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  1. Irritation was the only thing Tigara felt as one, puny Asha'man undid the storm he made while linked with a woman. He could feel Shana's irritation as well, but much of it was directed at him. He decided to hold off and collect a few more members to his circle before trying again. They would come, he was sure of it. Those not linked with Sammael in the city would be in his general area. They knew Rebecca was further down the hills, supposed to be sabotaging wards. Terra was infiltrating the Asha'man. Which ones, he was not sure, but she could take care of herself. Arcon was in the city. He had no idea where M'bela was. Likely in Arafel, but who knows. Then there was Raven. He was just a short ways east of him, but he didn't want to link with that man. Few did, for knowing his thoughts has turned out to be a horrifying experience. He certainly had issues, but not even he knew why. Rumors speculated trauma or amnesia, but no one could say for sure. Dreadlords and ladies alike made their way to the circle. No one was contesting his control of the circle. He was a adept weaver and was respected by many. By the time the blue fire rained from the sky over Fal Moran, his circle consisted of 15 women and 9 men including himself. 24 in all. It wasn't bad considering the amount of people in the city. He began to march south, where the Asha'man had camped. It was time for another thunderstorm. Taking all he could from his circle, he wove another thunderstorm. The clouds turned the most ominous shade of black and rolled with ferocity. Then he noticed other flows of saidin being woven into the clouds and lightning was falling. It wasn't his lighting! They neared the top of the hill when everything went white and a roar of power seared the top of the hill, killing a dreadlord and two dreadladies, plus injuring a half dozen others. "What in the name of the Great lord was that?!" he semi-yelled as he continued the march. Now his lightning was falling with as much force as he could muster. Topping the hill, he redirected all his energies into the earth. The ground rippled and rolled like the waves of the ocean. And he wanted a tsunami. Rock, dirt, and sand crashed down on the camp as the retreating forces started to disappear through Gateways. A black wave of fire, shaped like ravens, rose from the east. There was no mistaking who that was. When the dust settled, all that was left was the dead bodies. They were gone. The Shadow had been victorious. Tigara Kazim Dreadlord ~**~ "Must kill. Must destroy. Consume in flames. Burn them all!" "No, you mustn't. You mustn't kill." "Yes, kill! Destroy them!" Atop a hill, Raven Darkfyre sat in heated, if not simple, arguement. Dove, on of the voices that frequented him, was trying to convince him not to destroy the Asha'man. Dove, one of the many voices that lived in Raven's head, was his only voice of good and one of the two voices that came regularly. The other one was Crow, much like Raven, but greedier and more simplistic. None of his other voices had names. None of the others ever showed up more than once before disappearing again, but Dove and Crow were frequent. Ignoring Dove, his gaze fell across Fal Moran. He could feel the saidin being used. He wished he could be there to participate in this bloodbath, but he ended up here. They said he had a job to do. Feeling a sudden increase in the amount of saidin used to the west, his head whipped around. Just then, his vision was whited out by a concentration of lightning shot at the circle. The circle retaliated quickly with lighting of their own. This was his signal. Grabbing a hold of saidin, he filled himself to the brim. Taking all the Fire he could, which was rather a lot, he sent a rolling wave of fire towards the Asha'man camp. As usual, he added a touch of spirit to make it his own. The fire was black as night and shaped like a flock of raven, ready to kill. The black fire consumed dead bodies, straggler Asha'man trying to get through a Gateway, and those holding the last two Gateways. A wave of earth from the circle met up with his wave of fire, devastating the base. Raven cackled in delight as the bodies burned. Oh, he enjoyed the slaughter. Raven Darkfyre My new, insane dready! ~**~ Ikki nearly lost his hold on the Source when Arath launched that whatever at the hill. His vision had been nothing but white and his ears ached from the terrible roar it gave off. He squeezed his eyes shut and held onto the Source with all his might. He must keep that Gateway open. He slowly opened his eyes and realized he could see. Looking around, he saw the line of devastation Arath's weave had caused. So many Shadowspawn had died in that weave and the top of the hill was gone! He stared in admiration as two Asha'man helped Arath through his Gateway. Asha'man in the front were falling fast, so a retreat was called. No more than four men had gone through his Gateway before he got new orders. "You, get back to amp and start Healing." He nodded in acknowledgment and got ready to go. He turned back to look at the battlefield just before going through his Gateway. The ground had started to roll like the ocean and to the east, he saw something black sweeping towards them, like a flock of birds. Whatever it was, he was going to get out of there as soon s he could. He ran through and closed his Gateway. Safe and sound. Ikkiliad sur Paendrag
