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  1. Look for Julian May's series. First trilogy is the Pliocene Exile, book one is "The Many Colored Land". Stick with it. It gets awesome. I think its a 10 book series divided into two trilogies and a whatever a four bookilogoy is called.
  2. ^^^^. I like that. Yes, indeed, that could happen.
  3. Could it be possible that by the time of the attack, the tower will be largely empty anyway? This would force the Seanchan to follow them to TG and wind up facing hordes of shadowspawn instead of the Aes Sedai. The AS might have to liberate the WT afterwards, but perhaps if they end up fighting on the same side BECAUSE of the planned attack, it may change the perspective of the Empire.
  4. Was Min in on the secret of her identity at that point? Or even now? Can't remember. We know that her "viewings" are always of the future, never of the past. One thing that I don't think was ever answered was: are the "aura's"(not viewings she knows the meaning of) she sees and the visions that go with them about the future, or just about that person's life thread. The "auras" maybe consist of the past as well. But it is most likely as you said, she is seeing the many many futures of Birgitte in a glance. I say it could land either way. Either as I postulated (death, born very soon afterward naturally, now younger than Cain), or it could mean that for this cycle she will be the elder. Either way, I suppose the important thing is that they are together in life.
  5. Not to convolute it any further, but I always assumed the viewing was in a state of temporal flux due to Cain already being born, but Min's vision pertains to the future where she will be younger. Hence the sometimes older sometimes younger part of the vision.
  6. Maybe I'm not reading it right, but I see nothing in Min's viewing that would make my scenario impossible. What am I missing? The fact that Min sees she will be older than Gaidal. If she were to die and return to Tel'aran'rhiod and then be born the normal way, she would be younger than him just like she always has been. But she sees him as both older AND younger. It doesn't state unequivocally that she WILL be older than him. I'm not seeing where it is not possible for her to be born again and have her viewing be invalid.
  7. Maybe I'm not reading it right, but I see nothing in Min's viewing that would make my scenario impossible. What am I missing?
  8. Rand seems pretty unconcerned for her, as I recall. He would know thru the bond if she was in pain/being tortured. It's possible he may not say anything about it, but I doubt he would keep it to himself.
  9. So why is impossible for Birgitte to die normally and be born normally in the near future so that she's the proper age relative to Cain?
  10. They met in Salidar and in Caemlyn "Winter's Heart: A Lily in Winter." [WH: 12, A Lily in Winter, 296-297] BIRGITTE: "Auras danced around her and images flickered, more than Min had ever seen around anyone, thousands it seemed, cascading over one another… she was certain they indicated more adventures than a woman could have in one lifetime. Strangely, some were connected to an ugly man who was older than she, and others to an ugly man who was much younger, yet somehow Min knew they were the same man." All I could find. Doesn't reveal much.
  11. Why does Corele smile and tap her nose...
  12. The other evidence is the new chapter heading image first seen in The Gathering Storm, chapter 26 (and soon after, chapter 28: Night in Hinderstap). The new image is Age Lace unraveling. Ya but is that the dark one's touch or a vague hint at balefire effects. I don't know, but I'd think we'd have been given a bit more than that to go on. Dunno
  13. I don't even know if they've met
  14. Who ever said (sorry, too lazy to search and quote on my iPhone) something about Birgette dying in AMoL and being naturally reborn afterward, thus making her younger than Cain like she should be, was proabably on the right track IMO.
  15. Is it possible that Cads had something to do with Allana's break out? I don't have a hard copy of the book to reference, but do any of her statements say outright that she had no knowledge of this(Allana leaving Tear)? With the oaths in place, it would have to be a pretty straight forward statement. Quotes anyone?
  16. I doubt we will see leashes come off in this book. Maybe that's what the outriggers would have encompassed. It would take a major cultural mind shift for that to happen. Perhaps that's why, in Avi's version of the future, Tuon is no longer empress.. Regardless, Moiraine or anyone else who can channel would be collared. Mat probably could not stop that even. So I doubt she will go anywhere near the Seanchan.
  17. So, anyway. Back on topic. Is there any evidence that he has ever balefired things at the dark one's command? I don't recall anything that has implied that. I always took it as a "how far will you go for me" question. I suppose a re-read with that in mind might show something, but I don't believe he has been out zapping threads. The oddities we see are normal evil type stuff from the bore widening. If Dem had been out burning the pattern, I would think we would at least get some "I saw you die, but here you are. I must be crazy" type remarks from characters. (or other mis remembrances from balefire effects). And I can't think of any examples to support that.
  18. I doubt she will go with Mat though. Just a hunch. She needs to be with Rand.
  19. Rand hadn't spoken about inverted weaves at that point. Rand knew about inverted weaves since Asmo started teaching him. (But what point are you referring too) Did he? I'm talking about when they make the trip to Caemlyn to kill Rahvin. I was talking about inverted gateway INTO Allana's room. Could that be felt?
  20. Ok. So he can. He still wouldn't have revived Asmo anyway. Right?
  21. Wow. Super wall of quotations. I won't quote but refer to my previous post, which was not quoted in its entirety. Balefire CAN NOT be ressurected. Regardless of distance. And Ishy being in Tear, which is further from Camelyn, proves that a non balefire death can be undone from that distance. I'm proposing that the statement of both HOW and WHERE being important suggests that either A) balefire wasn't used to kill Asmo AND the location of his death made ressurection impossible (see TAR theory above) or B) Balefire was used and the WHERE is a place in time, not space (place on the tread of his life)
  22. I'm not sure the distance part works since Ishamael was in Tear and got res'd. But he wasn't balefired. RJ said it was not one or the other, but both. Yes. I was only pointing out that distance may not be a factor. And no one who's been balefired has come back from the dead. What I was poorly trying to say is that if it has to be BOTH, then the method was not balefire. I'm proposing that anyone who enters TAR in the flesh is subject to death beyond normal death, the final death as Hopper would put it. So the how (being yanked into TAR and killed by any means) and the where (TAR) could be symantically the same.
  23. I'm not sure the distance part works since Ishamael was in Tear and got res'd. But the amount of balefire would make sense if it only burned Asmo back a few milliseconds. Unless the dark one was waiting and ready to pounce on his soul, assuming the DO even wanted him brought back to life. He was a traitor after all. Edit: but isn't it confirmed that not even the lord of the grave can reach back in time? And didn't Moridin confirm the only way to keep a forsaken dead was balefire?
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