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  1. So I have been using picture therapy lately, because mental health reasons (read about the background here).

    In this thread I explain a bit more about how I did it etc, what pictures I used, etc.


    Basically I used photos (in alphabetical order) of my late sister Caren, my mom Helena, 1 of me from around 2008, another of around 2012, and 2 from a few weeks ago (pouty me, and "novice most likely to have been sent by the MoN to the Red Head for ultimate punishment because nothing else has worked so far" me). You'll see them at the 2nd thread mentioned above.


    If any of you want to play the game yourself and post the results, feel free.


    Alternatively if you want to give me a picture of yourself to use, I'll do them and post the results for you. 

    You can leave the choices up to me or wait till I've posted a few different ones here and then pic which ones you want to be morphed into.

    (You can even remain anonymous - just PM me the photo and your preference)


    Here are some results for the Amyrlin:

  2. Welcome to Dragonmount, Hiroto!


    You seems to be what is to me a true Wielder of Power ... LoL ... Software Engineering is the next thing to magic, as far as I'm concerned!


    Do you have any favourite characters or groups of people in the WoT?

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