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  1. Well I asked Brandon about this ages ago (like 6 months ago) and last week he replied to me My email Brandon's response so there you have it, we WILL be told what the deal is with the voice, we just have to RAFO
  2. when the little runner boy in the two rivers battle with the trollocs tells Perrin that he is his cousin makes me well up every time :)
  3. no, the banner shoulod not be in EoTW, that was only mentioned like once in one of the last chapters. atleast in Dragon he has it with him the whole time It doesn't matter that it was only mentioned once, the fact that it symbolises every Rand is, is why I thought it would have been good as The Eye of the World cover art. To be honest the way the artist has depicted Rand in this art bares no relation to the Rand in The Dragon Reborn, as he is a bit more mature and starting to harden himself against the world. In book 3, he's not all jolly, sitting about on a rock, sitting on Lews Therrin's banner!!!! and playing the flute. That was my point of view dude.
  4. lol all true stick men as cover art would be better
  5. The Eye of the World - I don't like it. Rand's hair is brown in the art work, not red as it should be. The Tower in the background is meant to be a flash of metallic sparkle in the distance Not a massive thing right next to the rivers edge, or you know, everyone would know about it. The Great Hunt - Love it The Trollocs look kick ass! The scene is really cool, i'm guessing it's Rand, Loial and Hurin just recapturing the Horn Not entirely accurate, but still cool. Good job, one of the best art work for the series. The Dragon Reborn - Good, but would be better if this on was for "The Eye of the World" I like it, but Rand looks a bit too much like Prince Harry for my taste. Couple of problems with it though, 1. Rand breaks his sword in the great hunt 2. the pipe would be better suited to the eye of the world 3. as would the dragon banner all in all, i am using these (cut square) as the artwork for my audiobook collection on itunes I might photoshop the name of this one to be the eye of the world and find a better pic for the dragon reborn The Shadow Rising - Like it only 2 things wrong with it 1. where is his hat? 2. the fox head medallion should be more prominent other than that its awesome
  6. Argh! I can't find it. It was on a post along with plans of doing a wheel of time encyclopedia and other cool stuff! Like talk of releasing a book of the work RJ did before he passed away, so you could see what was brandon and what was jordan. And releasing RJ's audio on the ending of the series. Maybe I dreamt all this? I'm sure I didn't I shall continue my search.
  7. I will go have a look for the quote from Brandon. And the current leather books are 1. very rare and 2. very inconsistent, ie the fonts and type size on the spines are all different. If you were to line them all up they would now have the look of a full series but rather a random collection of leather books.
  8. Hi folks, As the title suggests this thread is to discuss the possibility of a leather bound edition of the complete (14 books) Wheel of Time series. Brandon Sanderson once said that he was going to push for this when the series was complete (sorry I don't have a reference, I just don't want to trawl through all his old blogs). Anyways, Hopefully they would be published as a set, or 1 every month, like the eBooks. I for one would rejoice if this were to be produced, money would be no object to me, I'm not rich or anything, far from it, I would just be happy to spend the money on something I love so much. And if you think about it an "expensive" copy of the Lord of the Rings in the UK (you don't see many leather editions) costs about £50 So 14 leather WoT books could cost £700, but still, I would buy them. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter or know more information? Hopefully some DM mods, and even Jason himself read this and they can get on to Brandon to start pushing for this. Cheers
  9. Was looking at some yellow copier paper and had a flash back to Primary School German. Gelb. Florin Gelb. The snivelling guy that got thrown off Domons boat in tEotW and later on was kidnapping women on behalf of Egeanin in Tanchico. We all know RJ had a love for language, and also for American history and occasionally old sayings (maybe even from western films?) Gelb is Yellow in German as I'm sure most of you will know. Any coincidence that the character of Florin Gelb should be given the name Yellow, considering his "yellow-bellied" behaviour throughout the series. ;D :P Just an observation, and may actually just be coincidence. But I love the small intrigues so might as well share my thoughts.
