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  1. Mr Ares. we disagrea on 2 points 1. can cycle be countered -> not can a cycle construct be undone, but is a weave thrown at a target by a cycle be countered/deflected by several solo channelers. 2. the Aiel had decades to start scortched earth tactic, it been 20 year since Andor fallen and the meeting about retreat to the waste. and i douth Andor fallen in a day . notice i dont use superior knowledge as a point and i think i was the 1st to raise that knowledge will be gain by senchean after collaring. i didnt ignore your points and i conceade to alot of them (not starting with scortched, small cucle tanks problem..) but to my opinion the strategic advantage of Nuke (uber cycle) outweight the logistic advantage the Senchean have. i c cycle as undefendable attack (against cities and large ocupied areas) also the senchean are VERY vulnerable to assasination (the vision Aiel abstain from attacking Abu-dar -> senchean leadership strike me as sheer stupidity)
  2. Misheru: " Bergmann's rule is an ecogeographic principle that states that within a broadly distributed taxonomic clade, populations and species of larger size are found in colder environments, and species of smaller size are found in warmer regions. Although originally formulated in terms of species within a genus, it has often been recast in terms of populations within a species. It is also often cast in terms of latitude. The rule is named after a nineteenth-century German biologist, Christian Bergmann, who was among the first to describe the pattern in 1847 (but see [1]). Bergmann's rule is most often applied to mammals and birds which are endotherms, but some researchers have also found evidence for the rule in studies of ectothermic species.[2][3] While Bergmann's rule appears to hold true for most mammals and birds, there are exceptions.[4][5][6] There seems to be a tendency for larger-bodied animals to conform more closely than smaller-bodied animals, at least up to certain latitudes, perhaps reflecting a reduced ability to avoid stressful environments by burrowing or other means.[7] In addition to being a general pattern across space, Bergmann’s rule has been reported in populations over historical and evolutionary time when exposed to varying thermal regimes.[8][9][10] Note that Bergmann's rule describes a tendency of body mass variation within groups; it does not suggest that large-bodied animals do not occur in warm climates. " Sut : i had'nt known about this RJ quote. i assume nordic due to their size (and my fondness toward Vikings) thank you for providing this quote. i stand corrected :) Testy: you are correct, english is not my native language , in my langueage there very limited pronounce letters -> Hello is written like -> hllo for example, so yes i admit i have problem in writing names i really dont mind beeing corrected, but since i post here out of fun and not as a part of a chore i dont intend to cherck the spelling of every word i write it take the fun out. if the way i misspell a name bug u , tell me and i will try to pay attention to it and to avoid the misspell but i cant promise i rem it every time. Shig Aram is the mahady grandson , so the chances that he is a pure blood Aiel is higher. u raise good points and i dont argue them, but since we have only 2 examples about ppl with Aial blood (or possebility to) learning to fight in mid life...:) btw one of the MAIN points that made me realy think the Aiel are engineered is the point "C" the way all the AoL Aiel had the same code regardless of colture/location... and entire race who all its members are destined for the same role... seem a bit odd to me.
