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  1. please post the quote about Demandsred think he can counter Chedan Kull. couse the way i rem u cant counter a wave if it certein level above u. u cxan untie such a wave , but not counter it with a wave of your own. couse my main pint is that wave CANT be counter by solo channeler so to take your fottball analogy -> that huge 78 point ball ALWAYS score.
  2. to emphasize Whisbang: think about Taint mad channeler as dialisa patints: 1 per week /2 week u go and get it fixed :) IF cure for madness had existed pre-Nyneav. as far as i recall Far-Meding was created to try and find a solytion the male madness think of the amount of energy invested on that. Mr Ares there few speicific points i disgrea with u. even if 3 weave healing is more economic on the healer i douth Semitsu out do Nyn due to Nyn beeing MUCH stronger -> vast more access to the OP the breakiung happen AFTER the winover the shadow, so the only threat WAS the crazed male cxhannelers, and it was never said that all AoL AS died in the breaking , we know of atleast 3 tat survived with the Gen-Aial, there was the 2 male who created the EYE, that cuncil who give the green man the horn, the AS who created Far -Medding... btw i dont think the jesus scene will happen, not on the 3 day dead +resurrection wagon , but i think that Nyn will probably (altough it may be Flin or Sum or even a new char altogether) heal 13*13 in aMoL
  3. considering the the amount of effort that was invested in trying to heal the taint madness, i believe if a cure would been found it would be recorded and beeing put as a must know lesson in the WT. curing the T-Madness is not a trick u save for yourself for power or some gadget, its the answer to THE MOST pressing problem in the world (at that time) u make sure everyoone know it and that it will be passed on.
  4. since it 23 long thread pleae forgive me for not reading the entire thread before posting. there 2 things the bug me about Egwene 1 her fault the other is circumstencial. the first is her arrogence. one of the scene that reaaly annoy me was in Salidar, Suian the former Emiralin, Egewene mentor, the woman who is legendary in politic and intrigue, tell Egwene that there a strange pattern in salidar sitter choosing , and the mighty baby from her vast experiment of 18/19 years and months of starting to learn politic not only dismiss this but literally thnking about ordering Suian what to think. personally i found it as the height of arrogence. the second is: i reaaly dont like how the AS was written down to protrait Egwene as so mighty, woman who have centuriews of political experiment acting like blind idiots without any shred of logic just so Egwene simple solutions will shine brightly.
  5. if a cure for the taint madness had existed , i believe thec WT would have record of it. so it safe to assume that Nyn the first to cure it. beeing the greatest man DONT MEEN beeing the greatest AS. actually i precieve Aginor as the greatest genius/OP user of AoL . if u want to claim that LTT was the greatest AS u first need to define what AS is, but that an issue for a seperated thread (it will railroad this thread if done here)
  6. i was showing that like u use "We know from the Glossary that Delving as the Aes Sedai do it was not used in the AoL" to claim Semi dont delve, u can use the SAME argument to claim Nyn delve like in AoL. yes IT is a terrible logic , on BOTH cases :).
  7. cant c Egy win against the like of Nyn or Ali. she just not strong enough to slice their flows.
  8. i think beeing killed at the VERY START help in neutrelising Aginor as well :)
  9. "We know from the Glossary that Delving as the Aes Sedai do it was not used in the AoL" and we also know that the forsaken view the AS healing as crude battlfield Medic and we also know that Nyn (and to my believe Sumako) use very diffrent and better methods of healing then what the AS use (or used to regarding Salidar) so u can claim that Nyn use a version of delving Semi is using, which is not Delving as the Aes Sedai do it . (btw nice points regarding the neuro healing of the brain :) )
  10. as far as i recall LTT wasnt the greatest AS but the greatest Hero/Champion. but i agrea that rand currently can be claimed to be an AoL AS in knowledge the book clearly say he have LTT memories , but it not clear if its only personal memory or include channeling , all the new fighting waves the book specify that he use was during the inner dialog time.
  11. i can c it :) but i think Julin win in worst treatment, Hurin had very little Nyn time :)))
  12. Siuan clearly stated that the ONLY reason she want Nyn to reheal her stilling is secracy. my personal impression is that Sumako used wave that been better/more advance then Nyn, the way Nyn comment that the yellow will want to question Sum gave me the impression of "and leave me alone" -> yellow finding a bigger fish to grill. but again is only my personal impression and there is Nyn discoveries to consider as well :) and let not forget Flinn and our beloved angel of marcy (or atleast FALLEN angel) Semi :))
  13. i fear u ignoring my main point about cycle. say u have 78 channeler in a city u bring 78 channeler of well syncronise to destroy that city. u lounch 78 wave and the 78 channeler inside the city can react, each can make a counter wave to deflect /lesson the attack now launch a wave made by a cycle of 78 at the same city, i claim that the defending channeler seperate 78 counter wave wont be able to affect the cycle wave -> bye bye city -> bye bye -> defending channelers that why i percieve cycle as a decisive advantage.