  2. Taking her simple little flow of Fire, Terra extended it to the candle and tied it around the wick. It sparked, then went out. Liadin showed her how to tie it properly, then Terra tried again. Extending it, she lit the candle and a small, orange flame danced merrily on its wick. She grinned in pleasure at her small success. Now taking a flow of Air, she used it to simply puff the flame out. It took a couple tried to make the puff strong enough to blow the flame out, but it was easier than than lighting the fire. Next she took the flows of Earth, which were much more difficult to work with, and made a bit of dirt in a small flowerpot. Using Water, she turned that pile of dirt into a cute, little mudpie. She reminisced on how long it had been since she had played with mudpies in the street of Tear where mud abounded. It had been years. She had been so small and so innocent. Snapping back to the present, she used her flow of Air as instructed and picked a flower. Awe filled her face as she was shown how to use all five of the elements in one weave. She was eager to try it. She took a few flows of Spirit and easily combined single flows of Fire and Air with it. The Water flow resisted, but eventually she made it conform to her whims. The earth one struggled more. It was like lifting something heavy. Beads of sweat ran down her dark brow as she wove the Keeping weave on her flower. She tied it off and heaved a sign of relief. "No ,Lady Liadin. I have no questions at this time. If it pleases you, may I leave? I am very tired from all this weaving." The dreadlady nodded, Terra awkwardly curtsied, then left the room. Terra Cyrene Tired OOC: I guess we're done then! Yay! Thanks for stepping in, Liitha! *hugs*
  3. Grabbing a hold on the Source, Ikki made a small air bubble over his head, acting as an umbrella to keep the water off of him. He didn't care to be wet unless he was swimming or bathing or something else enjoyable. He passed by the Traveling Grounds where a Gateway would pop up every so often. The grounds just a short distance away was still sticky with blood. Some was soaked into the ground giving it a sickly dark red tinge. It was on the grass, as well. It had dried onto the blades and the rain had made it gooey. Looking back on that experience, he felt like ejecting his breakfast. Funny. Watching a large, gaping, bloody wound didn't phase him, but blood in a battlefield made him want to vomit nearly as bad as the Taint did. Suppressing the memories of yesterday, he moved on. The infirmary was still considerably busy this morning. Yesterday, the focus had all been on the large, deadly wounds that needed immediate attention. After those had been taken care of, the other major, but non-deadly wounds, had been started on, but there were many more of that type of injury. There had been no way that the Healers could get them all Healed. So many had spent the night with broken bones and hastily bandaged wounds and given some herbs to ease their pain. Those were the ones sitting here today. Ikki opened the door and walked in. He was greeted by grim faces and relieved faces alike. Grim faces on those who had been Healed, realizing that there had been other less fortunate than they who had lost their life. Relieved faces on those awaiting Healing whose painkillers were wearing off. The other Healers also wore relieved faces, thankful that another Healer was here to help them out. Ikkiliad sur Paendrag It's going to be a long day
  4. A smile crept over Terra's face. She was catching on quick. He figured out the same things as she, and they were around him far more often then they were around her. She listening intently as he lectured, seemingly trying to figure out where he was going next. It seemed odd to her that a man would be measured by his enemies. To her, Allies are much more important than enemies. Why have enemies at all? "You've already pinpointed pretty well what I gain from you, what about them? Would you take them under your wing? Why or why not." She pondered her answer. She rather enjoyed using logic. She never had used it until she came here, so she relished any chance. "For the large part, what you get is a loyal clump of pawns for you to use in any way. Disposable people. Many of them have little use beyond swinging a sword, as far as I can tell. There are some who seem to have useful abilities that I would take under my wing if given the chance, but largely I would take them if only to be disposable pawns." That sounded so cold, but it was true. Pawns were always useful, unless they were retarded pawns who got in the way, or smart pawns who think for themselves. Otherwise, she could easily think of ways to use them.
