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  1. The Inn and occupants fit with the WoT atmosphere - I can see it. But not with the Winespring Inn as described. I can live with it, though.

    What grates with me is Moiraine and Lan.

    Lan, uber Warder, stomping in to a public place like some cheap cowboy, boots (or something) jangling so hard a Trolloc could hear him miles off? Then posing until all attention is on him, giving his name, then announcing Moiraine for every possible Darkfriend in the area to know within days? And Moiraine flaunting herself like that? She acted more like Liandrin would have.

    No. Just no.


  2. Being Amyrlin raised from the Red, I must confess to a slight ... partiality towards the Red Ajah ... LoL

    I absolutely adore Pevara, but I feel that in many ways she's not representative of the Ajah. As commented in the books, she would probably have done just as well in the Greens.

    Sylviana also has my admiration, but there is one other whom I feel deserves the credit of Most Badass Red:

    Tarna Feir. She's VERY Red, but she did what must have been her worst nightmare. She's the one who said that Reds have to Bond Asha'man. That took big ones. Big Brass Ones. And she paid the ultimate price. That, my friends, is what a true Red does.

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