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  1. OOC: Way to take my idea, Q! :P :D :-* Her ears perked up as the Tairen girl announced herself. A Tairen noble? From her tone, she seemed about as pleased to be here as Allri was. Except more angry. Much more angry. She would have to talk to this girl later when they had the chance. Maybe between them and a similar motive, they could get out of this Light Forsaken place. Allri tried her best to ignore the Accepted. From the snatches she heard, it was the same thing she had been taught by Solia Sedai. It didn't matter who it came from. She didn't want to channel. She squeezed her eyes shut as tightly as possible and covered her head with her arms. Block out the blasphemy. It was all blasphemy against the Light. The Light and the Creator. Catching glimpses of the instructions, she gathered that the other fool girls were trying that flower exercise. She shuddered. Twice now she had embraced the One Power. For the short time she felt it, it did feel like new life. That is why she should not touch it. It was the Creator's alone, not hers. Peeking out between her arms, she saw Jerenia looking at her with the oddest of looks. She gave off a squeak and buried her head further into her arms. Allrianne Viventi Not making it easy on Jerenia
  2. Heather meandered about the front of the Citadel, loaf of bead caught in her mouth with three more she was hugging in her arms. They were still warm from the oven. The chefs got along well with her, so she got to pinch extra food. Of course if they didn't let her, she would lurk outside the window looking hungry until they gave her something, but that was irrelevant and completely beside the point. She could out-eat many of the men, and she always seemed to be hungry. The medics always marveled at her "amazing metabolism", whatever that meant. She peered around. Hmmm, now where is Saira? That girl needs to eat more. she thought to herself. She began her meander once again and suddenly stopped when she saw two men coming in the gate. New recruits, perhaps? her eyes lit up and she tried to greet them. 'Tried' because her teeth were still clutching a fresh loaf. She quickly ripped it out with a not very free hand and chewed as fast as she could. I wonder why it always takes longer to chew your food when you're in a hurry. Swalloing, she greeted them once more. "Hi! Welcome to the Band of the Red Hand! May I interest you in a bread roll?" she said extending one of the un-bitten loaves towards the duo. Heather al'Morris As blond as she seems
  3. Allri sat nervously at Solia's prodding. The Blue was very persuasive. Larindhra Sedai handed her a cup of strong smelling tea with a faint smell of pears. She eyed the tea as suspiciously as possible and decided not to drink it. It could be poisoned for all she knew. These Aes Sedai could be up to anything. They likely wanted her dead. The right time was all they were waiting for. She quietly began to give her opinion of Aes Sedai. "Aes Sedai are horrible minions to the Dark One. They use the One Power, something that humans should not do. By using it, you prove you are Darkfriends. Anyone who sympathizes with Aes Sedai must also be Darkfriends. Channeling the One Power is forbidden to those who walk in the Light, for it is the Creator's to use." She continued. "I am no Darkfriend. I walk in the Light." her voice was slowly getting stronger, but it was barely out of a whisper. "I do not wish to channel. I do not wish to be one of your accursed 'Sisters'." She finished, then her face began to crack. Tears formed on the side of her eyes. She broke. Her forehead slammed right down onto the solid desk with a loud thump accompanying her ferocious sobs. Her fists landed beside her knocking her cup of tea over, spilling the boiling hot contents onto her arm and the left side of her face. She felt the pain and welcomed it. She deserved it for being able to touch the One Power, something she knew to be the Dark One's work. The embrace of pain was suddenly accompanied by a light. She embraced it as well, assuming it to be something else. The joy of life filled her for just a few seconds. To a trained channeler, the glow of saidar would have appeared around her just briefly before winking out. Her head shot up off the desk, eyes wide. She gave off a bone-chilling shriek of terror. Allrianne Viventi Hates her life OOC: Yes, that was her block in action. ;D She can only touch it when she feels pain...but she hates it. ;D Have fun, Elgee.
