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  1. take me with u Sag :))) i want to be tortured by Maragor woman as well. :)
  2. Sult true that in the PAST the empire wasnt crippled. but i douth that they ever faced a situation where ALL the royal dynasty save 1, died abruptly. Master Ablar the situation i describe is: a more then 13 cycle (as big as needed) sit somewhere -> open a gate (ate open for it by another chaneeler..) and send a city destructing wave trough the gate to TOTAL ANAHILATING the city, with every soul (including channelers) in it. that the scenario i claim cant be countered, couse even if the incoming weave will be noticed -> i dont c how it can be stoped-> city saved.
  3. with all due respect Demandred quote dont support your position as well. the situation was like that: Rand and Nyn creatted a CONSTRUCT and their attention was on pushing the entire Saidin trough it. Demandred (an AoL forsaken) tought he can break the UNATTENDED construct. that NOT the same as seeing mountain size Fireball coming your way. if all u need is to sidestep and deflect and the power behind the weave dont count why Ispen and the 2nd black link against Nyn. they clearly been more experienced then her and according to your logic all they needed was to stay unlink sidestep and collapse her weave and beat her... yet they choose to link. Morden couldnt say it better -> +1
  4. she wasnt Nyn wanted to make her one -> sencing her spark without knowing what she is doing. i think Nyn was just starting to train her but not sure about it.
  5. i c it as Either Mat or Owen. Owen: Owen treatment and death been a driving force in Thom, its not as if the vision say he will meet him again, but it show him as to represent the REASONS BEHIND thom FUTURE action in regard to the WT. Mat: in Egy dream Mat cannon had been represented by fire -> seeing him holding a fire in his hands trying to keep it contained. Mat had large dealing with the WT and he is one of the few person who'm we can say juggle the WT and not the otherway around (Ta'ven + the Tar'angreal) Thom most of the serie had been with Mat, he belong to Mat arc of the story most.
  6. i'm bad at names so i apology if i miss anyone (or much more likely misspeling it :) ). i like everyone who took the time to discuss and debate in my threads. Barid Master Ablar Whizbang Yosarian Hagazusa and the 2 posters (i apology i forgot the names) who did the VERY extensive medical biological argument in the best healer thread. thank u all for nice elaborate posts 2 more i really like are: Mr Ares Sulttre altough we strongly disagrea on some topics -> u make me think about my claims and challenge me to bvack it up (and evenm to admit mistake on some points :) ). so thanks to u and to everyone i forgot :)
  7. not arguing it Sult :) but i happen to fully agrea with this speicific notion/theory/fact/u name it as u please :) that is how i always percieve solo vs linking channeling and the base behind my claim (which i did before i even known this site exist) that cycle cant be countered. altough i must agrea that they explained it much more elequently then me and i believe in giving credit where credit is due :)
  8. sorry for the postpond respond but hadnt had time to search for linking quotes earlier. " If they are not linked, no two channelers can combine their flows to work on the same weave. The leader of a link is able to do so, directing multiple flows of great power at a single weave, allowing for weaves that are impossible or extremely difficult for individual channelers.If they are not linked, no two channelers can combine their flows to work on the same weave. The leader of a link is able to do so, directing multiple flows of great power at a single weave, allowing for weaves that are impossible or extremely difficult for individual channelers. " from wot.vikia..com that is why a circle is uncountered. solo channelers cant match the power of a circle weave and are overhelemed. it like a circle weave is a bulldozer -> yup 100 ppl with shovels can undo the work a buldozer do, but can they stand in front of it and stop it ??? that the diffrence between undoing and countering. i agrea that in Avi Vision the Senchean are more ruthless, that 1 of the things that bug me. the vision Aiel are arrogents, holding back to the point of stupidity and unable to adept. which is in contracst (sp?) to the Aiel of the present, who are portraid as adaptable hard and when deemed neccessery very ruthless. and after the Massacare Semi did in the Royal family -> u just need to kill Tuon to create a leadership vacum , and even given several years to breed i douth the Senchean royal Blood will be numerous ,and i also douth promoting ppl into HIGH /replacing monarch roles since it literally invitation to be assasinated by them.
  9. what make u think the WF are provincial ??? they travel and interact more then any other society in Randland. true Taleen wanted to run, but it wasnt to run TO the WT is was to run FROM the WF who abused her just to show there is no favoratism. and remember Egy assumption that the WF sisters will run back to the seafalk and that after YEARS of beeing in WT. the Aiel also not as provincial as u percieve, remember the peddler scene where it was shown that they have knowledge and understanding about the wetland /prices / quality of products.... and again Traveling change ALOT. if u had the ability to go everywhere in the world in a blink of an eye, will you leave in the city center of in your home with family and friends. about WT training beeing a breeze... is it a good thing ??? will u prefare to learn in a party college or in an Ivy League college ? will u prefare to learn in a place that hold you back , or in a place that push you and allow you faster and greater access to the one power. and will you prefare a society that value your skill and brain or a society that value your muscle (one power streangth) ? .