  10. thanks to everyone that hijacked my thread this was meant to be a thread discussing the names of the last 3 books i'd just like to say to you all grow the f*** up
  11. Cheers Ludmian, correction has been made. Like I've said before the AMoL then subtitles seem a bit of a cop out to me. Hopefully a lot more people will vote and TOR will take notice. Cheers
  12. Any chance we can make this poll sticky? Even locking comments. So that we can give this to TOR, Harriet and Brandon. Cheers
  13. Eh, no one is raging dude. It's called discussion. As to why do we care? Because Robert Jordan wanted his final book to be called A Memory of Light. Not Tarmon Gai'don. And I will not be making my mind up before I read the book like you seem to suggest, but the working title "Swirling Winds" is awful, you know, i know it, everyone knows it.
  14. I just dont like these as titles:- The Gathering Storm: A Memory of Light Part 1 Swirling Winds: A Memory of Light Part 2 Tarmon Gai'don: A Memory of Light Part 3 If you are making them 3 different books, grow some balls and give them their own titles. And give the last book the "A Memory of Light" title. What do you all think
  15. Any word on the fundraiser? Who won the silent auction? Who were the other people drawn out the hat? Apparently the winners were announced at Jordan Con, unfortunately I couldn't make the 4000 mile trip Was anyone that frequents this site there? Cheers
  16. ;D cheers guys looked it up in WOT FAQ too (must have over looked it before)
  17. In light of recent events and press releases about the final book I want to push a thread away from that and relvel in the brillance that is Robert Jordans depth of writing. As we all know there is a multitude of intricacies and hidden meanings in the Wheel of Time. I want to pick up on a quote from Thom Merrilin in Chapter 20 of The Shadow Rising. He poses a series of questions about OUR age, obviously some of the answers are easy: Elephants Silk Worms Queen Elizabeth (I'm going to say Elizabeth I rather than Elizabeth II, as she controlled a larger empire) So who are Mosk and Merk? And who was Anla? Any thoughts? Cheers guys.
  18. i understand how books are published Problem with this is: will it be AMoL Part 1 and AMoL Part 2 because that in my opinion sounds awful. Or will it be A Memory of Light (Book 12) and Tarmon Gai'don (Book 13) or another suitable name. The problem with this is RJ obviously never named it, although Harriot could. I just think AMoL Part 1 and AMoL Part 2 sounds stupid if they are 2 separate books. Something to think about.
  19. Brandon has the first "half" of the book completed and has an April deadline for revisions. Then probably another round or 2 of revisions after that still to do. Now I can't see that taking him till mid-September. I say mid-September because TOR have been able to get a 6 week turn around from when RJ handed in the books till they were on the shelf so if Brandon hands in AMoL mid-September it will be on the shelf in November. Considering he has 450k words completed right now and estimates the finished article at 750k, I can see him finishing by September. I can say this for one main reason. The 450k word chunk that Brandon has completed was pretty much the bulk of his work. RJ wrote the ending before he passed away and i can see Brandon having very little work to do involving the end of the book. Brandon does not include any work done by RJ in his % complete bars until he hits an RJ chunk and he just plops it in. So I can see the % bars shooting up in leaps and bounds when he nears the end. The Hardback will be 1 book. Yes the paperback might need to be in 2 books but will probably come out as a twin book in a boxset rather than book 12 and book 13 at a later date. Have faith people. thekilikabeast out
  20. not saying his luck doesn't come from the dagger but i don't understand how, can u explain? cheers
  21. yeah i thought that aswell shall have to find the quote hmmm.....goes to look
  22. I always thought the flames in his eyes and mouth were the extreme latter effects of the Saa and the madness that comes form using the True Power too much. Am I wrong in thinking that? Would be less spectacular if it was some silly mask of mirrors trick.
  23. I totally agree with all Luckers said, but I love how you have thought all this out then say this at the end Genius :P
  24. What MMO do u play based on WOT? As far as I'm aware there is no such thing.
  25. Just before this a small boy acting as a runner during the battle come sup to Perrin and it turns out to be Perrin's cousin, after his family have all been killed by Padan Fain, I well up every time i read that. Which is great because it's not one of the special spectacular moments, like Dumai's Wells or the Cleansing, or the Bowl of Winds, or Nyneave losing her block. It's just a man who's lost his whole family on the brink of despair and the incoming attack finding out he has 1 cousin left and I nearly cry every time I read it.
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