  4. Heather gawked at the book and the awkward ramblings. Honestly, she didn't know much more than they and she had no better ideas. She had heard of it from family and friends back around Baerlon. Apparently it was something they used for competitions and hunting, but no one had ever taught it to her. "I suppose maybe staring at the fire could work. They do have a certain thing about them that makes you lose yourself. Now where can we find a fire?" She pondered and saw a group of men around a small fire a short way off. "Ah, let's see if we can go stare at their fire!" Heather al'Morris As blonde as she seems
  5. Disappointment showed across Ikki's face as his distractions were easily shook off and his shield cut. The Storm Leader had certainly earned his title. He quickly wove a shield laced heavily with Water to block the plethora of fireballs flying his direction. They bounced off easily and Ikki was engrossed with what Covai was weaving. It was a deadly looking weave, altered to be strong, but inaccurate. His mind raced to find a clever idea. However, it was coming too fast. He merely rolled out of the way, kicking up a small cloud of dust as a meager attempt at cover. Picking himself up, he quickly plotted his next move. He dotted the area around Covai with various wards, many which would give him a strong electric shock when entered. Weaving fire, he sent a swarm of fiery darts towards his target, then wove a band of air around Covai's ankle and pulled upward, hoping to turn him upside down.
  6. Allri gave off a shriek as the other girl touched her. She did -not- like channeling women to touch her. Nevertheless, she was guided into the room. She rather felt like puking, but she managed to hold it in. "My name? It's...Allrianne." She sheepishly replied as she watched the Accepted sitting behind the desk as if it were a poisonous snake.
  7. Allrianne shrank as the other novice stared at her. It was the most unnerving stare she had ever seen from anyone not full Aes Sedai. The girl put her hand on the knob. "You had better go in first." Allri's eyes went wide and she swallowed hard. She gave a hoarse whispered "No, it's a trap. Those witches want to kill me. You go first."
  8. OOC: I'm just clarrifying this. So from Terra's view, Sammy comes down with a big circle and a horde of Trollocs and start to bash into the Ashies. Shortly after, Semi pops in with a cluster of dreadies and make another big circle and the Ashies start retreating. Terra goes all knife in the back and pwns them as they retreat and kills Kassian. Terra gets sucked into a circle and they all Travel to the main battlefield where the current forces are at a stalemate. Is this correct?
  9. "But I don't want to channel! I walk in the Light!" "We all do, child, but you are still going to to learn how to channel. Hurry up, or you'll be late for your first class." The brutish-looking Accepted hurried Allrianne along the hallways to the class. The only reason Allrianne moved was because she didn't want one of these witches to touch her. There was another girl in whites identical to her own standing at the door. She walked up next to her and looked every bit as disgusted and nervous as she felt. The Accepted gave the other Novice a quick "Make sure she goes in." before trotting off. She eyed the girl nervously before they went in. Allrianne Viventi Emo girl
  10. She accepted the handkerchief gratefully and cleaned her mouth off. Not knowing what to do with it, she stuffed it into her pouch. She could find uses for it later. She followed Jagen to a seanstress she assumed to be from Tarabon. They had such a ridiculous accent, it was hard to follow the conversation at times. She saw the material and it caught her eyes. That shade of red was gorgeous. She made a mental note to visit this seamstress once she was Aes Sedai. Jagen Sedai bought some new slippers and a few other odds and ends for Jasmyne to pack around. She didn't mind it all that much. Largely because it was nice and pretty things she got to admire while carrying. They came back to the Tower when it was just getting dark and she carried the load to Jagen's room and dropped them off. "Thank you very much for the lessons, Jagen Sedai, and for the outing. Good day." She bobbed a quick curtsy and was off. OOC: Thanks Jagen! You rock my socks off! ;D
