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  1. I have not posted in many years. I have been re-reading the WOT recently and thinking about the wrap up of the tale. I remember that five years ago some people were upset about the way the story ended and the choices that were made. As I have been doing my re-read, several thoughts came to mind. Also, I ran across an interview of Robert Jordan by WaldenBooks in 1996(very old reference for some). First, some were unhappy that Rand did not destroy the Dark One and just rebuilt the prison. I feel that they missed all the information that existed that told us how the story would end, just not the details. In the interview from 1996 and in other interviews, RJ stated that he already knew the end of the story and that he could write it at any time. He knew who would live, die, be married, etc. Also, the very title of the tale the "Wheel of Time" was the dead give away that Rand was not going to "kill" the DO but restore the balance from before the Bore was drilled. Destroying the DO would be an act of evil, since it would break the wheel; just as the DO intended. Rand discovered this in the confrontation outside the pattern, and made the decision to reseal the prison. Second, some seemed to misunderstand the nature of evil in the world of the WOT. I remember that they seemed to believe that the DO was the source of evil; thus, his destruction would free the world from evil. Evil did not come from Shaitan; instead, the DO could make evil stronger or create warps in the pattern that enhanced the chances of people making evil choices. However, the choices that lead to evil still came from the free will of the people of the world. Consequently, the existence of evil was independent of the DO it was inherent in a world where free will exists. To get rid of evil, one has to eliminate free will and that is making the cure worse than the disease. It was stated at several times during the tale that even in the AoL there were people who committed crimes or did evil acts and had to be restrained or punished. Also, while war had been forgotten, wars had taken place in the past, clearly during periods when the DO was sealed within the prison and could not influence the pattern. Just some thoughts five years later about the WOT and some of the cosmology of the story.
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