  14. dropping 72000 bomb is carpet bombing , the exact thing the brit did on a german city (forgot her name) and that the german tried to do on london. it CAN be counterd , the channelers in the city can counter the waves of your solo 26 channelers, the inital dmg will be much less effective. but a 26 channeler cycle inital dmg will destroy the city and every one (including the channeler in it) on the first strike. (or 78 if u think 26 dont have enough juice)
  15. Tar can be VERY effective tool. enter Tar -> force the enemy leader into it (can be done but percieved as evil) -> compell him -. rinse and repeat. but it a tool senchean can learn so it temporarely advantage. 26 channeler cant destroy a city at once , it will take some time and can be countered. a cycle of 26 cant be countered and can level a city in 1 strike. 1 nuke vs fleet who carpet bomb.
  16. when the job is to break something , yes sometime a screw driver can be very effective or a drill and pressure pint... but a BIG HAMMER (and i c it more lie the iron ball used to break building) will do the job of breaking. and true i c nuke as uncounterable. i c it as the equilent of today nuke, yep u can have lit of weapin but can u counter a nuke attack ???? say only North Korea had nukes and usa was totally incapable of creating it, who would u bet on in a war ??? ( i use N.K couse i precieve them as crazy enough to use it)
  17. welcome to the thread fionwe :) i disgarea with u on 1 thing , we dont know that Semi or AoL healer didnt delved about semi not delving to find Cabriana pain and pleasure centers, i'm under the impression that even if u drunk + drug semi and then wake her up in the middle of night and blindfold her , she be able to find the pain and pleasure center in an alien mind :)))
  18. i dont agrea Sumaco choke at crunch time, rem her fast reaction at the Abu Dar warehouse. we dont know what her visions been and if it related to healing, she may have problem in killing /hurting for example. and EVERY channeler who mentioed in the bookS NO MATTER live or dead or in between (if u pro ghost -> go for it :) ) is an option. it best healer not best healer currently leaving :) and btw what so wrong in having a beutifull /experienced /with GREAT knowledge on how the body work woman near u in a foxhole ? , so she is SLIGHTLY DISTURBE and have a bit of MURKY reputation and probably a MILD tendecy to play roughly ,but is this a reason to ban Semi from your foxhole ? :)))
  19. the reason Aial dont were Armor s not due to tradition but due to their fight style. Aial style is based on dexteriy + dodge , they dont deflect the attacks the sidestep it. and regarding heavy cavalry we seen how well that work. the only thing that worked was a spear wall (an anty cavalry tactic :) ) but that minor stuff our main disagreament lie on how we pewrcieve cycle power. i c it as STRATEGIC weapon, a weapon u could use to wipe out cities /make nation wide tsunamy / erupt Karaktua on your enemies. u c it as tactical wepon limited mainly to the battlefield and by so a waste of channeling resource. (in case u a Babilon 5 fan -> i c cycle like the sentaury orbital bombardment of the Narn-> arguably evil , but definitly effective)
  20. Dried u nominating Aginor as contender ? i must say that the biologist part do hold some water.
  21. vietnam war wasnt a do or die war. to me a more accurate example will be WW2 -> and nuke WON ww2. as far as i recall there was an example or 2 in the books about opening Adam with the 1 power, so if u can iopen it u can create a wave to do it -> tie it. i agrea i was mistaken in the "cant undo" u said corrctly there no evidence to it, but i do claim it cant be vcounter -> u need to be in certain power level to be able to counter a wave and no solo channeler can counter a cycle wave. also the sanchean inital number adavantage aint that big. Damana insist only from NATURAL wilder , while the Aial found every channeler they had both natural(damana) AND those who can learn(suldam) and it a known fact that the number of natural is significantly lower then the number of those who can learn. i perview Linking as a WMD win button , but 1 who require a mind set of win at ALL COST -> no mercy /no regard to the other side. i can c why Andor and the rest of randland be to hesitent to use that. i find it much harder to c how the harx Aial the deciple of the 3 fold land , the ppl who understand better then anyone that sometime u need to make HARD choises to win hesitating. and so far the Aial had been preview as very adaptable as well. thy have chiefS on mat Level (or at least close to it). they learn fast and relish every opportunity to learn more. they dont shy away from hard/uncomfortable /facts and show ability to break tradition to fave new realities (unlike the AS for example). so the disability of the future Aial to use their streangth bug me.
  22. i didnt say to go to the vast majority, i said they just needed to contact the channelers . and in case it wasnt clear in 1 STRONG attack i ment -> carpet bombing/nuke attack. not to kill the emperess but the Palace (or city) she is in and her entire family/ bloodline.
  23. i kind of find it ilogical that any channeler wont c the senchean and their colture as a clear danger. it couldnt been real hard to convince the bT to join. also the Aial should have male channeler, like they dont send their famale to the WT , i dont c why they would send their males to the BT (accept from maybe 2-10 per year like in the WT pact) with the way the Senchean colture is centerlise -> all u literally need is 1 STRONG fireball/lightning on the royal palace (or on the capital city if u want to be on safe side) when Nyn and Moj fought in Tanchiko it was said they held enough power to level the palace-> imagine the power a BIG circle hold. (26+ circle)
  24. travelling kill the logistic prob. but linking can create the equilent of nukes. that what bugging me, how come the side who HAVE nuke loose ?
  25. Alana is good candidate as well. but i leaning toward Faine. River of soul make me think of Mashdar or the black wind
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