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  1. The Broken Wolf is most likely Demandred. He is the only one that fits. You can see the 13th Depository for Demandred parallels to make more sense. Carlinya is killed by Black Ajah in ToM, by the Shadow. Which is associated by ravens. Fake Aiel are Fain's corrupted Whitecloaks. Not sure about the Tinkers. I think they were killed by Carridin's men. The message could be "Dragonsworn are killing people" but anything is possible really. Dark Prophecies are always tricky, by design I assume. But I think it is about Perrin and Lanfear. Not sure about the Toman's Head part. I don't think it's about the things that happened in Toman Head/Falme though. The seed of the Hammer burns the ancient tree: The seed, the maker, of the Hammer is Perrin. Hawkwing's title Hammer of Light is a red herring probably. The ancient tree is Slayer, Verin tells us her interpretation of it is flimsy at best. And Luc Mantear's sigil is an acorn I believe, or some other tree, I can't remember exactly. The next two sentence is obvious. Again the seed slays ancient wrong, before the Great Lord comes: The seed is again Perrin, ancient wrong Lanfear. Towers of Midnight is not the Forsaken as we previously thought, but Lan. King of Seven Towers that have fallen to the Blight.
  2. 1) Um, that's not a question. 2) He's spun out, yes. But he is NOT Olver. Gaidal is 1-2 years old. 3) Those creatures are brought from the If Worlds by Portal Stones. They were used to eradicate the Shadowspawn in the Blight in Seanchan continent which is why Seanchan people don't believe Shadowspawn exist. They became just myth over time. 4) Mat's memories are from multiple people who went to Sindhol between Trollocs War and Hawkwing's Empire. Eelfinn dumped hundreds of people's memories into Mat's mind. 5) Simple. They don't want to be seen so they are not seen. Gaidal made a brief appearance before he was spun out in tFoH, I think.
  3. This feels like we're arguing about two different things man. Yeah, it was extremely weird there were male Ayyad among them. I never said otherwise. But what does that have to do with what I'm saying? There are no male channellers anywhere until the BT. Why should the presence/absence of male channellers matter at all? They are on equal grounds. Shara is as big as Randland + Waste. If we assume their population is the same as well, 400 is a ridiculuous number. If they have 50 million population in total, then they have 250.000 potential female channellers. How in the Light are they going to miss all of those people? Even the White Tower is better at recruiting and their recruiting until Egwene is practically nonexistent.
  4. I don't necessarily disagree but the solution is very easy. Shara is as big as the Randland. They have been breeding channellers for the Light knows how long and they are battle-ready. They could easily counter however many channellers the Light had. The answer was not to make the existing channellers disappear, it was to balance the numbers. 400 was a ridiculuous number for Shara, and that is not even counting the Town. Not without men. Remember they'd have virtually no male channelers. And they would have lost a lot of the females to the battle to take over their land. At most they'd counter the Seachan or the Aiel. At best. That still leaves White Tower, Black Tower, WindFinders, and The Kin, and one of those two aforementioned factions since they can't counter both. The shadow took roughly 20% or less from the WT and the BT and that's about it. What difference does that make? There are no male channellers anywhere. And on top of that most female channellers of Light (AS, damane, Kin) very rarely get pregnant. Plus, Shara does have male channellers. They are used as breeding stock for women who can channel then murdered. And there are strict rules for Ayyad. They keep their bloodlines absolutely pure.
  5. I've read the crazy time travelling theories but I really don't think there was anything funny there. Aviendha was having problems with Travelling because she'd already discovered it in tFoH but she'd forgotten how she did it. Learning a weave in a second way is extremely hard and it usually doesn't work as well as the first method. She had to remember the gestures she made when she'd created her first gateway.
  6. I don't necessarily disagree but the solution is very easy. Shara is as big as the Randland. They have been breeding channellers for the Light knows how long and they are battle-ready. They could easily counter however many channellers the Light had. The answer was not to make the existing channellers disappear, it was to balance the numbers. 400 was a ridiculuous number for Shara, and that is not even counting the Town.
  7. Lol, what makes you think I claim to be anything of the sort? I only wrote what made sense to me. What actually happens in the book does not.
  8. Moiraine is another one. And Verin's letters was not intentionally left out. Brandon is acting like that was his intention so he doesn't look like a total fool in front of people during signings. He forgot them. Or else we would have had one sentence somewhere in the 900-some page book that referenced them at least once. As for Alanna - I disagree with you. The way her plot was handled felt like "oh crap I forgot about Alanna...brb gimme 5 min and ill fix it." I think it went more like "Notes say she disappears and ends up in the Pit of Doom. Hmm, how does that happen? Oh, screw it, who needs to know how it happens, let me just add it there and be done with it." Agree about everything else though.
