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  1. I agree with a lot here and there were probably over a dozen spots that I got the chills, but here are a few favorite (in no particular order) 1. When Lan tells Tam basically "I often wondered if the man who gave Rand the heron sword deserved, and now I know" was pretty epic 2. Lan "sheathing the sword" to kill Demandred (and of course that entire scene with him just riding off and having an EPIC battle with Demandred) 3. Upon reading, I didnt get chills at first, but a few days after finishing the book, the whole Rand vs Dark One battle really sunk in. The whole "possibility" vs "possibility" and then Rand finally starting to win, as he started thinking about Moraine, Thom, Nynaeve, Tam, etc. and how their hope and wills to do good gave him the strength to start winning this battle. 4. Mat saying to Rand after going back & forth in Ebou Dar trying to outdo eachother's accomplishments gave me the chills. Then Mat's comment saying "Oh hey and by the way, I saved Moraine, so 'I win'." I thought was PHENOMENAL 5. Although it was a short scene, Perrin snapping Lanfear's neck was pretty awesome. 6. Loial and Ogier fighting in the Last Battle. Period.
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