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  1. with all this whos major and whos minor...why dont we just say every character is a major character. they all serve their purpose, and w/o them "we're gonna have a bad time!" on another note: Hopper would be my choice. though for some reason i always recalled Hopper as female. i may have been too stoned through the first three books to remember genders of minor characters...*shrug* can "the creator" be considered a minor character. as of now "the creator" has only had a few lines in the series. infinity is soo cool, and obviously a creator must be infinite, that'd make "the creator" the coolest character of them all. weeeeeeeeeeee! (yes i believe that those few lines in all caps at the end of tEotW was the creator talking to Rand. all the evidence points that way as opposed to the DO. I really dont see why there is still this discussion about who it was.)
  2. unfortuneately i have not read dune, but have only heard good things about it. *shrug* i suppose that should be put on my list of things to read before aMol is released...its a long list. WoT > LotR for one simple reason. Jordan stood on Tolkiens shoulders to create WoT. w/o LotR WoT would not exist. its sort of like how mathematics and science compounds on previous discoveries, to come up with more complex theories. the older stuff is necessary to get to the greater stuff. they all must be equally important, and equally great in their own respective ways.
  3. ok...choose not to answer the question. i suppose thats an answer in and of itself. *shrug*
  4. I'm far more concerned about the Final Five right now. you're just supposed to pick. they're just numbers. they dont represent books or movies or anything. just numbers to be chosen between.
  5. you use good words. i like words. and for you if i ever see those words from somone other than "david boyle" then ill hunt them down and kick them squa, for being tives
  6. i was pleased by the fact that they dont use any words that are profane in english. they have their own set of explatives. =] i know ring around the rosies was associated with the plague, but i had never heard blood and ashes until WoT. unless theres some great plague in WoT that i dont recall.
  7. dallas would be cool. im too broke to make it to las vegas, and i refuse to enter the state of california. my dad lives there, so ive spent quite a bit of time out there. everyone ive met there is soo fake, they drive me insane. aside from the fact that its 9 dollars for a movie...before 5.
  8. i really felt that they transplanted the book rather well. most of the scenes that were in the book were in the movie, aside from my favorite. the one where the girl is being threatend of rape. i forget some of the details, but she gets behind her asailent, and jabs her thumb and middle finger into his eye sockets to the seccond knuckle, poping his eye balls. he collapses onto the ground in pain. she then stamps down on his jewels poping them. he curls into the fetal position screaming in agony. NOTE: her weapon was an ice pick. she then rolls him onto his back and jabs said ice pick into the back of his throat killing him. i nearly vomited when i read this scene it was soo detailed. for that i refuse to read 'guts' but Chuck. aside from the premisce of the games the movie seemed to ecmompase all of what was in the book. but like most things the book was way better. more background on the characters. though i did like the movies representation of the "informant" that person who tells the students whats going to happen. a happy go lucky azn woman! how terribly silly. and when the teacher, for the life of me i cannot remember his name, throws that knife into the girls head, and when he pulls it out it goes "shing!" i rolled on the floor screaming "rofl!" personally doing that is funnier than actuall rolling on the floor laughing. i cannot wait for his next book. did you all know that up until a few years ago majic mushrooms were completely legal in japan? i wonder if thats why new anime isnt as good as some of the older stuff like Akira? it at least explains how Akira came into being. boy do i love that anime. best one ever. i liked the premisce of lullaby, but i hated that girl...whats her name? i want to call her page, but thats the girl from choke isnt it? whatever the tacky one that likes antiques. i just hated her soo much i couldnt finish it.
  9. iono though perrin is physically strong...he seems weak in a way. hes not strong like faile or moraine are. they are "strong women" perrin seems rather timid, and faile ballances him out. or some such shizzel.
  10. i was at work. bored of working i decided to google RJ. found the tor site and then found out about his condition. after i read what tor had to say about his diagnosis, i clicked the back button and DM was seccond with some catchy title like "RJ's Blog" so i clickyed. after reading his blog periodically for a few weeks i started listening to the podcast. soon i found out that i had oppinions and felt like i should thrust them upon somone who would at least listen. unfortuneately for me i physically know only one other person who reads WoT. my other friends are too busy droping acid to read stuff. granted i drop too, but it hinders my ability to read...you know all the words moving around...its a little nearve wracking when you want to know if perrin flips flops again *hammer or axe?*
  11. unfortuneately for me, im still on my first read throught the series, and im not quite finished with tSR. Does she really become that annoying? She is the embodyment of women. she loves her man, but gives him shite constantly. not all women are like this...i guess she does just embody all the elements that are annoying about women. though i havent had that much interaction with her at this point, is it really that irritating that shes around? from where i sit now, i like her. maybe that'll change when i get further into it. as far as a character goes, she seems pretty solid.