  5. OOC: Hop on if you want to be Healed or something. I'll just be posting like mad. ;) IC: Ikki woke up very tired and hungry like seven men. It was the day after the attack on Sheinar. He had been busy busy Healing all he could until he nearly collapsed form exhaustion. He literally had to be escorted to his quarters. Peering out the window, his mood dampened further seeing the gray skies and the drizzling rain. A gloomy day. Perfect setting for a day of potential mourning. He didn't expect there to be anything special to commemorate the noble Asha'man who died in battle. He would in his own way...at some time...in some way. He wasn't exactly sure how yet. He threw on a fresh pair of breeches and a fresh shirt. Using Water, he cleaned the blood off of his black coat, then quickly mended the slice on the left side. One of those things he had picked up here from one of the wives living here. He shrugged the coat on, then gave his silver sword pin a long stare. How long would it be until I get the Dragon Pin? He gave off a sigh before leaving for the mess hall. Arriving, he collected his breakfast and sat at a table with a few other men. He, like all the other men who had received Healing, were given extra portions. With the amount I eat, my extra portions are almost as big as some of the bigger men's regular portions. he thought with a smirk before digging into his oatmeal. Once finished, he got up and left, not saying a word to any of the men at his table. Today was not a time for idle chit-chat, at least in his opinion. Ikkiliad sur Paendrag Reflective
  6. Ikki was one of the first to close his Gateway behind him. Thank the Light, he got out of there! Those dreadlords were starting to put the pressure on. His knees still felt shaky and his stomach queasy. His first taste of battle. It was a horrible experience. He hated that he had to harm, not Heal. On the bright side, he was suddenly very capable of the Healing he so badly wanted to do. He was suddenly jerked away by another Dedicated. "The Storm Leader orders all the medics and other healers to get busy." Ikki nodded and trotted over to where the injured were being congregated. He knelt down to where the closest one was and quickly delved him. It was a pretty bad case, but he could manage. he was sure of it. He had just began to weave when an Asha'man yelled at him. "Hey! Let someone else handle him. He's too wounded for you." Ikki shook his head. "No, I've got it covered." The Asha'man was about to yell again, but then saw the wounds of the man knitting together and appearing as new. He nodded and gave a "Carry on, Dedicated." then went to administer Healing to a Soldier with an arrow in his shoulder. Ikki went about the mass of injured men, Healing all he could. There were a few he couldn't handle. Myrdrall blade wounds were very tricky to Heal properly, and he was not gifted with the skill to perform that Healing. Suddenly, he felt very sore, but ignored it. The Asha'man near him suddenly approached him. "Dedicated, you're bleeding across your ribs." Ikki looked down and he was indeed bleeding on his left side. There was a small cut in his coat and a long, thin slice diagonally from his second rib to his shoulder. Cold rushed through him as the other Asha'man Healed him. He felt much more tired now, and rather hungry, but not enough to prevent him from his duty. He knelt beside a Soldier with a mace wound on his leg and began to Heal. Ikkiliad sur Paendrag
  7. It was un-nerving to see the Storm Leader stretch and grin at you while training. There was just something that made him think nervous, like her was expecting the Taint to drive Covai mad and go on a killing spree. He was rather relieved as Covai instead gave him some pointers. It was like a light suddenly went on. It made perfect sense to do it that way! It was just like a spin on a ball. "So which way to you find is easier? I've got some new weaves to show you, but I'd rather play to your strengths. If power's all you've got, I can show you how to blow up a man. If you've more skill though, I can show you how to pick him off piece by piece, or just kill him with a single concentrated strike." He pondered for a moment. "So far, I seen to have a lot of strength according to the other Asha'man, but not an amazingly high skill in weaving. I'm good at large destructive weaves, but anything more complicated than Gateways and Healing is too complex to do. So I think power is what I've got going for me." He had never thought about his power and skill much. He was used to being lesser than others, so he never paid attention that he was one of the stronger men in the Black Tower. Not the strongest, but formidable.
  8. - Arrive at the Fortress of Light in Amador. Find your way to the Head Clerk to get signed up as a Child and proceed to find the Quartermaster to be assigned a room. http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,26042.0.html - Take the basic training introduction that ends with swearing the first Oath. http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,30920.0.html'>http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,30920.0.html - Make one character development Role play. (Not sure on this one) http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,26448.0.html - Take one of the listed classes. http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,30920.0.html
  9. Irritation streaked Talim's face as the woman behind the desk spoke before she could properly announce herself. How dare that woman? It was just plain rude to speak before someone of her stature could be properly announced. “Pardon me child but are you sure you were not looking for the Mistress of Novices?” She gave a very cool stare at the woman and replied with an icy tone. "I do not think the Mistress of Novices would like to see me." So maybe she had made a small scene last time she had gone for a testing. Obviously, this secretary with the shabby red hair did not know the events in the White Tower. "I am Talim Mishadake. I am here to enlist with your so-called Warders." She spoke with enough arrogance that she could have been mistaken for any Aes Sedai. She just lacked the ageless face....and the ability to channel, but one mustn't mention that to her.