  10. Mudd i fear your logic have 1 fundamental flow. u assume that WT is the HEIGHT of modern society and that the WF /Aiel live in 3rd world condition. where it say so ??? the WF are a culture of MERCHENTS , very successfull merchect (probably the best in the world) why u assume they leave in bad conditions ? we only seen them on buisness trips , we dont know how well they leave when at their homes. how worse is the life of an Aiel wiseone in compare to Tar-Valon ?? there no electricity or moden utilities in Randland so there no discomfort of missing it. with Traveling the distance is not relavent anymore so no discomfort about beeing cut off from the world, or from lacking access to certain products/groceries. u tlk about the glamour of TV , but what about Ruheidin , give the Ogeir few years and Aiel Channelers and u got a city who can compete with any other city in this area as well. that why your analogy of Europe/USA and the 3rd world countries dont apply here (and that WITHOUT entering political things like civil rights , goverments systems, religion and state...)
  11. and BTW Christopher (the son) didnt finish squat. he took Tolkien UNFINISHED drafts , and publish it as full books. here have this DOE my dead famous shef Father plan to cook it into a cake -> kind of attidute and editing.
  12. i think (and hope) we about to witness Nyn 3rd Miracle since it was establish that the Madness is the DO influence over the channeler mind -> healing a turning seem like the obvious next step :)) 1 thing that cought my attention was Pevrah reaction to male/female cycle -> it seem VERY much like she was under an Adam, maybe the principle behind the origin of the Adam was based on such a cycle or a speicific variation of it (remember the impact of Saidin touching Adam or channeling a man with regular Adam). about the cycle feeling diffrent then Rand/Nyn... could be a writer Error could be that Andorel did something wrong and caused it, Rand had the benefit of LTT doing backsit driving and revealing knowledge. we dont know enough. about Pevrah reaction i cant react better then Master Ablar FULLY agrea with his reasoning. i had no problem with Avi snealing into the Tent, it had been establish that Aiel can hide under your nose in a flatland. (unless u Perrin :) ) the intent scene was a bit of a stretch , but consider that Ellin and co was in a middle of a debate about a subject they feel STRONGLY about, so that their attention was VERY distructed /focus elsewhere. i really DIDNT like the audio format, not only it was to long (i read much faster) but the vouce had been wrong to me. i envision the char voices when i read and the narrator voice and in some scene the way she pronounce/tone she used simply wasnt it to me.
  13. Talmanes reaction to Mat and how Mat cant tell if he really serius or just loughing inside. Mat insistance that he not nobility even AFTER marrying the EMPRESS :))) Mat Ludicirus over the top disguise backgrounds. :)))
  14. dictionary: eld·er 1 play_w2("E0068600") (ldr) adj. 1. Greater than another in age or seniority. 2. Superior to another or others, as in rank. n. 1. An older person. 2. An older, influential member of a family, tribe, or community. 3. One of the governing officers of a church, often having pastoral or teaching functions. 4. Mormon Church A member of the higher order of priesthood. wikipedia: The term Elder (or its equivalent in another language) is used in several different countries and organizations to indicate a position of authority. This usage is usually derived from the notion that the oldest members of any given group are the wisest, and are thus the most qualified to rule, provide counsel or serve the said group in some other capacity Senator: in the Senate of Rome, the senators were men. Senator comes from the Latin root sen- "old" (senex "old man"), and the senators were actually called patres (fathers)..
  15. Nym beeing engineered (thank youforgot about that) raise another point The Aiel singing. he Aiel had the ability to work with the Nym, they had a uniqe ability in the time of AoL . AoL was a time of open knowledge and open training, so this ability could not been a result of secret training but must be a result originated from the Aiel genum. BelRobin : Thank You :))))
  16. btw Eldest dont neccesery meen Oldest it seem to me more like Elder type of title , which is more about authority and respect then of age.
