it. I'm new to the forums, I found them while looking for a good picture of an Aiel to make a cool sig with. And now to introduce myself. I like writing with proper grammar most of the time. Uhmm... I'm 16 years old, I've only read book 1 and most of book 2, though my dad's read them all more than a few times. I can make sigs, though I don't proclaim to be very good at it :). When I'm not reading Robert Jordan, (which at the moment isn't saying much) I love to read Terry Brooks. I have read all of the books from the entire Shannara (Can't remember if I spelled that right) Series. Uhmm... I play bass guitar, I also don't proclaim to be very good at that either lol... I like to draw when I can, uhmm... Well, Hi. =P
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