  10. The Twins stood together, grinning like idiots. With thier voices in perfect sync, they spoke the oath clearly, if in a slightly accented way. "By the Light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, I do swear fealty to The Children of The Light. I do vow to serve, respect and grant obedience to the high command. In the name of the Creator, I do swear it." Having said that, they grinned at each other, put their arm over the others shoulders, and shared a thought. We finally made it. Mom would be proud of us. Zari and Zela Chasei Official Children of the Light
  11. Eyes wide, she nearly screamed again was the freezing cold water ran down her face, neck, back, and everywhere else, soaking and chilling her to the bone. She held her scream back. She was getting tired of fighting this woman. This witch with these powers to summon water from nowhere. That same power that allegedly she had. And she hated it. She managed to speak once she composed herself. "I'm...alright now. Just...carry on and let's get this over with." "Very well." Larindhra got up and walked around the table. She went to put her hands on Allri's head and Allri let out a "No, don't touch me!" Larindhra swatted Allri's hands away and grabbed her head. Chills visited her once again as Larindhra administered Healing, her minor burns fading away. When the Mistress of Novices' hands were gone, she wiped the spots where they had been, expecting some sort of Darkfriend filth to be there. Suddenly she was very aware of a sudden hunger. Hmmm, odd that I'm suddenly hungry. "So now that you've violated me, what next?"
  12. Heather ran up to Saira and put her arm though Saira's also snatching up A.D. with her other arm and they went on their merry way to the fire. Getting closer, she saw there was only one man sitting there. She gave a perky greeting. "Good day, good sir. Oh! It's you! From earlier at the recruitment office! May we come and stare at your fire?"
  13. Ikki paled as he heard rumors of reports from the city. Almost all of that 100 Asha'man group had been killed, and the Attack Leader was killed by a woman? Light, how did a woman infiltrate something like that? It seemed...illogical to him. Was there some weave to change your appearance? That would explain some things. The call to retreat sounded and he got ready to move. Other Dedicated ran to maintain the Gateways and Soldiers rushed through with the injured. He, of course, was much slower at getting there, but it was fortunate he didn't. He wasn't sure what exactly hit, but it was something that ended up hitting an Asha'man with some force. Looking around, the medics were off carrying wounded away and no one else was near. He hurried himself over to the man and wove a delving weave, as he had seen done any times hanging around the infirmary. There were some fractured ribs, a large gash on his chest, and a small burn hole on his lower back. It looked like it would be too much for him to do, but he tried anyways. Taking the needed Air, Water, and Spirit, he wove the complex Healing weave. His eyes widened as the gash mended itself together. He had never been able to Heal like that before! He delved again and the Asha'man's rib injuries and burns were gone. Ikki helped him up and led him over to the Gateway. He passed the recovered, yet weakened Asha'man off to a Soldier and went to Gateway duty, feeling very proud of his new found abilities. Ikki Talent Manifesto!!!! OOC: Should I have Tig start a bigger attack with some more dreads to put the pressure on the Ashies, or wait a bit for that?
  14. Heather watched closely at Arutha shot his arrows. He wasn't a bad shot, about the average farmboy from where she was from. Saira, on the other hand, was severely...lacking in the skill department. After the lecture was over, she picked up her bow and went to the shooting point. "I was the best girl archer back home. Better than some of the boys, even. I can make this shot easy." She knocked her arrow, pulled it back, took careful aim, then released. Her arrow soared through the air, went over the target and dug itself into a tree trunk. She blinked uncertainly, looked to her left, then to her right. "Blood and ashes! The Light burn that bloody wind! The flaming updraft threw my shot off! Let me try again." She settled back into stance, shoulders square with the target, she knocked, pulled, and took even more careful aim, then released. A thud reached her ears and she whooped in delight as it hit just outside of the center dot. She shot again, this time hitting a few centimeters lower than her previous shot, then her fourth actually hitting in the center. Her smile could be compared to a cat with a gallon of cream. "And that, kiddos, is how you shoot a bow." she said with a wink and a giggle. Heather al'Morris Expressive
  15. "Of course you walk in the Light, I'd expect nothing less. I walk in the Light as well, all of us do. There's something i'd like to know though, if you want to tell me... Why are you so afraid of channeling?" She opened her legs a crack to see her right on her desk. Her eyes went wide. She replied in high-pitched whispers. "Channeling is not for those who walk in the Light. Only Darkfriends do that. I walk in the Light, so I must not channel. It is not for me to wield. It's the Creator's power!" Jerenia made a small move, but it was all Allri needed to burst into panic mode. "No! Don't touch me!" she shrieked as shepushed herself away from the desk. Her chair fell over backwards and she was on the floor. Light, he back hurt from that. Suddenly it was there. That light...no, she mustn't touch it. But it was coming with the pain. The pain she deserved for being able to channel. Suddenly, it filled her for just a moment. That sweet, sweet feeling of life, but better. No sooner was it there that it was gone. Gone by her own doing. Realizing what she had just done, she gave off a scream and burst into tears once more. "It called to me. It feels so good, but I mustn't touch it. No...no...noooo." she wailed though her sobs, still on her back on the floor. Allrianne Viventi Well, she touched it...
