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  1. I know I'll probably raise hell with this replay but I actually like the seanchan. No, I don't like slavery, I think it's wrong and should stop, I just wish it would stop in seanchan as natural cultural progress and not through outside influence or bringing the whole empire down, they are lovely people after all!
    There are few points I want to discuss that I saw mentioned in this topic, first, the agreement between Tuon and Egwene , it didn't happen, Egwene lost her cool and channeled in Toun's presence ruining the whole thing! it was one of the few instances I rooted for a character I hate against a character I love and was very disappointed. still the result of that meeting is no agreement, Cads will have to make new negotiations or something.
    Also Egwene is a hypocrite, she kept Moggi as a damane because it was in her best interest, but it is terrible for the seanchan to do the same .
    About Tuon saying she can tear up the treaty..I would have said the same in her position, she is an empress of absolute power on her people, she can not be seen as weak or submissive to the dragon reborn, so she should show her dominance by pointing out that the treaty does not constrain her and that she is choosing to follow it. simple politics..she did not break her word yet and I rather think she wouldn't.
    There is also a main point about seanchan that a lot of people seem to miss, they believe what they are doing is right, often people underestimate the power of cultural believes, the seanchan are born and raised thinking leashing channelers is right, they see nothing wrong in reducing them to pets, and no amount of argument will change that, I'll actually give you a personal example, I'm a Muslim, and as you may know eating pork is forbidden by my religion, you can argue with me for hours, show me statistics that says eating pork is good for health .I still wouldn't eat it. in fact even though I never tested it, whenever I say a dish of it on TV I feel a bit sick and imagine that it tests terrible, also, even though Qur'an specifically states you can eat it in an emergency, some Muslims would rather die!
    This is not to say the situations are the same, but such is the power of culture on people, the seanchan might change gradually, and I believe in this case Hawking might help since he is as close to a god as the seanchan have. though I don't think his meeting with Tuon would have gone very smoothly if he outright denounced the a'dam, since she would probably suspect the AS of trying to fool her, maybe something more subtle, I honestly have no clue of how that meeting went.

    But let us not forget that in essence the seanchan had gone through a lot of adapting in the last thousand years, according to the guide the armies of Luthier were shocked to see the practice of slavery when they first made it to the continent , but they adopted it themselves in the coming years along other strange customs, obviously it was not an easy life they had there and their hate for channelers was no longer connected to hawkwing but developed from facing evil AS that ruled the land then, so whose to say they wouldn't adapt again with the people of Randland?
    Personally if I was The empress I would work on getting Seanchan back, then I would take down shara, if the 100 years where over by then, I'll just snatch the rest of the world muhahaha!

  2. Yeah I felt a bit bad when Mat (and I think Perrin too) did not show up for the funeral, since the three Rand girlfriends' reaction was horrible it would have been nice to see his friends' reactions, but I'm not complaining, sometimes it's a good thing to let readers use their imagination.

  3. I had to vote for memory of light, not only was it cool, the waiting made it extra special for me, here is my list:

    1. AMOL














    I don't know why, but I feel like my ranking is so different than others, mostly because I'm one of the few readers who didn't like the first two books and then magically started loving the series. Yay for persistence !


    BTW, I only read the series once so it's very possible my ranking would change in the second read.

  4. Here,now! I don't think Brandon's Tuon is worse than Jordan's, if you read her POV in the gathering storm, it's actually quite close...It's Tuon the Empress that is worse than Tuon the DoNM, very understandable really, Negative character development is still development, I mean Rand almost turned to the dark side in the gathering storm, and Tuon became worse due to her heavy duty as empress, hopefully she will get better with time even if we don't get to see it.


    But honestly, lets assume Brandon had made her all sweet and cuddly, would her last scene make sense? when she told Mat she can kill him now that she doesn't need him?


    as we all know that scene was written by Jordan..so get off Brandon's back!


    On a different note I did feel the whole assassinations issue was overdone, but it was rather hilarious so I didn't mind.

  5. OK so can someone clear something up for me about Matt.  Something BS said about not being able to get the three to meet up again cause it just didn’t fit, so how did Morrian get to meet Rand, I will get back to that, OK we last had Matt cooking a rabbit for the happy couple while his band were getting kicked at Caemlyn.  So in the mist of this battle they have spare channeller not doing anything else but hanging around to open a gateway, ok

    lets go with that, all these people are dying and someone that can help is kicking their heals waiting to open a gateway. Right that’s OK I can live with that, so then Matt goes to Caemlyn and his band is having a bit of a problem, so Matt just grabs a horse and then makes his way to his wife. So I guess that Morrian and Thom go to meet Rand. Except that the battle takes place while Matt is away, so at the time the gateway turns up the battle is over or is midway, so We just accept that Matt just walks away or that there is someone there to make a gateway at a time where everyone has left, including the person who

    makes the gateway, so at this point the person making the gateway would have to be with Rand, I guess then that’s how Morrian gets to meet Rand, so where is Matt?, and if Matt is on his horse on the way to meet his wife, what happened to all that tugging from the last book, and with Matt just leaving I guess that

    Matt is not the one to save people, except that is the very reason that he was given the charge of the Army, so my question is how did Morrian get to meet

    Rand ?


    let's see...I think Grady was responsible for opening the gateway for them, he probably went to Merrilor with Perrin , so he wasn't there for the battle of Caemlyn, and it explains how Moiriane made it there, but it doesn't explain about Mat, perhaps when he got there Grady told him about the meeting between Rand and Egwene , Mat's first reaction was to flee so he asked Grady to open him a gateway near Ebuo dar...I know, there are major holes with this theory but it's the one I'm going with.


