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  1. No they cannot link while being damanes. Their collars that force the linking prevents that. While they are wearing the collars, they are only linked to the suldam wearing it. Remember in order to link with others, it must be voluntary. The collars force you to link.
  2. No way that Seachan army can survive 1400 miles of grassland without food. If there are no people, then there are no farms or livestock, just wildlife. When you have an army, feeding on wildlife is asking for disaster. No, it is mostly simple. Take a look at Randland map. Seachan are very good with intelligence. Theyn know that Andor is in the midst of a civil war and the Andoran forces are mostly concentrated around Caemlyn and nearby Murandy, leaving the river Manethredrelle up in Central Andor widely unpatrolled and undefended. Therefore they will have forces situated nearby the r
  3. I wonder how Elayne would react if she finds out that Galad is Rand's half brother. Knowing Rand, Rand would be overjoyed to have a blood relative that is alive at least. Elayne would have to soften her heart toward Galad. Her mother, Morgase, has a soft spot for Galad even though Galad is not her son.
  4. How is it that Aiel could match a cavalry's pace and duration? Answer: They are a fantasy race of people. Same way with Lan and his followers.
  5. How is it that Aiel could match a cavalry's pace and duration? Answer: They are a fantasy race of people. Same way with Lan and his followers.
  6. I am surprised that he hasn't added her name to his list of women whose deaths he felt responsible for.
  7. Another discrepancy. In COT, Mat says that he killed three women. So far I have only counted two: Melindra and Seta.
  8. All the Perrin's Ashaman have to do is keep the gateways open long enough for 100K people to pass through. Perrin is planning to take them back to the capital of Ghealdean, Jennahah (sp?). Amys and Sorilea were rivals at first but they made peace to each other by water oath ceremony. They are now allies. Mat won't be in Altara. He will be in Andor by the river above the Whitebridge town. That's where the Tower of Ghendrij is.
  9. I thought of one way of binding the Nine Moons to him and satisfying the Seachan prophecy at the same time. All he needs is to gate to the Seachan capital and kneel before the Crystal throne .... while it's empty. Once he does that, he satisfies the Seachan prophecy and his ego at the same time. :lol: And then he takes the throne. Bring it back to Randland and show it to all Seachan. They will have no choice because he is now the DA MAN, the emperor and all Deathwatch Guards will have to obey him, including the Seekers for Truth. But I don't think this will happen because it
  10. "How do you know when a woman is trying to kill you?" -- Rand "When she wants to know your name" --Lord Dobraine --------------------------------- "All men dream. But I know dreams for dreams. This."-- Lan touched his sword hilt--"is reality." (from TGH) "I will surely make Semirahage weep." -- Rand from TPoD "Most me see the two has one and the same, Cadsuane Melaidhrin. Strong endures, hard shatters." -- Sorilea to Cadsuane in TPoD. "What must be endured can be endured." -- Cadsuane
  11. I like the scene where Tuon throws a cup at Mat after learning that she was labeled as a "theiving faithless servant". It was one of the few times that Mat had a come uppance against Tuon and caused Tuon to lose control. I like any scene where Mat sees Olver flirting with women and muttering about finding "that uncle" who had been teaching him to flirt, never realizing that Olver was learning from Mat himself. I like the scene where Mat bitchslapped the Sea Folks women. I like the scene where DeathWatch Guard Karede did a Vader on one captain for some stupid mistake. That was so
  12. No, it was also north of Arafel too.
  13. I recalled reading the Great Hunt book and the Crown of Swords where Mat remembered his time from sounding the Horn. There were two people that were brother and sister. One will herald the end of the Age and the other one will sound the new Age. I could not help but think that perhaps that's what Elayne's CHildren will turn out to be, the heralds of an end to an Age and to a beginning of a new Age. What do you think?
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