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  1. I just got engaged yesterday! (Officially, since I knew it coming, I picked the ring out )
  2. Such beautiful eyes. She's a bit young for you, Basel Hey Basel, how is my bonded?
  3. Thanks Brandie. I really like your pic. You look very nice, beautiful!
  4. I've always wanted to learn. (I'm referring to the pole dancing)
  5. Maybe after Saturday's day at the Renaissance Festival I'll get brave enough to post one of myself. Prob have the wee one in it too.
  6. Kaylee

    Ajah test

    You belong to the Green Ajah! The Green Ajah is often called the "Battle Ajah"; they await Tarmon Gai'don, where they will fight the Shadow. Until The Last Battle arrives, Greens seek to dispense justice, often with force rather than words. Members of this Ajah are allowed to bond more than one Warder, something that is very useful during battles, and many choose to have two, three or even more than that. . Greens are often seen as emotional rather than rational, and tend to prefer action to deliberation, often taking charge in situations that require it. Greens can often be arrogant and prideful, but as a whole they are often an outgoing and friendly Ajah. While not all Greens are flamboyant, it is not rare for Greens to care about their appearance a great deal. This is your result in its entirety: Green Ajah: 6 Red Ajah: 5 Gray Ajah: 4 Yellow Ajah: 4 White Ajah: 3 Blue Ajah: 1 Brown Ajah: 1
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