  11. Ageless faces. Great Serpent rings. Shawls. The Flame of Tar Valon. White Dresses. Banded dresses. All were things she had been taught to hate since she was old enough to hate. The Blue she was with, Solia, nearly had to push her through the doors of the White Tower. Allrianne felt like crawling out of her skin being around so many women who could channel. Many were novices in their spotless white dresses, but there were handfuls of Aes Sedai here and there. Too many for her taste. Any were too much. Solia guided her down a maze of hallways. A smart Aes Sedai. Had she been leading, Allrianne would have surely bolted for the door. The door out to be specific. They approached a very large, intricate door and Solia Sedai stopped to give Allri a few "reminders". "Now child, no unnecessary crying, no cursing of Aes Sedai, no whining about wanting to die rather than channel, no digging your fingernails into your arms, and certainly no tantrums." She knocked on the sturdy door and went in without waiting for a reply. "Good day, Larindhra. I have a girl for your novice books. The heir to House Viventi no less. I have tested her myself and taught her how to embrace the Source, but she only accomplished that once." Allrianne shuddered recalling that horrid memory. The witch was talking about her like one would a trophy. "She appears to have made a block of sorts out of her Whitecloak teachings, so she might need some work done on her. And be sure to keep her away from knives. Her emotions are very unstable and I've caught her many times abusing herself, attempting to take her own life, and trying to run away." All the while, Larindhra had not been able to get a word in edgewise. Allrianne Viventi The test of Larindhra's patience
  12. Ikki pondered as Covai spoke. It all made sense, but one part in particular struck him. You'll need to become a blade for the Dragon before you can become a tonic for a healer. He imagined himself as a sword. He saw the handle, wrapped in leather. He saw the blade, sharpened to perfection. Then he saw the hilt. A thought ran through his mind. Every sword has a hilt. Comparing it to the Black Tower as a whole, he was that hilt. The stronger men were the blade, doing all the damage. There were men like the M'hael and Covai himself who were the handle, directing the blade. And then there was the hilt, protecting the hand that wields it. He was the hilt. Ikki mentally prepared to attack. He had heard the legendary skill at dueling Covai possessed. Examining the possibilities, he embraced the Source. Ice and fire rushed through his body and he wove. Dazzling displays of light, much like an Illuminator's firworks, launched at Covai. Thunderclaps sounded around him. The ground shook around the Storm Leader and it started to rain. In hopes of disorienting Covai, he wove Fire and earth and the ground erupted in showers of fire and dirt before trying to shield the man.
  13. Terra let herself be lead to her rooms. They were very dark, but she didn't mind. She was happy with any form of roof over her head. She was too tired to channel, so she felt her way to her bed and fell into a deep sleep. The next morning she found her way into the mess hall after many stops for directions. She ate and found a quiet place to practice channeling. Days later, she clumsily found her way to the library where Liadin would be waiting. Sure enough, she was there. She gave an awkward curtsy before speaking. "Good morning, Mistress Liadin. I have practiced all week."
  14. OOC: Terra infiltrated Kassian's group and is going to stab them in the back once they start retreating from the big circles the Forsaken are supposed to be leading. Tig made a storm that Arath was going to have Aslan stop. (Did he mention that to you?)