    As for the discussion of Mat Vs Demandred, I'll refer you to a conversation Mat had with Elayne, he told her the battle was like a card game, and that he was losing, he only needed to draw one card right, and that card was Demandred's death, the Battle was won after Lan killed Demandred, because that was Mat's plan all along!


    also, if the Seanchan had returned earlier, the sounding of the horn would have been unnecessary & anticlimactic, it was either the heroes or the seanchan, one of them had to be  anticlimactic for the other to come in the right time, and I believe Brandon made the right call by bringing the heroes first.

  6. you know, Min's viewings are always about the future,  and not all of them happened( for example most of her viewings in the last book), and as we can see if a white lily means assassination attempt, then it is possible that the red eagle refers to something that is yet to come and has nothing to do with Manatheren.


    I don't 100% believe it myself, but I thought it's worth pointing it out.




    Also, remember that Mat didn't form the Band of the Red Hand.  His men formed the Band and selected the banner.  Mat didn't have any direct input on it.  Am I remembering that correctly?


    so he told Moiraine ,but he did sound suspicious.

  7. I think my favorite moment or plotline was the fall of the great captions and Mat taking command, it was done in a very convincing climatic way and made both Graendal and Mat look awesome! and it was scary when we first think that the great captions are indeed darkfriends


    I loved the way Lanfear died, specifically how Perrin overcame compulsion using his knowledge in the dream world and how compulsion is just another weave


    aside from that, I love pretty much all the things mentioned before, and how Hinderstrap played a role in the end

  8. Ok, so here is what I thought of the fate of each forsaken\ DF:


    Moridin: believe it or not, I felt more sorry for Elan than anyone else in the series, the guy just wants to die and be over with it, though I don't understand why he can't just turn back to the light side and not be the shadow champion, it was really sad when he said the DO punished him by bringing him back to life! I actually hoped Rand would balefire him and release him forever, in fact, why hadn't Moriden thought of balefire, I bet if he asked the other forsaken to BF him they would be more than happy to do so!


    Demandred: this is not the right topic to discuss him, so I'll just say,  Moridin should have Texted him 'LTT is here in the Bit of Doom! Consternate on killing Aes sedai or something'


    Graendal: if there was medal for the best& coolest forsaken, I would give to her, she dealt with her punishment well, she single handedly ruined the light plans, and managed to use her talent in a creative way, needless to say, I absolutely hate her end! She could have at least died in a modest way, just because she is on the dark side doesn't mean she can't get a decent death, especially now that Taim and demandred went down in style, she deserved better.

    also, I'm not familiar with compulsion, but it sound like a complicated weave, where you decide what exactly you want the compelled person to do, yet somehow, Graendal weave not only conveniently missed Avi to hit Graendal, but it also changed purpose to make her worship Avi...I feel kind of cheated, oh and If Avi uses her as a pet to learn weaves of the AOL, I'll be really angry, because they can't all go around condemning Seanchan for leashing women then do it themselves( note that Egwene used A'dam on mogi, but she told Toun that even DF should not be leased)


    Moghedien: while she did some great damage as spy, I still felt she was useless, mostly because of her epic failure after taking Demandred's place, being captured by A'dam seemed like a fitting end for her, but she is yet another woman who will be humiliated and broken rather than just killed. I'm sensing a pattern.


    Taim:  he was a bit flat for most of the book, not really knowing what he's thinking or doing .maybe because he's just a newbie?


    lanfear: I totally didn't see that one coming, but I loved the way she ended, Typical lanfear all along. And at least she did die!


    Slayer: when reading the prologue, it is impossible not to feel sorry for Isam for the horrible childhood he had to go through, I wished they would go deeper with his character, because he is a special case in which a person is not turned forcibly to the shadow yet was never really given the choice, it was a deep concept that I wished they would explore more, but oh well, I liked his arc in general.


    Fain: I'm so glad he died the way he did, I understand people wanting to read more about him, but he was basically a character that lost significance long ago, yet still a lose end that needed to be tied, giving him a bigger role now would have been anticlimactic at best.


    Shadar haran: no idea what to feel about that one, at some point he seemed quite important, but then he is just dead...