  16. Well, at least these chaps seemed nice. "The recruiters office! Oh, I know where that is. Been there a million times! Follow me!" She said, stuffing her bread back in her mouth and trotting off, not checking to see if they were following. She had her loaf eaten by the time she got to the office, and she hungrily eyed the last one. It did look so very delicious, but she wanted to save one for Saira! The girl needed to eat, but so did she. Such internal conflict. Turns out the men did follow her there, so she gave the door a quick knock, then went in to the recruiters office. She tried to speak, the looked very shocked to find the other bread roll in her mouth. Light, I don't even remember doing that! She pulled it out, the spoke again. "Hello, I've got a couple strapping young lads here to sign up." She saluted, then back into the corner to gnaw her bread, allowing the duo to approach. Heather al'Morris Nom nom nom OOC: I don't know who plays the recruiter, or if there even is one. I suppose just NPC it. :)
  17. Terra got shivers as fire and lighting rained from the sky, as well as those pillars of blue fire. That had to be Sammael, and logically, a circle involving at least one Dreadlady. She just hoped they remembered she was in here. She had been picked to infiltrate, so they better not kill her. Trollocs and Myrdraal started to appear from all sides and the Asha'man wove their simple, yet deadly weaves. Not that she could see them, but she knew their effects. It was her time. Drawing in more of saidar, she skillfully wove boiling blood and internal drowning to various Asha'man in various locations. Killing just around her would have been stupid. Her targets dropped, but not in a way that anyone suspected her. They had just been killed like anyone else would have in their current circumstances. They might have been attacked by fire and lighting, or from a Myrdraal blade, or a Trolloc axe. Most were too busy trying to fend off attacks that they cared little as to why their neighbor dropped dead. She slowly made her way to the front, where that fool Kassian was hard at work cutting weaves, blocking others, and attacking. If she could kill him, things might fall apart. She might as well have fun with it, since she really needed to get out of here before the Trollocs broke though the ranks. They didn't care who they killed. She wove a slight Pain weave, focusing on his shoulders, slowly increasing the force. He began to hold his right shoulder, which to him would be a moderate ache. Perfect. She tapped him on the shoulder and he spun around yelling. She dropped her mask, revealing her feminine self, and as she did, put her palm forward, then blasted him with a red-hot burst of flame from the palm, killing him instantly. As his dead body fell, she spun around and put up a wall of fire facing the other Asha'man that she hoped were too shocked to react right away, then ran towards an alley. She wove a folded light weave for what little good it would do. It would shimmer like crazy as she ran, but it was better than having her in plain sight. A fireball streaked past her just as she ducked around a corner. Weaving a nasty explosive ward and a static field in front of the alley where she disappeared into, she took off through alleys, taking the long way to the other force, where she would link with Sammael's circle. It did not take long before she found them, and she was linked with them. Suddenly aware of everyone's emotions, she exuded a feeling of personal satisfaction with a job well done. Terra Cyrene The Slayer of Kassian the Fool
  18. Heather woke up in her usual, cheery mood. She washed, braided her hair, put on her uniform, and wandered off to find some food. The best food was always earlier in the morning, so it had become habit. The kitchen had some wonderful fried eggs and sausages, so she ate heartily. Belly full, she wandered off to find Saira. She had grown fond of that kind, shy girl as of late. She spotted Saira near the archery range. A smile hit her face and she nearly skipped over to greet her friend. "Hi Saira! Did you get the hang of that flame thing we did last night? I seem to have forgotten how to do it after sleeping on it." The next thing she heard was... "Excuse me, sir. Recruit Saira Fujimura requesting permission to join this class?" It was then she noticed that there were other people there, including that nice man she met at the fire last night. It appeared to be an archery class. "Oh, an archery class! Sounds grand! I'll run and grab my bow." With that, she dashed off to get her personal bow, braid flailing behind her. She returned in a matter of minutes with her bow. "Archer recruit Heather al'Morris, reporting for class!" Heather al'Morris Comes on strong