  9. TL;DR: Nuke Caemlyn, make sure channeler numbers are accurate, don't mess with the rules of OP too much and for the love of Light make sure the whole war takes no more than 200 pages. Tell us about the psychology of the war, not the mindless "Person X killed a Trolloc, then another, then another, Cauthon must be a genius, then another" My humple opinion of how the battles should have gone. First let's start with numbers. Mind you, I am excluding camp followers, these are fighting men only. The post is too long as it is so I'm not going to include my explanation for numbers. I think they are accurate enough. Also, the numbers ignore pretty much everything we see in AMoL because I think they were wrong. No one can make me believe Shara can only house 400 Ayyad, sorry. Light Regular Troops Aiel: 500k Borderlands: 250k Andor/Cairhien/Band of the Red Hand: 250k Tear: 150k Illian: 100k White Tower: 100k Wolf Guard/Two Rivers/Ghealdan/Mayene/Whitecloaks: 75k Arad Doman/Murandy: 40k Seanchan: 800k Dragonsworn/Mercenaries: 30k fighting men perhaps Total: 1.665.000 Channellers Aes Sedai: 600 total AS = 400 fighter + 200 healer / 1000 novices+Accepted to provide circles for healers and logistics (each gets 500) Wise Ones: 2500 = 1000 fighter + 1000 healer/circle + 500 logistics (pure gateway duty for supply and troop deployment) Windfinders: 200 = 100 at SG using BotW + 100 logistics Damane: 1000 fighter Asha'man: 600 fighter = 400 that Rand ordered sent out in CoT or KoD + 200 Logain brings out Kin: 1000 = 500 healing + 500 logistics (I'm assuming the rest 700 is just hiding) Total: 6900 = 3000 fighter + 2200 healer + 1600 logistics Shadow Regular Troops Shadowspawn: 2 million Sharans: 1 million I don't think DFs would make good soldiers so I'm excluding them. They are better as spies among the armies of Light. Channellers Black Ajah: 150 DF/Turned Asha'man: 200 Turned Aiel: 1000 Ayyad: 7000 Total: 8350 Deployment and Tactics: Caemlyn Shadow: 100k Trollocs + 100 channellers Tactic: Move as many civilians as you can through gateways to other armies and delay the enemy as long as you can. It is only a distraction and demoralisation tactics by the Shadow. Also the civilian population makes a nice food supply. So don't commit any channellers for anything but making gateways to move prisoners. 200k civilians here + however much Kandori they got + dead enemy soldiers should be enough to keep the Shadowspawn fed for the duration of the War. Only deploy 200k Shadowspawn here to sack the city and take prisoners. Don't engage the enemy for anything but holding them off. Let the Shadowspawn die but move your channellers out. Light: 100k soldiers + 500 channellers including reserves Tactics: Nuke the city The original idea is a good one. Beat the enemy here and go to other battlefronts as soon as possible. Siege serves no purpose, fighting in the city is better for the Shadow, drawing them out is meaningless. So option four: obliterate the entire city with the enemy. Caemlyn has 5 gates and a hole in the city wall made by Talmanes earlier. 50 channellers choosing targets and 10k soldiers at each gate to trap the enemy inside. Use as much oil as you can to start fires all over the city and lightning/fireballs to finish the job. A day to destroy the city then you're off to other battlefronts. Thakan'dar Light: 400k soldiers + 1000 fighting channellers + 100 Windfinders to operate the Bowl Tactic: Hold until you cannot Keep it as simple as you can. 5000 thousand soldiers and 100 channellers to guard the slopes of SG. 1000 guards for Windfinders. The rest to hold until they can't. Shadow: 1m Shadowspawn + 1000 channellers Tactic: Overwhelm the enemy You have the numbers in troops and you can match the enemy channellers. Tire the enemy channellers, bloody the enemy soldiers. After that unleash the Wild Hunt, pretty much what actually happens in the book. Kandor and Tarwin's Gap Light: 400k soldiers + 1000 fighting channellers Shadow: 900k Shadowspawn + 350 fighting channellers Seanchan: 800k soldiers + 1000 damane Demandred: 1m Sharan soldiers + 7000 Ayyad Tactics: Seanchan, Elayne and Logain arrive and give the Light obvious advantage until Demandred. Gap is a defensible position so deploy the bigger part of your soldiers and channellers in Kandor. Because of Compulsion on Great Captains, Light can't achieve a victory. Then Demandred comes, divides his Sharans and takes each armies of Light from behind. Light is screwed, loses large numbers, they immediately retreat to FoM. Shienar gets completely destroyed like Kandor. Light gains some time to rest, Mat takes command. Then the Battle of Merillor starts. Trollocs and Sharans surround FoM. Armies of Light commit everything, pull a miracle victory but lose 90% of their soldiers, Rand seals the Bore.
  10. Ah, but all those different plotlines were about to be concluded after KoD, so the increasing pace was a given. RJ or BS or another writer, things were going to get a lot faster. That was not something Brandon brought to the series. He just came at the right time. I totally agree it would be an extremely hard job to conclude them and piece all of them together for anyone. But that is most definitely not the same thing.
  11. We see that argument a lot but I don't see how it's relevant. This is the ending, What else was going to happen? I could have written the book and the plot would have moved at a fast pace. You would not even use the book to put under your cup of coffee but things would have moved forward. I don't understand how that has much to do with the quality of the book considering where the series are.
  12. I have not read any of the posts after this, I'll go back to doing that now but I just had to comment on this review. It's complete BS, beginning to end, and that's not an abbreviation for Brandon Sanderson.
  13. Balefire is not the eternal death of soul, RJ confirmed that years ago.
  14. I don't remember if "vanish" was the word used. But whether by balefire or normal death, threads don't just vanish. Normal death means the thread is cut, it doesn't continue but that does not undo how the character affected the Pattern upto that point. If balefire is used, the thread burns backwards. It is very like using a lighter or a scissors on a thread of yarn actually.
  15. God! I am sorry to be rude but guys, what the hell are you talking about? Four books? Five? Six? After KoD, the series had plot material for at most 1500 pages. Do you seriously want to read more useless filler material like Hinderstap, and Gawyn's stupid mopping or mindless, repetitive battle scenes. Come on!
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