  3. there a diffrence between dislike and hate. cant talk for others , but i have no hate for Egw i simply dont like her. another part of why is becouse the way she portraid as better then the rest. i liked her when she was with the Wise one and i enjoy her solo adventure in the WT. (altough i really dont like how most of the AS been written) but this are the exeption and not the norm in regard to Egw. i dont mind char flow but i dont like when the char flow are shown as merits. i think what Egw lack the most is a PoV from a side spectator who pass objective commantery. take Nyn for example i really warmed to Nyn during her advanture with Elain. where u been given Elain view of her and instead of remaining a 2 dimensional char -> angry pushy strong channeler, we got a view of the person inside. smart and strong willed but having trouble to admit when she wrong , stingy but capable to great generocity. her acting near Lan... u get a full person there merits and flows, i dont get a full person from Egw
  4. we know that the Aial ideal of beuty is not limited to beeing fair. there a black haird wise that keep drowing attention to her 'exotic' hair -> it clear from her scene that black hair isnt shined upon. i alway envision the Aial more as Nordic then Germanic or celt. the Aial not only tall but tall and Massive. they are portraied both Tall and WIDE. wider then Perrin who is a BIG/STRONG man in Randland standards
  5. i like Ars Magica also becouse of its great versatility u can save ebergy and use the a spell construct or if u strong/educated enough u can invent something on the spot. the only limitation beeing your imagination as a player :) and rem 1 of Ars rules is that it VERY hard to hit another mage with direct spell, due to the natural spell resistence mage have. and i dont recall chaneler having destruction ,i dont mean destructive weave like fireball, i mean destroying spell that destroy matter like destroying the air around u creating vacum to choke u -> indirect attack that bypass the resistence btw :) ) or creation -> creatin a few ton over your head and letting gravity do its job :)))
  6. a thread i started , made me take a deeper look at the Aial and there some oddities to them. a. the Aial regardless of area /location /climate are bigger then the rest of the ppl in the world , about an head taller in general. b. the Aial keep they size even after centuries in a desert environment ( cold area -> bigger person / hot area smaller leaner persons) c. during the AoL the Aial had a collective race believe/code that EVERY AIAL follow. i dont recal any culture that had such a code that imply to every member of that cdulture and here we have an whole race spread out in the entire world among diffrent coltures. d. the Aial seem to me to have enhance reflexes not only the waste Aial but ppl with Aial blood seem to learn fighting at a much exalarated phase (Rand / Aram) the AoL Aial kind of remind me of Asimov robots, and we know that AoL had very advanced Genetic (Aginor feats). making slightly improved human is VERY BASIC compare to creating human/animal races or to the gholem/fade/flying vampire thingy creation. Aial creation may even be the base on which Aginor based his creation (pure speculation on my part here)
  7. with all due respect (as was clear if u readed my post) not all Egwenr dislike are Rand fan. for me it about her disrespect toward her mentors Nyn/Siuan and her out of controll arrogence. and its about how every AS portraid as an idiot just so that the 18 year old wonder GIRL could be seen as a wise genius ! ,like how she give a brown sitter advice on how to deal with a warder getting old, which i found as a streatch that a young girl who never had serious relationship yet, never had a warder yet, and hadnt deal with the affect of old age on ppl (Bran hadnt shown any effect of old age limiting him) can advice an AS who is much older and much more experienced then her, and even if the AS needed help why would she go to Egw in the first place.
  8. another importent lesson Cads will teach Rand.... well considering he have 3 wives... do Cads have a copy of the Kama Sutra ? :)))
  9. Bale check the Mongol tactic + equipment + logistic. the Aial kind of seem to me as odd mix between the Mongol and the Viking (wont be surprise if they started as lab based variation). and when i compare cycle to nuke i dont talk about a 13 member cycle for the battlefield , i talk about a 78+ cycle for the cities. about wiping out the senchean cities starting with both capitols.
  10. i agrea story dont need to have good endings. and personally i dont percieve Aial winning a good ending , i percieve it as loss of innocent and a win with NO honor in it. " they don't have the military capability, adaptability, or channeling ability to fight the Seanchan." and THAT what bugg me. the Aial in the books been portrait as capable and adaptable, able to drop tradition in face of reality, to accept changes. their leadership system was portrait as the best (atleast in mny opinion) with the future leaders are picked due to capability and streangth of character not due to heritage of bullyness (AS power based system), and the current leadership actually mentor and nurture the future (Sur /Amys relation). that why the future Aial seem so off to me. " Rhuidean. The city was besieged by Seanchan. Oncala sneered. Sean-chan had no honor. They had been told that Rhuidean was a place for peace. The Aiel did not assault the palace in Ebou Dar. The Seancha should not attack Rhuidean. They were lizards. It was a source of constant frustration that, after de-cades of war, the battle lines remained nearly the same as they had been after her greatfather went to Shayol Ghul. " the Aial wasnt loosing bad till Andor fall, and it took 20 years for thing to seriously decline. they had time to change tact. the way i view Cycle channeling is like WMD, i c it like a war when 1 side have much better resource while the other side have solo access to nukes. that the way i percieve it,
  11. "Where in the world do you people get the idea that Rand will choose as his Aes Sedai advisor the person he trusts most? If that was the case, he would simply have chosen Nynaeve long ago and left it at that." hmmm.... he actuslly did exactly that :))) "Go to Egwene," Rand said, releasing her shoulder. "But when you can, I would like it very much if you returned to me. I will need your counsel gain. At the very least, I would like you by my side as I go to Shayol Ghul. I cannot defeat him with saidin alone, and if we are going to use Cal-landor, I will need two women I trust in the circle with me. I have not decided upon the other. Aviendha or Elayne, perhaps. But you for certain." btw notice Cads not mentioned in the ppl he trust enough to take to Shayol Ghul. but Moir (to my estimation) will be.