  17. every FEMALE single char is more accurate Yos :) Perrin needed to be dragged into learning dreamwalking :) and when he finally show interest his teacher help pushing him -> here a nightmare jump in and try to survive :))) and i dont think the BT preach patience and safety in his curicilum :))
  18. Bair – b. 919-929 NE, 70-80 Bair “had to be seventy or eighty” (Lord of Chaos, Courage To Strengthen). from http://13depository.blogspot.co.il/2002/03/ages-of-characters.html
  19. not a biolog myself so i fear i cant answer u this question. but same species do show this tendecies bear for example. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergmann's_rule i added a link for u. and do notice i stated several oddities not just 1 :)
  20. i feel the debate is railing into the extreme. to say Egy did no good is rediculus. she DID reunited the WT. she DID HURT the black Aja she DID destroyed a forsaken. and she did have good scenes (the WT captivity /wise one training was the bests in my opinion). but the fact that a char do good things DONT make it a likeable char. compare Avi to Egy Avi developed into a wise one. she is respected but she DONT take over Amys , she show respect to the current wise one and acknowledge their age /experience and wisdom. you can forsea that she will grow to be the next leader (probably hace relation with Amys like Amys have with Sur now), but her growth dont come in expence of others and you are shown her weaknesses and her streangth Egy rosed by Siuan to be Emiralin, immidately bully into the position, start ordering everyone around. after her rising Suian (decades of expewrience, leaving in Salidar for month , knowing all the key ppl for decades) tell her her plan which is almost exact (slightly better in few fine points) to the plan Egy who just arrived to Salidar and who hardly (if at all) know the key char come with. another example -> Bridgette Silver bow a LEGENDARY hero of the horn, a LEGEND for milenias avi reaction to Bridg -> respect mingled with determination to hold your own , mingled in awe Egy reaction -> u stuipd girl hide it from me, now stop acting silly and confess. i think Egy prob is not her beeing bage, but a lack of a co star. think Nyn with and without Elain / Lan. Think mat before and after Talmanes/Thom Elain with and without Nyn/Avi Siuan with and without Lean (sp?) Egy need a character /PoV to balance her, to emphesize her glory and to point out her shortcoming and to ligh when she fall on her face becouse she kept her nose up.
  21. i kind of understand Rand and Perrin lack of humor. both been in a bad mental place buth Perrin do seem the SERIUS type. :) another char with GREAT sense of humor Is Talmanes, the way he act near Mat and his obeservation remarks are comedy gold :)
  22. u HADN'T shown a cycle can be deflected. u shown a cycle construct can be undone and i do admit it. the Senchean bewen much more ruthless then the Airl in Avi vision. the Sanchean DID ATTACKEd Rhuidean , while the Aiel left Abu Dar (the new Senchean capitol) alone. also the Senchean are much more vulnerable to Masive population base attackes then the Aiel who leave in separatewd clan (biggest cities are the size of small/modarate Randland cities while they outnumber any Randland Nation) u totally ignore the over-centralize nature of Senchean society and you grossly under-estimate the Effect of seeing an entire city go BOOM. cycle are the better channeling technology , it silly as saying how can Kortez beet the vastly logistic superior Inca empire. how can England beet the vastly logistic superior France / china (navel superiority) you also ignore the mentality -> Aiel -> life is a dream we all awake from is more fitting to an all out war. to name a few minor pints i dont deny Senchean have much more resource, but my MAIN point is the Senchean solo channeler attacks CAN be defended against, while a cycle attack CANT. (and again -> undoing a construct is NOT the same as deflecting a direct weave that come toward you)
  23. u forget that Rand and Perrin had other thing to worry about. ambition is based on making a better future. Rand dont think he have any future -> hard to be ambitious when u believe u die in few weeks (and even then he tried to leave a Legacy/be remembered) Perrin was fearing he will turn into a wolf -> hard to plan for the future when u dont know if u still be human tomarrow . notice how Perrin accept lordhood and refused to give it up or to surrender TR autonamy (his rule) after he reached inner peace.
  24. "If egwene is arrogant then what was elaida?" so we should let all the thieves/robbers/ rapist/ murderer/pimps..... free couse they not as worse as a LUNATIC serial muderer ??? yup Egwene is less arogent then Elaida (really 'hard' achivment) , she is also much saner then her (even the Red admit Elai went mad), that dont mean Egwene is not arrogent. and instead of fixating on -> u dont like Egw it must be becouse u are Rand fanboy, please adress points like how Egwene treat Siuan and Nyn. or how come every AS suddenly become a Moron without any self control so she could be shone as a shining beacon of wydsom in EVERY area of life. (still dont buy an AS going to Ege about how to deal with an Aging warder). yup Egw HAD good scene, and there been situation i (and i believe most of her disliker) rooted for her and even warmed to her. but this situation are the exeption and usually follow by her Usual i'm Ameralin u must obey and all u puny AS i can read u like a book -> obey puppets
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