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  1. There was a part in aMoL when Rand is considering the possible worlds that him and the DO have been posing to each other, soon after Rand "lets go". Someone who has a physical copy please help me quote correctly, but there is a quick moment when Rand is holding the DO in his grip and realizes something along the lines of "The threat to the Pattern is not the Dark One, it never was". This turned my whole world upside down! I interpret this as Rand suddenly realizing that the DO (the essence of evil; not a being) is not something that can [should?] be "killed", but rather the underlying force of evil intention manifest in Creation, perhaps by the very free will of the Creator's inhabitants (human beings) that is inevitably balanced by the Dragon Reborn that helps us love again (from "zen" Rand's epiphany in GS). Please correct me if my memory of this particular conversation is interpreted wrong. Otherwise, can someone please quote the actual paragraph that I am thinking about? My question then, would be, does aMoL depart an understanding of the "Dark One" to Rand's soul that would define the DO as a completely different "being" than we've been led to believe throughout the entire series?
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