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    I am a storyteller.
  1. Hello, Some time ago I used to lurk and read the forums but not really participate so I am going to dive in afresh and actually join in. I am a Navy wife, mom of three and write. I am from Texas but we are stationed in Arizona. I started reading the series in 2009 ( late to the party, I know ) and fell in love with the books. I was fairly ill at the time and escaping to the Westlands was a welcome relief. I have read and reread the books about 8-10 times now and have participated in only RP in the WoT world for the past few years. One of my youngest child's middle names is Caduane so it won't be shocking to hear that I am a Green Ajah girl. I have a great love for the Borderlands and Malkier particularly. Lan will always be my King. Want to know anything else? Ask away.
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