  19. Zari and Zela looked up the cliff, then down. Looked up it, then down again. It was a formidable cliff. Zela was rather eager, but Zari really wasn't sure about this. Heights weren't his greatest feature. After Sharina got down, Zela rushed over and hooked herself up. Taking a running leap, she tried to get a secure holding, but failed to with the impact. She grunted and fell to the ground. The others giggled at her, but she just gave them a blue-eyed glare. She grabbed onto it again and pulled herself up. It was a slow and agonizing process for her, largely caused by her grabbing faulty handholds and falling....three times. Coming down for her was much faster, if less graceful. Not that she's the perfect example of grace in any situation, but particularity not in this one. Once she was down, Zari was hooked up and took a much more logical approach. The whole time he had been assessing where the three ahead of him went, where they had trouble, where they had an easy time. His whole course had been plotted before he was strapped in. Taking careful, but precise hand and foot holds, he was up and back in a reasonable time. "And that, dear sister, is why brains beats brawn." he told her with a smirk. Zari and Zela Opposites, yet so very alike
  20. Allrianne stumbled out of class, tears still running down her cheeks. She ended up bumping into the Mayener novice who kept trying to mother her. "Allrianne, its a surprise to me that you are holding yourself together at all. You are in such a rush to get clear of someone who can channel yet you stumble out into a hall full of young girls who may indeed, have that spark." That sent Allri into a whole new set of howls and blubbering. She hated this place. She overheard the other say something about the class all needing to do chores. With her back to the wall, she slid down and curled into a ball, weeping less-than-quietly. "The only place worse than this could only be the Pit of Doom itself." Someone ended up making her get on her feet so that they could go and do whatever horrible chore these witches were making her do, forcing her to conform to their Darkfriend ways. Allrianne Viventi Less-than-pleasant company
  21. Look at that ape hold a sword. That's not how you do it. I should show him a thing or two about that. And look at him! He's getting creamed. I could have beaten that guy. And look at her stance. It's all wrong. I hope they don't go teaching me all this garbage. I want them to teach me right. Maybe I'll just take over and teach them myself. Talim sauntered through the dusty Warders Yard, picking up her silk shirts so they don't drag. Her light brown was done up and held with two smooth, ornate sticks and she was wearing several jeweled necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Did she consider this appropriate attire for going to join the Warders? Indeed! On a normal occasion, she would have dressed up. After asking directions thrice, she found her way to the Mistress of Trainee's office. She gave it a single firm knock and waited for the response. Had anyone been close enough, she would have dragged them over so they could announce her before going in. Alas, she would have to do it herself. What was this world coming to? Talim Mishadake
  22. The sudden outburst launched Allrianne at least a foot off her desk. She looked at her teacher reprimanding the Tairen and shrunk into her seat. These women were worse than she expected. And as she spoke about the horrible effects of not controlling saidar, fear coursed her veins. She was becoming more convinced she should not touch it. But what was that about it not being inherently evil or good... She almost jumped again when her name was called. And as she was looked at, she felt like she was being violated. Like Jerenia was undressing her with her eyes, but in an evil, torturous, Darkfriend way. She managed to bring her knees up to her face and wrapped her arms around them. It was literally the fetal position sitting on a chair. In a dress, this is difficult. She started sobbing while gently rocking on her seat. Every once in a while, though her muted sobs, you would hear a "I don't want to channel. I walk in the Light" coming from her general direction. She thought she heard someone coming, so she peered from between her knees. Sure enough, Jerenia was right beside her. She squeaked in freight and buried her face further into her thighs. Allrianne Viventi Indeed has a block. Have fun.
  23. It had been so close. He wobbled, but then cut it. Ikki tried to not let disappointment show. He was slightly shocked when the Storm Leader called out a challenge. Then it clicked that this was essentially a test and he wanted to see how strong Ikki was. He pondered the strongest weaves he knew he could do without messing it up horribly. There were many good weaves, but there were several he seemed to be unable to weave with any proficiency. He narrowed it down to two weaves, but he could only do one or the other. He decided on Heat Wave. Filling himself with saidin to the fullest possible, he poured all of it into Fire. The temperature around him began to rise drastically. He saw the grass around him drying up and even burning. Let's see Covai break out of this.
  24. So I should ask for admin approval from Owen and/or Raeyn?
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