  12. so has anyone read the Magic series? as far as fantasy series are concerned they are the trash fantasy...kinda like romance novels, but some of the characters are really good. The Thran, and The Brothers War were fairly solid books. The editing wasnt perfect, but the point got across. I also enjoyed the nemisis book and the first two ice age books. I refuse to read past apocolypse since Urza "dies" and i just dont much care about anyone else other than Urza...and Yawgmoth. though, like the bible, the series is written by a number of different authors, so there are dicrepincies, and contradictions throughout.
  13. note to mods: if this thread already exists please kill this one and message me of the location of the original. so, of all the 11 books out so far which is your favorite and why? personally mine is tEotW. i just love the beginnings of things. after the first passage or so i was addicted. RJ hit the nail on the head with what it is that i want in a series. desctiption that isnt unnecessarily wordy. just enough of the right words. and characters. boy do i love characters. i really realized that fact while reading Rath and Storm, the compliation novel that is the weatherlight block from MTG. Ertai is just so damn consceded it makes me giggle.
  14. there are a couple of "i need a new series" threads around. here are a couple of non-fantasy books that i think you all should read. Fight Club (probably one of the best books of the 20th century) choke - not as important as fight club, but damn good. Battle Royal - before it was a movie or manga it was a novel. it is on a level of description that rivals RJ. its twisted, but its great. watchig those kids snap makes me smile way down in the bottom of my heart. a brief history of time - its rather tough to understand everything in it, but the bits that you can are really neato. if youve read these and agree please post. if youve read these and disagree please post. if you have anything else that should be added, and im sure you do, PLEASE POST!
  15. maybe its a refrence to a previous age where there were no darkfriends, or forsaken. where everyone walked in the light. remembering the age of light.
  16. its "twice dawns the day" not twice dawns the sheader of blood. maybe TD happens twice. maybe those giant statue sa'angreal are used to balefire the pattern back to the point in time that the battle begins. *shrug* lets read and find out.
  17. any 15yr old with the patience to write an entire novel could be called a prodigy. maturety level is almost non-existant at that age, but im sort of interested in what he may write in 20 years, or 30. he may turn out to be really good, but a 15 yr old really doesnt have much to say seeing as how they havent really thought for themselves for very long if at all. note: personally i dont think most people actually think for themselves. they just let somone whom they believe to be more inteligent than they tell them the answers. its the reason the world is going to end soon. you see the universe expands not by the force of dark matter or dark energy, but by mind energy. mind energy is created by thinking thoughts. eventually not enough thoughts will be thought each day, and the universe will emplode.
  18. im going to go with Urza. Yea, Yea. I know. According to RJ Urza doesnt exist in the Wheel of Time. But as far as MTG is concerned the plane that encompases randland and ect. exists in the infinate multiverse. Since Urza exists in that greater existance, he exists in this more specific existance. *shrug* Urza is the only fantasy character that can take on any other character from any other series w/o any real exertion of energy. Garfield just gave him too much power. Whatever hes 1337 sauce.
  19. RJ is a man of integrity and principals. AMoL will be equally as perfect as the beginning and the middle.
  20. I have two. The first is a composer who lives during the novels. One who reaches his musical maturity before asmodeans death. and his claim to fame would be the only person asmo kneels to and admits is a greater composer than he. the seccond...I would like to be the dragon reborn. Not rand, or LTT or any other dragon previous. I would have to be a dragon from an age after the completion of the series. my weapons would obviously be Aes Sedai word play along with the OP and TP(Yea! Thats right! I said it!). Did i mention i was a darkfriend before discovering i was, in fact, the dragon? So naturally my claim to fame would be not just being the dragon, but being the last dragon. I would ascend to the rank of Nae'Blis, assist the DO in breaking the Wheel of Time, and become emperor of the world. I would then request that Cyndane be transformed back into Lanfear *resurected if need be* and take her as my bride. any other forsake would be removed from existance by the DO himself, except for asmo. He will be resurected *regardless of his toastyness* though he will be demoted to the position of court bard (a status i dont really think he'd mind.) Lanfear and I would be two of the 13, and the other 11 would be filled by our children. (i also plan to use those giant statue sa'angreal to transform the top of Shayl Ghoul into a Mt. Olympus sort of dealy where we can chill in our fortress and watch the entire world. hows that for putting too much thought into it?
  21. you should check out the Vampire Hunter D books. there are six out now, the first and third books are the two movies. the seccond one is also quite excelent. i havent read the remaining three yet, but considering the first three they seem promising. plus D is 1337 sauce.
  22. *shrug* i havent seen this or read this, and know little else than what npr told me. but apparently this book was written by a 15 yr old. no wonder its a complete ripoff of all main stream fantasy.
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