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  1. I can't imagine my life without Wheel of Time, and DM too. I joined DM in 2003, and that was right as I started High School. It got me through those horrible teen years, and now as an adult, it still fills my life while my husband is deployed. I also love Stormlight Archive! I have reread The Way of Kings so many times, I might be obsessed.
  2. There is more to DM than just RP and the Social Groups, chuckles! There is also discussion.
  3. Chapter Eight : Goddess, Save Me As Eleanor walked down the hallway towards the dining room with a cool smile on her lips, she felt her stomach instead twisting and turning. Of all the things that she needed to be doing right now, having lunch with the three suitors was not one of them. There were Lords to meet with, and petitioners to listen to. She had more reports from Bromaric on the death of the King, and she even wanted to spend a few moments with her father while he was still alive. She knew that as Queen her time would always be precious, but not even having a moment’
  4. *kicks youtube* I started uploading the video last night when I went to bed... still at 75%. I'm going to just get Harriet's reading up, as that is the BIG one that I think needs to be shown in the report.
  5. From the album: Charleston AMoL Book Signing

    Courtesy of Amy Romanczuk
  6. From the album: Charleston AMoL Book Signing

    Courtesy of Amy Romanczuk
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