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  1. Go here to see a heron, http://www.dragonmount.com/Gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=0&pos=4 as for why it is significant, i don't know
  2. Well I am going to stick to my pronunciations-regardless of their corectness. :twisted: :P Here's what I think, should anyone care...: A'Dam: Adam(like the guy's name) Aes Sedai:Eyes Said-eye Aiel: Ale (much better, in my perspective) Amyrlin Am-re-lin Amys: A-mis Atha'an Miere:a-THAN mire Berelain:Bruh-lane Birgitte: Birgit (mostly right!) Taim: Tame Julian Sandar: JUlian SANder Myrddraal: MIGH-drawl Saidar/Saidin: Say-dar/ Say-din I'm sure I've got more but that was off the top of my head.[/b]
  3. :?: I heard an Audio Book from this guy, L. Ron Hubbard, called Kingslayer: Seven Steps to the Arbiter, and they had different charecters voices and sound effects.. are RJ's Audio Books like that? :?:
  4. I have wondered about this too. what exactly are smallclothes? :roll:
  5. I've only just finished FOH, so please don't spoil anything. My favorite part in that particular book was with Rand and Aviendha, she, "hated him" so much, but yet you knew that she couldn't, and there was so much banter between them, funny!!! But I also loved it when Mat kicked Galad's AND Gawyn's pretty-boy arses. Heh, and after that he was not able to support himself without his staff, but faked it. That was nice.
  6. And also, if the Aes Sedai from the Age of Legands said cuindillar is unbreakable, it goes without saying that they had no way of knowing. I mean, nobody sat around and watched it for thousands of years, and if the Dark One is constantly ravaging them with any means possible, little wonder they're breaking!
  7. Well that doesn't help me any. I thought it was some wierd coital position or inference. :?
  8. In FOH, Siuan, Min, Logain, and Leane are in Lugard, and, to quote, Then later... well I'm not in that town and I'm asking!
  9. Right, but who has enough brain cells to read all the books and keep track of all the 60 or so NAMED charecters and multinamed charecters. To quote aznprince001, I hated that too. :arrow: I also have trouble keeping ALL the Forsaken and Aiel and Aes Sedai AND all extraneous charecters like Eaganin!!! :roll:
  10. And then there's the catch that if an Aes Sedai is told a lie and she believes it is true, she could repeat it as truth,, as long as she felt it was still truth. Like when Morgase "dies" alot of people go round saying that "the queen is dead" when she is actually still alive. So technically that is a lie and couldn't have been said... well i think i explained that good enough.
  11. I think it's just a chivalry thing. But taken to an extreme which could kill them. :x
  12. It's probably just a literary way of saying Rand's senses are really tuned to this kind of thing. Like a metaphor or simile...
  13. I was also sure he alluded to more than kissing and snogging. Oh well, i guess a little left to the imagination can't hurt!
  14. I hate how he alludes to so many things, but i havn't got it figured out. Let me know if you did.
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