  15. Meli's train of thought was derailed by the Tinker's grand speech. It was rather captivating. The man certainly had a way with words and was gifted as a speaker. She even found herself tearing up close to the end. Wonder swept over her as balls of fire flew across the sky in a dazling display of light. She hurriedly pulled out her notebook and scribbled down hundreds of notes on everything. Not just on the meteors, but everything. She had planned on making notes of the whole ceremony, but had been distracted by the excitement of it all. Every so often, she would peer up to look at more heavenly bodies with their celestial tails, then scribbled down more notes. She had no doubt that right now, Jerenia was trying to figure out how to duplicate this effect. Melianna Hollmen Needs more paper ~**~ Terra was joined by all the others coming from the Fortress at her fire, as well as a strange girl with the most peculiar accent. She had never heard it before in her life. She looked the girl over and made note of her accent and appearance. Might make a nice disguise. "Hey... Nice evening, isn't it?" Terra blinked. Yes, that had to be the most absurd accent she had ever heard. She responded in her raspy voice. "Yes, it's very nice. I do wish it were a bit warmer and slightly more humid, but this isn't too bad." She resumed to her fire gazing and didn't hear a word of the Tinker's speech. However, when the show in the sky began, it gained her full attention. It was a spectacular sight. For as long as they fell, the falling stars held her attention. Terra Cyrene Likes pretty things ~**~ The Twins listened to the Tinker with little interest. When he was done, Zari whispered to his sister "That do be but a bunch of hogwash, right Zela?" Zela burst out laughing before she responded through tears eyes. "Yes, that it do be." When the meteors started to fall, they stood with mouths wide open. "Zari?" "Yes, Zela?" "Do you see that?" "Yes, I do." "It do be so pretty." "Aye, it do be." They leapt into the celebrations when they started. They were always up for some fun. And there was never enough food to feed these two. Zari and Zela Twinsies!
  16. Ikki busied himself Healing minor injuries to a few other Asha'man near him. Most of it was hardly worthwhile, but he needed to keep his mind off the battlefield. It was a sickening sight and the smell was worse. He finished Healing the small cut on a Solider's arm and looked out across the cesspit of a field. Other Dedicated and Asha'man were out resetting traps in all sorts of deadly forms. he was tempted to make a thick layer of wards around himself so that they wouldn't be able to come near him, but doing that would likely get him in trouble. Mainly it would prove him a coward. He had to stay strong for this. Ikki Dedicated ~**~ Tigara swore under his breath. Those Asha'man were better than he expected. That first wave was decimated with them taking but a few injuries. This was a perfect example of why you test your enemies strength before launching your full attack. A tall Domani Dreadlady approached him. She was very beautiful, but he knew her to be very cold. Shana was dangerous indeed. "Tigara, it seems we have a formidable enemy in front of us. I think it would be wise for us to link for this battle." Tigara nodded as he let himself be pulled into a circle. He liked linking with a single woman best. It gave him control of the circle. He filled himself with the One Power through himself as well as Shara, wielding saidin and saidar. Inverting the weave, he sent massive amounts of Air, Fire, and Water into the hazy clouds overhead the ranks of the black coats. The massive clouds thickened and rolled furiously. A massive downpour signaled dozens of lighting bolts to fall down on the ranks. It was unfortunate he could not see them from where he was. He enjoyed seeing people die. Tigara Kazim Dreadlord ~**~ Terra snuck into the Asha'man ranks while part of them ran off to the city, when no one was paying attentio to who was joining as long as they were in a matching Black Coat. She laughed softly to herself at the naivety of these fool men. She hung near the back with her ability to channel masked and her Mask of Mirrors tied off. Nothing to see, just a simple Tairen Soldier of middle age. But she had to wait. She couldn't go spoiling her cover by killing now. Once they were attacked in the city, then would she have her fun. Terra Cyrene Sneaksy
  17. Of course he hadn't heard it. He rarely told it because the subject rarely came up. "Well, I was born crippled, totally unable to use my legs. I was like that for many of my younger years, so I took to reading. I was about 12 when an Aes Sedai came to Mayene. She was Yellow Ajah and from what I heard, she always went around Healing whoever she could. I was brought to see her and she fixed my legs up so I could walk. I still wasn't very strong, but I could walk. " Ikki paused a minute before continuing. "I suppose that's a large part of why I have so much trouble with running laps. Even after I could walk, I had grown so used to being indoors and studying that I didn't care to change. I kept that up for over ten years before I came here."
