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  1. You Scored as Mat Cauthon


    Mat Cauthon is your name, and if it involves dice, it is your game. A simple man with simple desires, you hate to be tied down, but also feel as if you are being used. You despise nobles, and no-one can blame you, yet several of them call you "sir" or "General" or "Lord". Safe from the Power, and married to the heir to the Seanchan throne, what have you gotten yourself into?



    That was a no brainer though *runs around pinching bottoms*

  2. Well check out the Warder's Guild in the White Tower, and the Red Ajah ain't bad either, I'm bonded to one lol. xD there'll be plenty of addictions there, I can assure you.

  3. (Don't listen to Barm  ::)) But stop by the Warder's Guild in the WT anytime, fun stuff in there. Oh and if you want to become an Aes Sedai, the Red Ajah isn't a bad choice, nothing like in the books lol. I'm bonded to one  :o

  4. Finish TDR and move on to The Shadow Rising. You won't regret it. TSR is arguably one of the best in the series.


    I just finished TSR yesterday, it was good. a looong book though. it was somewhere around 1000 pages. and the ending was great, I didn't even expect that. unlike the ending of TDR :wink: . (Look at the cover) :lol:

    And....Bah! let's just say, Perrin gets a much bigger role in TSR.

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