  12. there is a diffrence between a wave constract and a wave that come for u. like there a diffrence between a tied shield and a shield thst his hold (soft/hard points). both Ispan and the other BA cant hold against Nyn , evemn if they both attackher together but not linksed she would had easily overwhelm the, but as a 2 ppl cycle they been a match for her. remember how everyone was afarid of Alivia due to her streangth , and 1 channeler is NOTHING compared to full cycle. i fully agrea the Aial in Avi vision wouldnt start wit this tact (not sure about it now that they had warning :) ), but once they start loosing i dont c why not resort to such tactic instead of risking loosing to an enemy who will never rest till he enslave /destroy you. " been twenty years since the Seanchan had gained the Andoran war machines. The Aiel had been tumbling toward defeat for decades; it was a testament to their tenacious nature that they had lasted so long. " during this decades .. the Aial had the streangth and the opportunity to turn the war by using scorched earth tactics.
  13. i fully agrea that Mor had diffrent/better situation in front of her. but i try to look at it from RAND PoV and apply ONLY RAND knowledge. its not about who the better more competent AS is . its about who Rand will trust. and after Mor oath to rand ,her full admition about trying to control him and her action AFTER the oath i believe she gain his full trust.
  14. i never claim Rand dont trust Cads, but u claim he trust Mor more . the way i c it in regard to AS rand trust Nyn most , follow closely by Mor , then cads/Ege as a very remote 3rd -> they on my side but have their own agenda that may conflict with mine 3rd place. (not sure if he really think about Elaine as AS). as far as i recall Mor go to the wise before her oath. and she didnt hide it from Rand. she told him to his face that she think he is mistaken on this so there was no betrayal there . and she even apology and told him "u been right" when she found ouyt Siuan was deposed. there a diffrence between trusting someone and believing he doing a thing wrong. best example the CK and Asmo. Mor trust rand he be able to deal with Asmo, a VERY dengerous action taking a forsaken as teacher, an act Rand feard he be killed for if discovered. Cads didnt trust Rand with the CK gateways and took it from him. and i still await your respond to the rest of the arguments i brought up. about the diffrence in approach, about Mor actually trying to teach Rand to be independent, about Mor going into cERTAIN death for him, about Mor helping him during weakness while Cads go to him when he was strong....
  15. a. many dont have access to RJ /BS interview, personally i was 100% sure Olver is Gaidal till i heard RJ dismissed it in a prior tread. i actually have a new candidate from the epilog/chapter 1 of MoL (dont rem now which of the 2). i wont go into it since it may count as a spoiler.
  16. i readed the link Sult. and i fear u are the one who misunderstand the debate here the debate is NOT if Cadsuan is trustworthy -> no one argue against her, no one claim she dont have the world interest at heart. the debate is -> do RAND trust her as he would trust Mor. not do we (with our behind the screen knowledge) but do Rand with his limited knowledge. and not should he trust her but should he trust her as much as he will trust Mor. and viewing that Cads tact (much due to Elaeida (sp?) fault) was to make Rand uneasy/uncomfortable/2nd guessing, while Mor tact was i serve u fully (controliing saider by SUBMITTING to it) and her obvious attempt to teach him all she can without hiding anything (due to knowing she will going to 'die' VERY SOON) only enhance the trust diffrence Rand will have between them.