  18. Basic Information Handle : Hadassah Character Count : 0 Contact : Yotsuba123@gmail.com Character Information Name: Name: Kembial din Maris of Clan Rossaine Age: 16 Nationality: Atha'an Miere (Sea Folk) Appearance Hair: Kembial's black hair is curly, but short; brushed out it'd hang just past her shoulders.. There's a few beaded braids within the dark locks. Eyes: Dark Green Skin: Extremely dark.. Height: 5'5 Voice: A quiet alto. Usually very soft, but she lifts her voice when she wants to make it clear she heard your order the first time. Other: She has a few tattoos on her arms of Sea Folk design, indicating her clan and line. Optional Special Skills: Kembial has an talent for figuring out rank. Years of being on a Atha'an Miere ship has honed her instinct to pick out who's in charge of a group. Always helpful to know where your orders are coming from. Knowledge Weakness: Physical Weakness: Kembial is something of a klutz on land, though she's not falling-over incapable of walking. Dresses make no sense and only get in the way. Why can't she wear trousers? Personality weakness: She's got a prejudice against the landbound, because they just don't get it. Reminding her that she herself is landbound at present will result in a sulky silence. Personality Sixteen, going on twenty five. Kembial acts older than her age, or tries to, because that was how she was raised. Responsibility and duty are bywords for her, and 'workaholic' could be added to that as well. She'll almost always be found doing something productive, and tends to look down on those that seem to go through life in search of nothing but fun. However, she's sixteen. She doesn't always get that right, and sometimes she will screw up. Badly. History Before the White Tower got hold of Kembial, her world was the sea. Her home was the decks of the Sea Folk skimmer Wavestar, which plied its trade along the long coastline of the mainland. Like all of her people, she was born and raised on the water. Most Atha'an Miere took pride in never once setting foot on solid ground in their lives; Kembial shared that conceit, spiced with a fair amount of disdain for the land peoples. Even their best sailors could never know what it was like to truly be a son or daughter of the ocean. The sea was in her blood; *was* her blood. While her five-years-elder sister Siamal was apprenticed to the ship Windfinder (which brought much honor to the line) her parents were both sailors of the middle rank. Kembial followed in their footsteps. As tradition and common sense demanded, she started out as a deckgirl when the Sailmistress decided she was of age and strong enough to claim that first set of earrings. As she grew, Kembial developed the famed Sea Folk grace from learning to walk on pitching decks in the roughest of storms. She grew in strength thanks to years of handling heavy ropes and sails. She learned the basics of navigation, showing a talent for art and mapping. However, while sailing skills were encouraged, the most important thing any Atha'an Miere learned was discipline and sense of rank: when one that outranked you gave a command, you did your duty without asking for anything other than clarification. And maybe not even that. That instinctual behavior would come in handy when Kembial's life was unexpectedly uprooted. The Wavestar had put into port at Illian, and Kembial was among those given shore duty, much to her dismay. There was nothing for it, though; orders were orders and a person of the Sea Folk was nothing if they didn't follow orders. So she and a gaggle of deckhands drifted behind the cargomaster, quietly doing his bidding as he haggled his way through what seemed like tons of dried goods and wine for the trips ahead. That's when she saw the Aes Sedai, standing there as obvious as the sun. Like the rest of the men and women moving about the pier she found something else to concentrate on as the gray-shawled woman went about her business; no one wanted one of the White Tower women getting interested in any of their doings. Even if everything was completely above the board and lawful, you never knew what an Aes Sedai might say about it. The Cargomaster directed the deckhands to a palletful of sacks of grain that needed to be taken back to the ship, and they were in the process of getting it shifted when Kembial heard a "Child? What is your name?" coming from the general direction of the Aes Sedai. The young woman assumed she was speaking to someone else, and continued to lift and haul. Suddenly, her path was obstructed by the Aes Sedai. "I said," the woman went on, voice mild as if speaking about the weather, "What is your name? Child." She folded her arms, and looked at Kembial