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  1. Maybe he was in TAR? If she had stepped out of the dream world instead of using a gateway to avoid setting off the traps. Snatch Asmo, yank him into TAR and balefire him there. That would fulfil the "where" and the "how". Perhaps he can't reach a soul from dream land.
  2. HA! Yeah, I get it. But, did the Creator make it that way or was it the only way he could create? Did he put the DO there purposely or because it was the best He could do? I think of it like matter and anti-matter. They can't exist together without annihilating each other. Therefore, one must be kept seperate from the other. Once they make contact...boom. Oblivion. RJ had a background in physics, so maybe this isn't that far from what he was thinking.
  3. Metaphysically speaking the DO is the flip side of the same coin as the creator. The creator can't directly intervene as it would involve releasing the dark one as well. Therefore he uses proxies. Also there's the matter of "free will" that would imply that if humanity is to be saved, it must be worth saving via their own actions. That's my two cents worth, anyway. Or maybe no cents. Haha. See what I did there?
  4. I still think it would be nice to see Hawkwing himself tell the empire to get in line with Rand. Scene goes something like Rand asking for their help. Fortuonanana says no. Mat says "let's settle this right now". Toots on the horn, Arty appears and tells her straight up. "Dragon, kneel and ask politely. Tuon, do what he says".
  5. If someone else opened a gateway from a distance to inside her room, would that be felt? I don't know who her accomplice in a break out would be, but it might explain things.
  6. They will get killed. Birgette will snuff Hanlon. Elaine will capture Shiaine, but will get killed during the attack. Now taking bets.
  7. Let's just hope it's not something completely mundane. And knowing how RJ was, I'd say a strip club is more likely than a strip mall. Just sayin..
  8. Yes. Because they are linked to the dragon. As his fight against Ishamael waxed and waned so did theirs. Hmmm...
  9. I could also see it being a big deal if the forces of the DO have killed a bunch of the heroes in T-Rond and when Mat blows it like 30 show up or something. Well, if it's for a localized event, even one or two might make a difference... BTW, What exactly are the properties of the heroes when called by the horn? Are they invincible? Can they be killed or banished back to TAR?
  10. I don't think it's "needed" anymore. An unused plot device left on the shelf too long, perhaps. One way it might still prove useful, or even needed, is if it's used to save the life of someone critical to the light winning. It would have to be used on a small, tactical scale. It has to make an apparence, but I think it will be only for Mat's advantage (and everyone else by transitive) in a localized event.
  11. Maybe it is possible to "sever" yourself as opposed to "burning out" completely. Like cataracts in the eye, blindness can restored. Eye poked out, different story. See what I'm getting at?
  12. I agree that it cannot be healed. Being Burned Out is akin to Rand losing his hand. A piece is missing that can't be regrown. Being severed is different. I think anyway.
  13. Didn't RJ say something along the lines of "If I have to tell you what that means, then you don't need to know"...
  14. I can't wait for the "How it Should Have Ended" version on YouTube.
  15. I think it means salvation vs glory in the sense that the horn shouldn't/can't be used for personal gain. The person sounding the horn must be doing so for the "greater good".
  16. Say he is. Try convincing the empire of that. Not a chance. Besides, the seeds would have to already have been planted. I think Mat's connection to the empire is all the plot required.
  17. I want to see scenes with some actuall CHANNELING! It's been a few books since we've seen some bad ass weaves flung at each other. Lots and lots of new, blow your mind channeling. It's become so off handedly done recently. "Narishma, a gateway please. " "Sulu, three to beam up" And none of that namby pamby Harry/Voldemort dueling garbage. I want massive weaves on a massive scale. Slice em, dice em, burn em, vaporize em. Wholesale, superhero power slinging. Edit: And pillow friends make a return too. Maybe a couple of pages.
  18. Hmm. All good thoughts. January. So close yet so far.
  19. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how the Horn plays out in the end. It doesn't seem to have much going for it besides a hundred or so heroes, in the scope of things.. What role will it play? Seal Team 6 spec ops heroes? A diversion tactic? I doubt they could turn the tide of the coming war, but maybe they could turn the tide of a battle. Camelyn?
  20. I would think ignoring Hawkwing himself would lower her eyes if any other of the blood were around. Or perhaps obeying him would. Hard to say with their Klingon sense of honor.
  21. I consider it just possible that Rand IS Hawkwing's rightful heir.. That just gave me an idea. Galad is Rand's 1/2 bro. Galad is getting with Berelain.... etc, etc. To continue this hijack: what would happen if Mat blew the horn with Tuon around and Hawkwing appeared and ordered her tiny highness to do what the Dragon says?
  22. At the very ending, Rand realizes Callandor is actually the Sword of Truth and creates a new planet for them all to live on, and they all give the DO the finger as they walk thru a glowing archway... But seriously, I think Perrin will die. Let's hope Brandon didn't like his wife any more than most of us.
  23. I'm wondering if any of these occurrences, such as iron turning soft etc, happened in the AOL? It's never said outright, but wouldn't similar things have happened then? And if so, wouldn't some of those sayings and oaths we have currently come from the passing down of those tales over time?
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