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  1. i still think it Perrin. but there another option. i always seen Rand/Mat and Perrin as diffrent aspect of the Dragon as a 1 entity splitted into 3 person, the broken wolf can reffer to the Dragon Entity. with 1 part lost (mat) and another part dead(Perrin) the Dragon will fail against the DO (the ultimate tower of midnight) and the dragon falling will couse great despair. notice that in the Dragon i refer NOT to rand , but to the Entity (to my opinion) that is the united 3 Tavern.
  2. " In that day, when the One-Eyed Fool travels the halls of mourning, and the First Among Vermin lifts his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destroy, the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come. Yea, and the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known, shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers. And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself " " men who spoke these were isolated and held alone. The Light must never know of these words. We know of their prophecies, but they will never know all of ours." "But this . . ." she said, rereading the passage. "This says Aybara will die!" "There can be many interpretations of any prophecy," Moridin said. "But yes. This Foretelling promises that Aybara will die by our hand. You will bring me the head of this wolf, Graendal. And when you do, anything you ask shall be yours." He slapped the book closed. "But mark me. Fail, and you will lose what you have gained. And much more. " "i think it the broke wolf prophecy they talk about. u do realise the prohecy had FAILED ? :)) the one eyed foold (obviously Mat) escape the halls of morning (obviously the finn) and it not trapped there as the prophecy proclaim another option is that the broken wolf his Hopper and that he was supposed to turn to an Hell Dog when he die in Dream World a broken wolf ->checked Death has known -> checked consumed by midnight tower -> soul eaten turn to hell dog death bring fear and sorrow -> hell dog influennce on man kind in general
  3. it is mentioned that when rand (i think) see Ruharc and Lan together he estimate them as equally deadly and Couladin gave 2 eyes Mat a a TOUGH fight. btw another good candidate is Loyal -> he hate to fight but i douth many could beat him if he is really angry the way i c it -> number 1 is Mat due to his luck (still remeber how he beat a great lord in Tir by simpky resting his staff over his shoulder) with number 2 position is a close call between Lan /Ruharc /Loyal /Jin (before he died at the Fin) / Perrin in wolf rage / Alias in wolf rage... and there an open slots for an Aial / Ogeir/ Sinchean/ or other local heroes/chars we hadnt met yet
  4. allready posted my theory in 3 will be one thread , but it fit here as well :) personally i think Mat /Perrin and Rand are all part of the dragon i think the LB will be help in 3 dimension: the battle itself under Mat leadership with the horn and the Hero as SUPPORT :) in the DreamWorld where i think Perrin will be the one touching the DO preventing him from breaking out and with the one power as Rand will try to seal the bore from scratch maybe by fighting Morr in the sky again as part of it :) rem the battle in Palm where they have a 2 dimension fight there -> i think the LB will be a more complex battle of that kind
  5. my vote is Perrin a. wolf from obvious reasons :) b. it was told to graendal before she was ordered to kill Perin c. the D.O DONT want to kill Rand , he want to kill Mat and Perrin becouse without them Rand cant win (there a quote about a 3 legged thingy Morridin use , and there the seeing of min about lights against the darkness) d. all of Perrin family Died-> know death e. Perrin is the hearth and will of 2 river who are the remain of Manthhern (sp ??) who was the Epitome of heart and will in its time (an apperently in these times as well)
  6. elric

    silvy ??

    she was leading them TOWARd the TRAP in Tear :)) and i think the one she mentioned looking at the sword is Belal not Rand, my impression of the situation was -> Belal coming to gaze at calendor plotting his revange on DR/glory to come and Silvie getting Egw before she encounter him . Rand at that time had no control over his dreaming (or knowledge what exactly is hapenning -> remember his nearly killing Perin in one of those dreams) and was more buisy fighting traps/nightmare then walking idily and gazing at the sword :)
  7. elric

    silvy ??

    my prob with Lanfear theory is simple: WHY would she help Egw ?? granted Lanfear wasnt bas blood/control, thirsty as the other forsaken , but i c no reason for her to save egw Nakomi on the other hand ... there is quite a similarity strage person who know WAY TO MUCH then expected and aid the hero in a no battley way .
  8. i fear i missed the discussion leading to Stella to be a brown named Martine Janata i always suspected she was a former Amiralin one of the few who been mentioned to been burn/stilled btw: do the slow aging continue even if u are stilled/burn ?
  9. elric

    silvy ??

    thank you i read the serie translated so have no idea how to spell the name correctly sorry about that. so Silvie was Lanfear ?? is it mentioned somewhere ???
  10. in book 2 or 3 (dont rem correctly) Aegwin encounter and old women in the dreamworld at the heart of the stone tat talk to her and then throw her out to save her from danger, does anyone know who she was ???
  11. i have NO DOUTH Morrain wil realise it , and TBH i considared Mor/Nyn cage match as no way to happen -> based more on Mor wisdom and cunning (surrender and or play dead as a valid option :)) ) but i really want to c Nyn reaction :))) she still HATE to admit when she is wrong ;)))) (altough i cant argue she really grown in the last book espaicelly her trial scene , and realising /accepting her true priorities :) )
  12. we dont know what he did but it is strongly underline that he hadnt sit idle polishing his sword till Rand appeard remember that he IS reknown as well as Morrain they had about 20 years together of adventuring gaining quite a reputation together, considering how Morrain is treated in the borderland (as Morrain not as an run of the mill Aas Saday) and before he become a wader Lan did several Years of solo 1 man war on the blight he have a retation of WAGING a doomed war , not a reputation of -> he WAS BORN to wage a doom war.
  13. as far as i understood its not if Lan is 1 of the HoTH but does he deserved to become one. and i believe his acomplishment this lifetime earned him atleast a trial membership :)
  14. Rand / Morain Mat /Tuan rand/Mat/Perin Lan/Morain and a meeting i surprise none mention: Nyneav /Morrain :))) will the wisdom FINALLY admit she dont hate morrain or will the cage match will happen ? :)))
  15. the way i c it the 3 are 1 or more accurately diffrent aspects of the Dragon. rand in the phisical Channeling Aspect , while Perin is the Dream dealing aspect -> notice how fast he become extremly strong in the dream world while mat is the general -> commanding the battle and army the way i predict Perin will hold the dark one in the dream preventing him to go out while Rand will rebuild the prison and Mat will lead the army in the fight
  16. i think it a resounding YES ! best swordman of his era doomed king of a legendary kindom extremly famous -> his name alone can generate an army , not only known by the ayal but given a speicific name by them fighting a grand lost couse mentoring the Dragon Reborn husband and true love of the BEST Aas Saday ever -> healing BOTH stilling and the madness -> Nyneav suppressed any yellow sister in history warder of the Aas Saday who defeated 2 forsaken and currently leading the charge against the Bore what else u want from th man ??? :))
  17. i go with Elric of Melnibone BIG SPOILER ----------------------- ______________________ TU for adding the correct tags -> didnt know how
  18. Benedict Prince of Amber by far a spoiler alert (minor one)
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