expectantly. She seemed a bit annoyed. Only a bit. "I -uhm...." The girl didn't take her eyes off that ring, feeling as if the serpent coiled there was ready to spring if she said the slightest thing wrong. "My...apologies. Kembial din Maris of clan Rossaine, Aes Sedai." Her hand didn't quite shake as she made the ritual salute, hand to heart. At least Kembial hoped not. "Hmph. You say only what I ask, and nothing more," the Aes Sedai said, nodding. "And you understand politeness. An excellent start." The dark-haired woman smiled thinly, then eyed the Cargomaster as he came up to see what was wrong. "Is this your girl?" she asked, before he had the chance to say a word. The Cargomaster glanced from the Aes Sedai to the young deckhand. "That she is," he replied evenly. "One of our deckhands. What do you wish from her, Aes Sedai?" "Mirelle Aes Sedai," the ageless woman corrected him. "I would like to take this one to the Tower. She has much potential in her." Kembial nearly dropped the bag of grain she was holding right on her toes. "I do hope that she will be allowed to collect some things and bid farewell to her parents, before she is taken away?" the Cargomaster asked, after a moment. The Aes Sedai allowed that much, clearly pleased that there would be little to no protest. "I do have business to attend to, but I'm sure you can have the child ready in an hour. She will be taken to Tar Valon immediately." "Certainly, Mirelle Sedai." The cargomaster gave the ageless woman a salute then motioned to the stunned deckgirl. "Go back to the ship, Kembial, inform the Sailmistress, and get yourself ready for your journey." All Kembial could do was stumble back to the only home she'd ever known, speechless. In the blink of an eye she had been traded like a pound of wool at market. Back on board, over a quickly heated goblet of wine to numb the shock, the quickly-informed Sailmistress reminded her why this had to be done: so the Aes Sedai could never know the Windfinder secret, or look at the Atha'an Miere too closely. As it was, Aes Sedai of the clans were fairly rare, but it was enough – had to be enough - to keep the Tower satisfied. Kembial could have protested. But she knew her duty to her Sailmistress, to her ship, and to her people...and closest to her heart, her sister. The secret of the Windfinders could *not* be made known to the Aes Sedai. So instead of running, she stayed. She submitted, and was taken off to Tar Valon within the hour, just as the Aes Sedai had promised.
  19. Do you know what the problem with forests is? Every part of it looks like another part you just went through. Storm Leader Covai had told Ikki to meet him in the south forest. He hadn't been any more specific than that, which was rather unhelpful. he had been meandering about for quite a while, unable to find any trace of the Storm Leader. He nearly jumped out of his skin as some very cold water fell on his head. Arms flailing, he embraced the Source by reflex, then heard a voice. "Hey, up here!" He peered up to see Covai standing on a branch quite a ways up the tree. You knew something was wrong when you find Storm Leaders up in trees. Something very wrong. Like the fact he was expected to climb the tree. He could not recall a time when he had to climb a tree, nor would he have voluntarily. His first few futile attempts got him nowhere, so he cut himself hand and footholds in the tree with razors of air. He still had no skill at climbing, but he managed to make it up. He settled on a branch and Covai started to talk. It was an odd topic which turned into awkward as Covai looked Ikki right in the eye. "Why do you want to be an Asha'man? Are you here because you're afraid of the taint? Do you seek power? Or is there something you want to protect?" He had never really thought about that before. It has more or less been thrust upon him. "I never really thought about it. I suppose the Taint has something to do with it. I suppose I'm here to help people, to be a Guardian, as our name says. I would really love to Heal people, as the Aes Sedai that Healed me did." OOC: This is before the Sheinar RP so he can be raised as a result of it, if that's ok.
  20. *blink blink* Sorry, I forgot to check that before I called it done. Sowwy Elgee. I'll get on it asap and just embellish or something.
  21. And there's even a little male sign above my avy! *shakes head and sighs* Welcome to the Tower! ;D
  22. Actually, I just read a part where Tiana was telling Romanda that many new novices were excelling in the new Healing weave, while many other Yellows had trouble.
  23. Kara's Adalia for the CotL posted too and is also at the North Fire
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