    As for light vs. shadow in general, at some point the shadow seemed at a disadvantage , since the number of darkfriends is smaller than lightfriends, especially in Aes sedai ranks, assuming that the turned Ashaman and the sharan even things out, the battle should have even to a point, I guess the compulsion of the Great captains gave the shadow an edge but suddenly Mat is thinking they are outnumbered 1 to 4, I actually liked that turn of events, though I still blame Elayne for wasting too long on the Camylen battlefront, everything went downhill from there on.


  9. I never thought I'd say this, but Gawyn's death was a chocking moment for me, which is strange because I hated him since book 6 and was rooting for Demandred in this fight, but when Galad found him it was so heartbreaking. I admit, it was Galad I felt sorry for, but right then I wished Gawyn would live.


    I also felt like crying for olver when Faile left him in the middle of a Troloc camp, he is just a child!


    But the most horrfying moment for me was when mashadar hit Mat, Since I knew about the Outrigers, I was so sure Mat will live, but when he fell I had a panic attack thinking that maybe Team Jordan decided to kill him  to stop any talk about writing the outriggers, I know it was foolish thinking, especially knowing that RJ wrote the ending himself and it would take major editing to kill Mat off, but as I said it was a panic attack, I skimed through few pages found out he's still alive and moved on with my life.

  10. 5) Matt the Resistor - Someone else mentioned Matt not having the Foxhead medallion or giving it to Galad. Negative. There are 3 of them, the original which Matt got back from Elayne and has had the entire time. The 1st Copy which Perrin had and gave to Galad for him to give back to whoever that was but he ended up keeping it and fighting Demandred and the 2nd Copy which that Mellan character had. It was stated multiple times, although not really backed up by any proof, that the reason matt was invulnerable to being tampered with through dreams was because he carried the medallion on him.


    Actually there is one origional medallion and three fakes, meller took one, Mat had the origional and two fakes last we heard in TOM, he apearantly gave one back to Elayne which she in turn gave to Birgitte, the third is the one he gave to Galad. but he kept the origonal one at all times, except when Tuon stole it that is.


    On a different note, was I the only one who absolutly loved how Mat figured out that Bryne is Dark friend?( or so he hought) , It was one of my favorite Mat moments in the book especially how he offhandedly said it with no cursing or exclimations, it was so cool.

  11. I think the book left gaping holes,a lot of things unexplained, I hate books that tells me exactly what happened with everyone, and even though I'm dying to know what will happen to the Aiel and the seanchan, I apprciate being able to use my imagination to tell different scenarios , but then the book goes and answer questions we didn't need to know, like what happens with the horn, the boys not being ta'veren any more and such, I could have done without those explanations too!


    what I really want to know, and I believe should have been there is :



    1. how did the body swap occur? I don't mind the swap on it's own, but I feel it was just thrown out there like it's something natural.



    2. who is Nakomi?



    3. what's the deal with Shadar haran? OK, he is the DO avatar, why did he need it when he had moridin to command the other forsaken?and why kill him now?



    4. where was Alana before? and why didn't Rand sense her?



    5. why was moiraine brought back to life? and what where her 2 wishes, I always thought the 'to save the world part' was indication of a great role that she would play in the final battle, sure I liked how she convinced Rand & Egwene to do what they need to do, but I could see no reason it had to be her, that is, her trip to finnland only served to make Rand respect her more, nothing else.



    These are things we should be told not left to theorize about, because they are major plot points.

  12. You are not the only one, I like Toun a lot, and went through many arguments with my sisters who think it means I aprove of slavery because I like her! which is not true btw.


    I just think she is hard to understand, mostly you have to look past the judgment of other characters to understand her more, for me the best look at her character was when  she refused healing for burns which are mighty painfull because she is not sure it's approprite,then she ordered people she trust to kill themselves ,so it's a give and take issue with her, she not just a heartless tyrant, but rather a woman who was conditioned to act in a certain way and doesn't know any other.

  13. What could Mat possibly find attractive in Tuon? Well, nothing, but then when this problem comes up, there is some lines about how he finds something attractive.

    I believe that Mat loves Tuon simply because she is his wife. I know that to some people the idea of arranged marriage is strange or even wrong, but it is more common than you think. and when a man finds himself in a similar situation(a forced marriage without the possibility of divorce) , he has two options, he can either ignore the whole thing, run away and forget that he has a wife somewhere, or he can stay and try to make his marriage work despite his lack of feelings. Mat chose to do the responsible thing by trying to make Tuon love him so their marriage can work out,he sidestepped some of her flaws and started gradually convincing himself that she looks beautiful and such, Mat is simply attached to the women he will spend his life with, and that makes sense to me.

    I'm not sure RJ thought it out like that, But for me Toun & Mat, while far from perfect, are the most intriguing couple in the series, because next to Rand being in love with three women at the same time, Mat loving Toun seam very normal. Besides, judging from the way selucia and karade feel about Toun, she could be what passes for popular among her people, I personally like her but mostly because unlike other women in the series, she has her strange upbringing as an excuse for her selfish behavior.

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