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  1. *butt humps Mommy and Mentor*

    Because I loves you both.

  2. 800 Messages decreased to 190. Amazing. Now to start responding to the 13 new ones I have...

  3. Bah! Silly Puppys!

    1. Asha'man Cair Mandarb

      Asha'man Cair Mandarb

      This one has returned! =]


    2. Christine


      GOOD! You have been MIA.

  4. Does my work ever end?

    1. Shauna


      You are not a bad influence to anyone

  5. February Sign In is up.

  6. Gone for a few days. Too sick to do anything. PM me if you need something.

  7. Haha I haven't gotten to it yet, had to deal with new Marines coming in so my house is filled with kids, but you are getting raised!

  8. Helllllllooooooooo?

    1. ThorkinBarrimore


      Welcome back. We have cool things in the Crafters. :)

  9. I just want to go home to Japan...

  10. If anyone is looking for me and notices I am being a little less active this week, apologies. I am packing for Japan, have my ailing grandmother visiting, writing two papers (8pg and 12pg), currently teaching WT/DM class, and working with Eli on Wolfkin Stuffs. I am just a dabble of busy this week!

  11. My Butt Loves You!

  12. My husband just got home from his deployment, so if I act semi retarded the next week, it is because I am currently drunk off love. I can finally see his wonderful face again and talk to him for more than 30 seconds every few days!!!

  13. Nature Week Starts Friday!!!!!!!

  14. OMG I am rubbing off onto my Elgee! You just said y'all!

  15. One of those nights where I can't sleep. The closer we come to deployment, the harder it is for me to sleep....

  16. People need to stop posting so fast! I can't catch up!

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    2. Aiel Heart

      Aiel Heart

      You must be busy--you haven't checked the thread with your name as a title in a while. OC's threatening me! :P

    3. Asha'man Cair Mandarb

      Asha'man Cair Mandarb

      Where oh where has christine been? ...or am I not active enough anymore? lol

    4. Aiel Heart

      Aiel Heart

      You're not on enough. Plus Christine's been not feeling good the last couple of weeks

  17. PLEASE! Do you see me being responsible? NO!

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