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  1. Thanks ASG! I didn't know either. But I got a ring! My own ring!!! *hopes she doesn't sound like gollum*
  2. ** Jumps up and down excited** I get a RING????? I forgot I get a ring.. Thank you Mother
  3. It's too old for a little baby. It's a grown man's name. Although they might call him Georgie? sort of makes it more cutesy
  4. You'll love it!!! read it as soon as it came out i love Mr Vimes! And the goblin reminds me a bit of Dobby in HP lol
  5. Yep Pyramids. Or it might have been Wyrd Sisters. Love Terry. I saw somewhere he'd planing a tour. Just have to find some info. I'd love to be able to meet him....
  6. He's not the king of just England the full title is something like the King of United Kingdom ,Great Britain, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and other states from the dominions, eg Australia, New Zealand, Canada as well as the Common wealth. yeah it's a lot to comprehend lol
  7. don't know if any of you have seen this yet but here you are. Our Prince and future King awwwwwwwwwww
  8. They say that Prince Charles might take on the reigning name of George so who knows.
  9. James was speculated on the papers all over today. I like James it's a nice name. There were also hints that it might be called Francis after Kate's family's tradition. However don't really like Francis as a name.. On a more interesting note...
  10. Declaration of Self: I started reading WoT in 2003 so almost 10 years ago. A friend of mine knew I liked fantasy, (I would not shut up about The Lord of the Rings) so he gave me to read the Eye of the World. I read it and loved it but then found out that it was a very long series and since I could not afford to buy the books, and I prefer not waiting for a series to finish, ( Harry Potter kept driving me crazy with waiting for all the books) I did not continue reading them. Last year I got a Kindle as a present and the complete series of WoT were in there with a lot of others as well. I finally started reading the series in March this year and finished end of May with AMOL. Declaration of Commitment: I have tried participating in all the topics that have interested me. I have made some friends. I tried joining other social groups, but so far, only the Tower has felt like home. I like it here everyone is friendly and welcoming. I have run a thread for the Warder’s Guild. I enjoyed it immensely. I have tried to participate in other events but working and life got in the way so I have not been able to dedicate much time to them. Declaration of Intent: I plan to participate a bit more God willing when time allows. I have considered Ajah’s I want to join but I have crossed some of them off already and am stuck with two now and cannot choose! (Dilemma) I like them both very much! Still after speaking to a friend, one of the two would suit my character more. I have no plans for the future as such, being Aes Sedai would be one achievement I suppose. I would like to get to know you lovely people much better so that would be good. I usually just sort of float around and when something interests me and catches my eye then I participate. :)
  11. I'd like for them to go for something more unique than traditional. However nothing as unique as Apple, peaches or any kind of fruit/vegg colour or my favourites so far from the US side of things Geographical directons etc. just nice normal but unique.
  12. congrats wolfie :) I like the annoincing it sounds perfect :P:P:P
  13. P.S It will grow again just give it a couple of months and you'll have your beautiful locks back :)
  14. It's not self pity. I have long hair and I know how it feels when you cut it off. I haven't cut it very short since I was 10 years old Granny wouldn't let my mum do that she was all like "girls have long hair". The shortest I've had my hair in 16 years has been shoulder length and I grew it out again because it felt odd. You are right when you say that women get attached to their hair. I take mine for granted sometimes... I even thought of cutting it off recently, but changed my mind and people close to me didn't like the idea so I haven't. You did a very good thing as you cut it off for a wonderful cause. You can moan as much as you like that's what we're here for anyway. Get it off your chest!!! As for the staring I am with you on that point. People do notice when you stare at them and it does make you uncomfortable. So don't stare at people just because they look different than the normal, we're used to...
  15. I think they're some sort of|Egyptian breed or maybe Russian depends. But they do look like bats that's all I can say for sure lol
  16. Tonnalea my dissertation was on the causes of the Trojan war. Troy was very real. Not talking about the movie. The actual city and events did happen even if Homer makes a lot it use of Artistic ability adding gods all over the place. Welcome! :)
  17. They say that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. Apparently God thinks I'm a badass

  18. Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine, cum sanctis tuis in aeternum, quia pius es. Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine; et lux perpetua luceat eis,

  19. Based on appearance Cairhien or Tear, dark hair, fair skinned, forest green eyes, short what else is there :)
  20. Mish it's called Charing Cross Road in central London! They are musty, smell of old books and some of them have up to 3-4 floors from basement to cut off rooms it's amazing!
  21. “Death: Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom.”

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