  17. i dont say Cads dont trust Rand, i said she never show it to him. she usually acted as a teacher/Parent toward an unruly /notty /ignorant .. Kid so she backed him on 1 occasion (where she really didnt have a choise) it not her usual demeanor and it really not comparable to the Trust level Mor shown regarding him keeping Asmoden as teacher.
  18. it hard to compare system from diffreent books since the base rules are diffrents, from your description of sunrunner i would prefare channelers , couse it appear sunrunner is ONLY combat oriented while channeler is more versatile. Exalted -> allow u to play Manga like character, think DragonBall /Naruto /Avatar and in my opinion the best Magic system belong in table top RPG -> Ars Magica
  19. i agrea they wouldnt had START the war in this mind set. but when it become clear they are loosing-> that when the question arise. Avi vision show there was a period that the Aial been loosing but want yet defeated -> during hat window they could divert to a scortch earth tactic. take Iran-Iraq war for example -> Iraq was clearly loosing then started using Chemical warfare and literally changed the couese of the war. cycle dmg potential vastly exceed chemical wep.
  20. with all due respect to Cads (and i have LOT of respect to her) there no chance she can take Moiraine place with Rand. Mor helped the YOUNG Rand, before he had power , before he was strong, she come to him at the height of his vulnerability and guided him when he needed her MOST. Cads come to the DR, help u get when u weak is more appriciated then help u get when u strong. Mor not only advised Rand she TEACHED him, she tried to make him independent, she tryied to give him the tools to make his own decision. Cads attidute was more of -> do as i say i know better and dont argue. Morrain Died for Rand, KNOWING she will die. Cads risked her life, but hadnt went for CERTAIN death for him. Mor bare her soul to Rand, she let him c her in her weakness without any defence (or atleast any defence he sensed) Cads never let Rand c her without her guards on. Mor let rand to learn from Asmoden, she let him know she understand his motive and that she TRUST him Cads never show Rand that she trust him and his choises. (her reaction for his balefire for example) and on a side note , i really DONT advice anyone to spank Mor in front of Rand, i STRONGLY douth he will c it as private matter and more likely he will c it as attack on a dear friend at best , a mother figure at worst (for the spanker)
  21. sorry for the late respond but i tried to decide on the best example. i think Rand capture is the best example how u can counter a wave above certain power. or Nyn fight against the 2 linked black in abu-Dar about Demandred countering the cleansing, he wanted to UNDO it not to counter it. i agrea u can untie /undo a contruct made by a cycle. but when a cycle weave come at u u cant counter it head on. and i'm totally talk about using cycle in a total annahilation type of war. in case the example i used of demolishing CITIES , or creating TSUNAMY /re-erupting Karakatua wasnt clear enough. and it should start with both of senchean capital -> Abu dar and the one in senchean.
  22. Mr Ares. i doont argue that power = healing :) just countering the fatigue affect regarding old healing my Semit and new healing by Nyn, Nyn have more power so will need much more effort to be fatigue. all: i agrea that no channeler have a snow ball chance in hell ... but if u think u can back it ->go on :))). the point it -> it not limited-> one power /true power/ no power... all are in if they can be backed by the books :)))
  23. great points Morden. altough dream walking will make info gathering easier and that the point that bug me, take the current Aial leadership: can u claim Ruerc /Surreila/Amis... are arrogent and indecisive ??? the diffrence between the competence level of today Aial (in leadership/tactic /determination) and the vision Aial is VAST.
  24. btw it best healer, not best OP healer. u think Ishi a contender go ahead make your point :) u think the herbalist (mother something) that shelter the girl in Tyr have a case -> proove it :)
  25. not taking sides (and really enjoying the debate :) ), i believe Sumako will be able to heal Stilling if shown the wave (and i dont discount her ability to find a cure by her own). dont know about T-Madness
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